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AROMATHERAPY CONSULTATIONS available by Alan and Penny

Welcome, to the wonderful world of Essential oils and Aromatherapy!

We are glad you have found our website to help you as you explore aromatherapy.

We know that sometimes you don't know where to start to find the answers to your questions. You just don't know where to begin as you are looking for the help you need.

First we will give you some suggestions as to how to use our website.

On our website alone there are over 750 pages of information on various health concerns. Many physical and mental health subjects are covered. And along the way you will also find there are many useful recipes for these health issues and also for fun and enjoyment.

Most of the information you will find will be located in our past Newsletters and Aromatherapy Tips. Some might be in our Recipe Files. Some of our pages have been written strictly on one particular subject. You can find helpful indexes for these following. They include:

If you have looked for the listings above you might want to Try our Websites SEARCH BOX - On this page in the upper right hand side as viewed on a regular computer. Down below on a phone or sometimes on tablets.

Before you request and have to pay for a Consultation, try a search of our site for relevant articles and recipes that will provide much of the same information we would charge you for if you request a Consultation.

Searching our site is easy. Just put your SEARCH TERMS - Key words in the Search box and click on the Search button.

This search is within Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy Website only.

IF and after you have searched throughout our website and cannot find the answer to your questions, then we welcome you to ask a simple question or two via E-mail.

But if when you ask it appears that the answers you seek will involve us needing more answers and medical history, then we will request that you order a Paid Consultation and we can converse on the phone.

Once you have ordered the consultation we will send you a Medical History form to fill out and e-mail or fax back to us.

If we have more questions we will send them to you via e-mail. FREE Consultation will be done via e-mail.

All the personal information you provide is held in strict confidence.

If after you have done a through search of our site and still cannot find the answers then you may want to have an actual Paid Consultation.

Our PHONE Consultation fees vary:

If you have been a Customer of ours and have purchased over $100.00 in products our consultation fee is $50.00 per hour. One hour needs to be Paid in advance.
If you have never purchased our products then the Fee is $150.00 per hour. One hour needs to be Paid in advance.

You will need to fill out our Medical History Form. And let us know what your major concerns are whether they are physical or emotional or both.

We will only do a consultation for the person on the form. If more than one person then there are additional consultation fees as suggestions to help one person may not be the same for others clients.

All FREE consultations will be done by e-mails, but if we need to, we will make arrangements to talk to you by phone for the above FEES, paid in advance.

As always, your information is held in strict confidence.

Your Personal Aromatherapists,
Alan and Penny

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© 2015 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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