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  Hi, my name is Al,  I'm a 50 year old youngster. I enjoy a lot of things: This is  also a page of different links that I enjoy, either looking at, playing, or working on.

Fishing here in Minnesota is a day by day ordeal--especially by the Gitchy Gummi-that's Lake Superior, by the way. My youngest son has become the "Master Fisherman" of the Blackhoof River that is about 400 yards from our home. We have also"tamed" Hay Lake and all the "monster" pike in it!!

Dolphins--man's best friend in the water. We went on a trip to Florida with the Boy Scouts in 1995. We went to Key West and went out to "THE REEF" on a schooner called the "REEF CHIEF", captained by Cap't Al. (Not me, by the way!) He took us out for a couple of hours, where we snorkled and saw some of the marine life, such as groupers, barracudas (about 5' in length) Gulp! On the way back, we had a pod of dolphins swimming right with us. What a neat sight!! If you are ever in Key West and want a GREAT trip, look up Cap't Al or check him out at his sight on the web.

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