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Cancer, SMC*, Aromatherapy and Hope

by Penny Keay

As aroma therapists, we are often approached with difficult questions. Questions concerning the use of essential oils for *Serious Medical Conditions; such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Thyroid ailments and a myriad of other serious health conditions that have been diagnosed by licensed medical practitioners that inevitably can shorten ones lifespan before we want it to end.

Even though Aroma Therapy is listed under “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” aka CAM, for these serious types of illnesses and diseases it is more ‘complementary’ than a ‘true alternative’.

The best we can suggest is to give ideas of ways to use essential oils in a ‘supportive’ or ‘complementary’ roll.

They may not ‘cure’ anything but they can make us feel comfort and give us a sense of well-being during our “hopeful” journey back to health.

The old saying goes “You are what you eat” or, as is often the case with serious medical conditions your body has been malnourished (what you don’t eat).

It is unable to heal itself due to other environmental or toxic agents it has been exposed to, thereby blocking its’ ability to actually proceed to heal.

Essential oils are very powerful substances. They are not nutritive supplements. They do not have the building blocks our bodies need when there are serious deficiencies or nutritional imbalances.

To begin the healing process, you often times need to look at your diet.

You may need to look at your nutrition first – you need to give your body the building blocks: Healthy whole foods, minimally processed, ones filled with natural vitamins, minerals and other micro and phytonutrients.

You need to eat the right foods to keep you nourished with the correct amount of calories. You need Sunshine. You need a certain amount of exercise. You need deep and adequate sleep. You need fresh water.

Essential oils can often help with things like aches and pains such as minor headaches, muscle and joint pains; it may help with congestion; help with relaxation, sleep and anxiety. The properties are endless.

These are all “complementary” help, to the more serious illness or condition.

Essential oils are not ‘cure-alls’, which has often been the mistaken case when untrained ‘sellers of oils’ tout their wares. They tell you that essential oils can cure cancer, cure diabetes, fix high blood pressure and the list goes on.

In reality, they cannot cure anything - Oh wow!

No, YOUR BODY does its own healing. It is a wonderful work of nature. Given its proper building materials, it can heal and repair itself.

IF essential oils helped along the way, they did so because your body was able to find the building blocks of nutrients from the foods you ate. The essential oils helped but your body did/does the healing.

Somewhere along the way, though the essential oils may have helped by fighting off unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi. Infective agents that make your body work harder and use up precious nutrients. They may have been there to tweak a small or slight imbalance but not like the food, you eat.

They may have helped clear congestion not only in your lungs but helped the blood flow more effectively in your muscles and joints.

Essential oils can help you rest, help with many mental or brain games your body may try to play on you, that rob you from the needed mental relief you require from dealing with serious medical issues.

They can help you meditate, remember, concentrate and so much more. They can stimulate and energize you mentally to varying degrees.

Although I’m definitely not an expert and don’t claim to be, I have discovered over the last 30 years how important nutrition is for ones health.


This brings me to the “Hope” side of this article.

All of us, at one time or another, have all been touched in our lives by friends, relatives or neighbors that are fighting any number of health maladies. Cancer is the health issue we are asked about most often.

Can essential oils cure cancer? Well, there are a few health studies being done right now throughout the world trying to determine if there are any essential oils or combinations thereof, that might help hasten the body’s ability to destroy the cancer and heal the body.

The main studies we have seen involve Frankincense. Folks, please note that we do not know any details.

We don’t know the following: what specific essential oil(s); the dosage; or how they are administering the essential oils in the studies. We do not know other factors in the treatment either. We may not know for quite some time.

All we do know is that there are groups of professionals out there working on it.

What we do know is that there are Frankincense Extracts or ground up powder forms of Frankincense that ‘might’ have some cancer fighting capabilities, but NOT the essential oil. Again no scientific proof - yet.

Let us tell you that if there really “was” a way for essential oils to ‘cure’ these serious medical illnesses then we would be sharing.

We have known family members that have had cancer, heart disease and diabetes and by any means, we would have made suggestions to them to help them.

We might still have our parents and other family members IF essential oils could have cured them. If there becomes scientific documentation available, we will definitely let everyone know.

How Essential oils can help

We do suggest if you want to help someone that has a serious medical condition such as cancer, diabetes, heart or other serious health condition that you can support them with the ‘complementary’ aspect of the use of essential oils.

Bring anyone a bright blend of essential oils on a bouquet of silk flowers to help make the room more cheerful. Maybe a diffuser with some Lavender to help them rest more easily in the evening if sleeping is an issue.

The point being, there are many ways to use essential oils and aromatherapy to help make anyone with a serious health issue to feel better, even if it might be briefly. You are showing that you care.

Not sure what essential oils or blends to start with?

Simply use our Search box on the upper portion of this page when viewed on a Computer or just below the article if viewed on a Smart Phone or smaller tablet and type in your concern - sleep, immunity, pain etc and it will give you a list of several articles to get you started.

So, remember Essential oils and Aromatherapy, are “Complementary” to your already ongoing health treatments by your licensed Medical Practitioners.

In Part 2 though, are some things to know, some ideas you might want to consider while you look for “True Alternative Health cures” for those ‘Last efforts’ when the doctors and others have given up on you.

Good luck on your educational search for true Health Cure Alternatives.

Know that essential oils are fantastic, wonderful natural gifts that can ‘help’ you feel better while your body heals itself. They can help you and others along the way.

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© 2016 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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