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"What God has brought together let no man put assunder."

On March 29, 1975

in the presence of friends, relatives and members 
of Elim Lutheran Church

in Blackhoof, Minnesota

Alan William Keay and Penny Pauline Habhegger

were joined in holy matrimony.

Celebrating 29 Years of Happiness and togetherness in the year 2004!!


See if you can top this one!

On July 9, 1972, Al and a buddy were swimming at a Sandy Lake, they were getting ready to leave when low and behold their eyes should they see - Car loads of Girls, lots of them. They quickly changed their minds and went back into the water.

Well, Penny and her churches youth group were there for a swim and picnic. It wasn't long and the guys were all surrounded by the girls. Penny found out who that cute "guy" was from someone that was a cousin to one of his cousins. Well pretty soon a lot of horsing around. There was a raft at the time out in the lake and it was always great fun to be "King" or "Queen" of the Raft and keep the others off. Penny and a couple other girls were doing pretty good until the guys decided they had had enough and started to throw the others off. One, Two, Three and off you go sailing and then down into the water.

Al and his buddy started getting a little worried when I didn't come up, it was getting to be quite a long time. Phew!, Up I popped. Were they ever relieved. Needless to say they didn't do that again. (Little did they know that I really was okay, it's just that when they threw me into the water my swimming suit top had popped off and I was staying under the water until I could get it back on!)

After the Swimming Party, Al sent Penny a letter, asking her for a date. Even though we lived only 12 miles apart at the time, The phone service was LONG DISTANCE! And back in those days, you didn't pick up the phone and dial, at least not at my Mom's house you didn't !!! What was sort of neat was that we were on the same mail route and he could mail me a letter in the morning and I'd get it a couple hours later. Of course my letters never got to him until the next day.

 Guess what happened on March 17, 1973? The title should have given it away. You got it! We got engaged. Al proposed in a shopping mall parking lot in Mankato Minnesota and gave Penny a diamond.
Can you believe it, that was over 30 years ago.

We planned an early spring wedding. The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 
We set the date for then as Al had a job waiting for him in Wyoming. 
He was hired to work in a URANIUM MINE!! (Yikes - will he glow or will we glow??? )
The grass was green, the flowers were beginning to show their pretty heads above the ground. 
The weather should be comfortable and the snow would be gone. Or so we thought.
The Sunday before our wedding day we got hit with the Blizzard of the Century. It stormed all week except for a few hours in between. Finally on Friday - Good Friday -  the storm clouds lifted and the Sun began to shine. But our troubles for the wedding were continuing. There was 30 inches of new snow. Drifts 10 feet high blocking roadways and parking lots (you know like the Church!).  My father got on the phone and explained to the County we were having a Wedding on Saturday and can they get us plowed out. Well. The road was a one lane tunnel. By the way, we live in very Rural Minnesota and back in 1975 the equipment was in need of repair. Several of the plows were broke down due to the hugh drifting problems.
OK being it's Good Friday and the Pastor doing our Ceremony lives 120 miles away and he has a Good Friday Service to perform for his own parish. Well we had our Rehearsal at, well,  midnight!  It all went well and so off to bed.

Stay tuned for life as NEWLYWEDS continues! The FIRST BABY, The SECOND BABY, THE THIRD BABY, THE BIG MOVE, THE NEW HOME, THE FIRST PET, and whatever else I can think of!

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