Tennis Elbow - A Gripping Problem that affects many folks

by Penny Keay © 2011, 2013

You reach for the carton of milk and there is no way you can even pick it up. You have totally lost your ability to grip anything. Your forearm up to your elbow and maybe even your shoulder is extremely painful when you try to pick up even a glass!

You have what is commonly called “Tennis Elbow”. This is a debilitating form of tendonitis or/and bursitis and can be extremely painful. And unfortunately it can take a long time to heal.

Tennis elbow results from overuse of the muscles and tendons involved while gripping objects. Named for tennis players it is not limited to those who play the sport.

Carpenters, painters and anyone who use their hands to grip and perform repetitive motion involving the muscles of the forearm are at risk. Checkout clerks at grocery stores are often times a victim of tennis elbow and other repetitive motion ailments. For massage therapists it can be a problem too.

When tennis elbow is acute the best is to rest the arm and apply ice. Supportive care when it occurs acutely, are the best course of treatment.

After the initial ‘attack’ you will need to rest as needed but you do need to continue to use the arm to keep it from getting worse, moderation is the key. Massage and Epsom Salt soaks will be extremely important.

Massage of the sore muscles and tendons help to speed the healing process. Several essential oils are helpful to relieve pain, increase the circulation and release the contracture of the muscles involved.

Tennis Elbow Massage
Eucalyptus globulus - 10 drops
Ginger - 10 drops
Helichrysum – 10 drops
Peppermint - 5 drops
Rosemary - 5 drops
Sunflower oil- 2 tablespoons

Blend all in a bottle. Use to massage the affected forearm/ elbow/shoulder and neck area as needed. Use this blend twice daily at a minimum. This blend is for massage of the forearm, elbow, shoulder and neck area. It is too concentrated for a full body massage.

A blend using any of the following essential oils are known to give relief for tendonitis:
Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile , Bay laurel, Black Pepper, Cypress, Ginger , Helichrysum Juniper berry, Sweet Marjoram, Basil, Rosemary, Geranium , Peppermint, and Eucalyptus globulus

If you have a favorite among those listed simply add 5 drops in 1 teaspoon of any carrier oil and massage into the sore muscles.

If you prefer not to blend a massage oil yourself, then use one of the following “Fresh for You” massage blends: Joint Rub(MB-315), Painful Joints (MB-330), Muscle Relaxing (MB-312), Muscle Rub (MB-309), Super Muscle Rub (MB-328), Back Rub (MB-305), Super Back Rub (MB-318) or any other massage blend you would like. ***

Or you can use any of these Synergy Blends and add them to your favorite carrier oil: Free & Easy Blend ™ Keep It Movin’™ . ***

***You can use Dar’s ™ Blend or Muscle Warm ™ Blend too for short period of time but due to the Birch and Wintergreen oils in these we suggest limited use in massage. Since Tennis Elbow can take several weeks to months to heal we suggest other safer essential oils to use. (See the list above).

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