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I've searched the internet, and yet, I have not found one single entry on HOW to make bread. I should clarify that. Not one that isn't so technical that you don't need a college degree to understand it, or gives you the basic steps, but doesn't really explain them to you. If you're like me, you just want someone to show or tell you how - one easy step at a time. And you probably want just a plain recipe, not some that make up a wild type of bread. (I've found recipes up the wahzoo and some are really crazy.) I have an easy guide to help you make the basic breads.
Penny's Special Caramel Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls 
and Cinnamon Swirl Bread

I've have taken something that many people take for granted. They think everybody should know how to make bread. I have taken it step by step for you. Whether you're a seasoned baker, or a newlywed, or a single person, my website, will help you make the BEST BREAD ever!

An added bonus, if you order the booklet, you will get a recipe chart that will help you make from small batches of 4 loaves, to large batches up to 16 loaves. If you have a lot of mouths to feed, this will come in handy. I have made it simplified so you know how much of everything you will need. Don't worry, if you don't have enough bread pans. You can make "cottage" loaves on a cookie sheet. They are great to serve to company and family too.

But, I bet you are just looking for a regular old bread recipe and how to make that good old sandwich making type bread, and eating with a meal bread. I have made breads, cookies and cakes for years, I've even made money at selling them. My mother taught me how, using my own two hands, to knead and shape the bread, you will too. This is exactly how I will teach you, except of course, you won't be in my kitchen. I will be in yours - so to speak - with my STEP by STEP, easy to follow guide!



See the No Electricity Baking Page
(You know - How to bake when there is no electricity! 
Such as when camping, or the power goes out!)

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