Diffusion by Atomizers

Suspending a fine mist of essential oils into the air for aromatherapy is another method of using essential oils for therapeutic treatments. These nebulizers diffuse the essential oils on a current of air as it passes through a glass chamber.

This process naturally suspends and ionizes the oil into very fine molecules. In so doing, they are more available. Since the molecules are so fine they become suspended in the air for long periods.

Atomizers use a small pump and specialized glass to disperse the molecules into the air in a fine mist.  This type of diffusion uses NO HEAT.

Since Atomizers put a fine molecular mist of essential oils into the air. They should only be used for a few minutes at a time. The mist of essential oils permeates the air rather quickly. 

These units are not meant to be used for continuous diffusion but rather for only 7 -10 minutes at a time or with a measured amount of essential oils. Longer periods of time could put a higher than needed concentration of essential oils into the air.

In large rooms, an atomizer is an ideal method of diffusing essential oils. Atomizers are very powerful tools. They diffuse a large amount of essential oil into the air quickly.

We do recommend that you use a timer with all atomizers.

Atomizers are also great for treating ailments where the air must be very concentrated with essential oils.

It is rare that you would have to use essential oils for this type of treatment, but if you need too, an atomizer is the quickest and most safe method to be used.

Be careful handling the nebulizing glass as it can be costly to replace. Be sure to place your atomizer/nebulizer in an area where it won't get bumped or accidentally dropped.

Many people just like to diffuse essential oils by using atomizers.

ATOMIZERS A Special Note about Atomizers

Although we no longer carry atomizing diffusers, if you would like to use an Atomizing-nebulizer diffuser we recommend you purchase one of these at "Diffuser World".

They are very beautiful. And they have dozens of atomizers to choose, in a wide range of styles and colors.

Diffuser World is a very reliable company and has outstanding customer service too.

As you know we would not recommend them to you unless we knew they would take good care of you.

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Hopefully this will help you decide on which Diffuser will work best for you.

As always if you aren't sure, just E-mail us at bhhinfo@birchhillhappenings.com

and we will gladly help you choose the right diffuser for your situation.

The next several pages have the different types and styles of Diffusers we sell to meet your individual needs and life styles.

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If you do choose to use an Atomizing nebulizer diffuser - Check these at Diffuser World.
They are very beautiful.

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