Glass, Metal or Plastic –
                What should I use with Essential oils and How do I clean it?

by Penny Keay © 2010

The best equipment to use when blending or working with essential oils is GLASS!

Glass is impervious to essential oils and essential oils cannot be damaged by the glass. Glass Beakers and Stirring Rods are perfect for stirring and blending essential oils. Glass mixing bowls work great for blending essential oils with lotions and creams . The best part is “Clean up” is easy and thorough.

Some metals on the other hand can react with various essential oils. Never use Aluminum to store undiluted essential oils as some essential oils have chemical constituents that can cause the aluminum to be damaged and leach into the essential oils. (Namely – strong essential oils like Cinnamon or Thyme).

If you need to use a metal bowl or container the best is high grade Stainless steel. And stainless steel is ideal for stirring and mixing. You should only be using Stainless steel spoons, whisks and spatulas. Do not use plastic or wooden spoons.

Some types of plastic bowls can be used for blending and mixing but most plastics have a tendency to absorb the essential oils. And this makes it near impossible to clean afterwards. PET or HDPE Plastics can be used to store blended products such as lotions and massage oils. But again, once they are used with essential oils the plastic container may not be able to be used for other scented products due to the absorption of the scent.

We suggest you use a silicone or nylon based ‘scrapers’ not a rubber based one. Again, essential oils will ruin the rubber. Having several scrapers on hand to scrape your bowl makes blending a more complete job and allows you to save every bit of your creation!


After a busy day of blending or if you wish to reuse your essential oil bottles you will need to clean them thoroughly.

Use the hottest water available and some soap or detergent. Let them soak for a few minutes.

Use a small bottle cleaning brush to clean the insides. This brush comes in handy especially if you need to remove sediment. In tiny bottles you can use a Q-tip or tooth pick to remove stubborn remnants.

Rinse with more hot water, and turn upside down to drain on clean paper towels.

For bowls, Glass Beakers and other containers: we suggest you rinse them with hot, soapy water and after that if you desire you can run them through your dish washer. Warning: never put containers that have not been completely rinsed to remove the majority of the essential oils in your dishwasher. Unless it is just a drop or two, essential oils can damage the internal workings of your dishwasher – remember you don’t know where all the ‘rubber’ based parts are inside your dishwasher and you can ruin your dishwasher.

Once you have cleaned and rinsed your equipment you still have one more thing to do to get them ready for the next blending adventure. Since you still could have a little tiny bit of essential oil residue left inside your bottles or droppers or one your equipment and you don’t want to have it there.

The last thing to do is to rinse them with alcohol. We don’t recommend rubbing or denatured alcohol as they have too much water content and other impurities in them. We suggest you purchase high “proof” (high percentage of alcohol) cheap vodka. It is virtually odorless and has no impurities. Because it has a high alcohol content your glassware will dry quickly too.

The alcohol dissolves and helps remove any residual essential or carrier oils that might be in your bottles and droppers. You can use a Rinsing bottle to do this or if you don’t object you can use a spray bottle to spray the surfaces, let the excess alcohol flow out and let them dry on paper toweling. Wow! Now go have some fun Blending!

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