Back in Spasm!

by Penny Keay © 2010

Sleeping wrong, kinked neck, bumping your head, crawling under furniture or automobiles, painting the ceiling, hanging holiday lights, bending over and lifting something wrong? And for me – Lifting a box and twisting.

Any of these activities and several more, including even ‘exercising’ when you are out of shape, can give you a lot of tension in your neck and back.

Well, that’s just what happened to me today. As I moved a large awkward and heavy box nothing seemed out of the ordinary while I was moving it. But just like that I twisted a little and instantaneously I felt my mid-back – near the curve, you know where your ribs end down your back - go into spasm.

The acute pain kept coming in waves. Sometimes taking my breath away, I could hardly move even a slight movement caused it to spasm. Finally I found a position to make it stop for a bit.

First I put the ice pack on my back for 20 minutes. Then I had to have Al massage in some of our special essential oil blend we use for tense muscles, a blend of Peppermint and Rosemary I wasn’t sure if it would do the trick but within a few minutes I started to feel relief. We also added some Helichrysum to the blend as it has helped before with painful situations.

So what can you do to help give you a little relief from mild back spasms and muscle tension?

Well, a great massage would help, but many of us don’t have the time to run to our massage therapist (oh, wouldn’t that be great if we could though? And for me a trip to my chiropractor).

Anyway, a simple blend of Peppermint and Rosemary mixed with any carrier oil and massaged into the area of the back that is giving you a problem may give you some quick relief. Even a short massage by your loving spouse will be most welcome.

Both of these essential oils have great penetrating and heating (or cooling) properties and even with a slight back rub will help to relieve the tension (or spasm) you have developed and make you feel better.

This blend can be applied as often as desired, but normally, you won’t need to apply it more than every 3-4 hours and before you know it, you’ll be feeling better.

If you can possibly rest for a few minutes after you have applied this simple blend and give it a little while to work you will have better results than if you continue to work while the back is spasming.

And don’t be afraid to add other essential oils that have penetrating pain and heating properties, like Helichrysum , Black Pepper, Sweet Marjoram, Eucalyptus globulus, Juniper berry and Ginger .

For me I’ll need to go visit my Chiropractor as the cause of this ‘spasm’ is from an old injury (falling down the stairs about 15 years ago) that has made this area more susceptible to misalignment. So until I can get into see him (tomorrow). I’ll be having Al massage my back with these oils and alternate with cold packs. (It works for me whenever this happens.)

In the meantime Hope you (& I) feel better soon!

PS. We have a large variety of Pre-mixed Muscle and Back Massage oil blends that may help you with the same or similar situation. With the acute phase – like mine – when it first started – always use ice or cold packs, then use the Roll-on form of the premixed blend as it has essential oils in higher concentration. Then afterward you can use just the regular massage blends.

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