How to have better Smelling Closets, Dressers or Wardrobes

by Penny Keay © 2011

Wouldn't it smell so wonderful to open your closet, dresser or wardrobe and smell something fresh, especially if your clothing has been stored away for several months until the next season occurs?

And guess what? The next season change is approaching very quickly.

And if you have wool or other fabrics susceptible to insects you will want to prepare for that too.

Essential oils can be used to repel moths and other insects. 

Commonly used essential oils for use in your dresser or wardrobe (closet) are: Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram, Cinnamon leaf and any Tree based essential oil like the Pine needle or Douglas Fir or Siberian Fir needles or Cedarwood. Of course there really is no wrong choice. What ever you like is the one you should use.

Al and I do not have clothing closets in our home – what? Why not? Well, closets become ‘catchall’s’ and usually unnecessary items are kept.

We use armoires and it controls the amount of ‘clutter’ and unworn clothing that could accumulate. Penny is not a pack rat and keeps only what we need. We do have keep sakes but they are kept close at hand in or on furniture.

We do use several scented Sachets to keep the armoires and drawers smelling fresh.

If you are storing woolens and don't have access to a cedar chest, you can use Cedarwood essential oil to repel those nasty moths too.  Or you can purchase Cedarwood chips and add some fiber bits you have scented with Cedarwood essential oil. Put that in an Organza bag and hang in the closet.

Of course you may have your favorite essential oils you prefer to place in these confining spaces. 

Simplest method is to place several drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball or tissue and place in the dresser or wardrobe.  In a closet or armoire, you may want to hang a lavender sachet or an organza bag filled with Scented Aroma beads. .   The Aroma beads can hold more essential oils in them and diffuse slowly, so will be able to diffuse oils for several weeks to months at a time. 

My favorite – Calming blend it smells so nice to open up your closet and smell something so soothing.

You may prefer Citrus Blend , Mint Energizing blend or any single note essential oil. J ust choose the one you like and next time you open your stored clothing – or even your current clothes you will be pleasantly surprised.

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