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Although we don’t have a Hot Tub, Whirlpool or Jacuzzi, we do have a big double sized bath tub.

Oh Yeah!! A wonderful big double sized corner tub. It is just a big soaking tub we thoroughly enjoy and adding essential oils to our bathing time makes it even better.

Adding essential oils to any big tub is a nice thing to do. And when you add some essential oils to a hot tub when you have friends and guests can make the event even more memorable and enjoyable.

There are several blends that can make your time in the hot tub energizing, relaxing, or romantic. You can of course, use just single oils too!!

A Relaxing Blend for a hot tub for 4-5 people
Spruce needle – 5 drops
The V'nilla's blend – 4 drops
Lemongrass– 4 drops
Cedarwood – 2 drops
Coconut Emulsifier – 1 ml (20 drops)

Blend all in a PET plastic bottle then add about half to your hot tub. Add the remaining amount after 30 minutes, if desired.

Energizing Blend for the Hot tub (Will make enough for several uses)
Peppermint – 20 drops
Lavender– 20 drops
Cedarwood – 20 drops
Spruce needle – 10 drops
Eucalyptus globulus – 10 drops
Emulsifier – 1 teaspoonful

Blend all in a PET plastic bottle then add 3-4 drops per person to your hot tub. Add more if desired after 30 minutes.

In a whirlpool hot tub that holds many people use no more than 3 drops of essential oil per person capacity. In other words if your hot tub can hold 6 people use no more than 18 drops total. We suggest you really start out with about half that amount and add more as necessary. You can always add more after 30 – 60 minutes.

Of course, if your hot tub is out doors and the wind is blowing you might need to add more oil sooner than you think. Use caution whenever you use oils in heated water, as the warm water increases the absorption rate both through inhalation and the skin.

Before using essential oils in your hot tub or Jacuzzi check with the manufacturer’s warranty as you don’t want to void your service contract unnecessarily. Although we are suggesting you use small amounts of essential oils, some can still do damage to pump and hose parts.

Another warning: do not use any of the skin sensitizing oils or those that are photo toxic/sensitive if your party will be held during sunlight hours. You don’t want your guests or yourself to have any reaction.

If someone does have a reaction, have them shower with a mild soap and cool water. Do not let them re-enter the hot tub. If they feel light headed or develop other signs of getting too much essential oils or heat, (not only from breathing essential oils, but because of the heat of the water), take them to an area where they can get fresh, cooler air.

So when is the next Party??

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