Reducing the Stench of Smelly Garbage Bins

by Penny Keay © 2011

Hot and humid weather always seems to bring out the worse in the most unpleasant odors.

Garbage containers, bins and such are of course, the most noticeable ‘stink’ producers this time of year.

Any organic item can go from a slight smell to unbearable within a few hours when the temperatures begin to soar. Poultry and other meat wrappers seem to explode with odors within a very short time.

Here are a few suggestions that should make your garbage bin or area smell a bit better.

Your first course of action will begin after removing the garbage from the bins or container. Rinse/wash with a solution containing hot water, baking soda and 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus globulus or Tea Tree.  Let the bin dry out before relining with your garbage bags.

Both of these oils not only deodorize but will suppress the growth of molds and mildew.  They also kill other germs too!  You will want to use these two essential oils to help retard the growth of germs.

Bacteria and mold produce gases as they break down organic material and these are what smell so bad.

Now that you have a clean bin the other thing you can do is to place a few diffusers in and near your garbage bins.

Simple diffusers are the Organza Sachets. They are made with Aroma beads (polymer beads) that have been saturated with essential oils and placed in the organza bags. I hang one near my garbage bin in the garbage cupboard. I use Peppermint as I like how strong it is. It lasts a very long time. I replace or re-saturate the aroma beads every 6 months.

Use a Terra Cotta Disc Place it in a small dish and place several drops of essential oils to really saturate the terra cotta clay. This should last anywhere from 2- 4 weeks depending on how saturated you made the disc.

Another option is the BagBall™. It is able to hold about 5 mL of essential oil on the special pad and has an adjustable vent. They can be placed in the area where your bin is and continue to scent for several weeks.

Use any number of essential oils you feel will make your garbage area more pleasant. Most commonly used would be Lemon or other citrus; mints – both Peppermint and Spearmint; Eucalyptus globulus and Rosemary are favored by some folks. Maybe you prefer spices like Cinnamon and Clove bud.

Don’t forget that blends of essential oils are often times more effective at fighting tough odors.

Try blends such as our Pure Cleansing blend with its eucalyptus, Citrus, Mint Energizing blend, Celebration and Winter's Warmth both with a cinnamon – orange scent, Four Robbers blend has a cinnamon scent and our Air Freshen a bright and lively citrus blend.

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