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The KEAY's
I'm just starting on the Keay Family history. I can tell you what I know. Alan and his Parents, Gordon and Joan Keay, moved to the USA in 1959. Alan had been ill many times as a young boy and doctors advised them to get him out of England's climate. Joan had a Sister that had married a Military man during W.W. II and had a farm in Minnesota. Gordon also had a brother in New Zealand. Well, America won out and they crossed the ocean arriving in New York City. From there they took the train to Minnesota. Once they were settled in, it wasn't long before Alan had a baby sister, Janette. She was named after her maternal grandmother Jane.

As time permits I will continue to do genealogy research on the Keay side of the family. I'm hoping to find a relative in England that will help me, through the use of the Internet and e-mail services. I do know the names of some of the brothers and sisters of both, Joan and Gordon Alan Richard Keay. Although I don't have complete histories. Please bear with me. As I explore the Keay family. I do have a couple of links to share with you that was sent to me. This has to do with the Origins of the name Keay.

I will continue to add links that I find about the Keay family. If you visit this page and have information you would like me to include, especially about the Keay family let me know.

The Habhegger's

The Habhegger Family comes originally from Switzerland. Penny's Great Grandfather was born there and came to this country in the 1800's. His wife was born in Germany. They met in Cinncinati Ohio and married there(1861), before moving to Watertown, Wisconsin. and then to New Lisbon, Wisconsin. 

Not too long after that he moved to Northeastern Minnesota.
Frederick Jacob Habhegger, was the founding father of the town of Wrenshall, Minnesota. 

It is here, where he made the bricks that made him a pillar of the community. He had 9 children. Penny's Grandfathers' name was William Paul, Sr. Her Father is William Paul Habhegger, Jr.

Penny has worked on the Habhegger Family history and genealogy for over 15 years and with the help of a now deceased Aunt, was able to update the Genealogy in 1992. The Book goes back to the 1500's and follows the single line until it gets to her Great, Great Grandfather. Then it branches out to a couple of those children. Most of the records though are on Frederick Jacob Habhegger's Children and on down. At a family reunion held in 1991 there were over 300 living descendants of Fredericks at that time and over 200 attended the gala affair. To date, the oldest living member is Merlyn Severied, who helped Penny compile most of the information. Merlyn passed away at the age of 103.  She had maintained and lived on her own, in the original homeplace built by Frederick Habhegger, in Wrenshall until she was 101!

If You would like more information about the Habhegger's (who, by the way, the spelling of the name was changed from Habegger to Habhegger (this is just in a couple of the family lines) when they came into this country). Please e-mail me and I will gladly help you, if I can.
Email me at  (remove the "A" in front of pennyk - it is placed there to prevent 'spammers' from corrupting my e-mail address. Thanks)

I am currently searching for information about the Habhegger's in Milwaukee, Watertown and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. It is here that Johann (Hans) Habegger (DOB June 23, 1811 from Trub, Bern, Switzerland) came with his wife, Anna Barbara Luthi (DOB Oct 29, 1815 Langnau, Switzerland) in 1853 with their children, one of which was my Great Grandfather - Frederick Jacob Habhegger (married Catherine Baumunk, born in Hesse Darnestadt Germany , in Cincinatti). Frederick's siblings names were - Johann Ulrich (married Lena or Lina Gfeller); Elizabeth (married Emanuel Lehman); Gottfried (married Anna Guett) ; Maria Anna (married Fred Maerzke); Anna Barbara (married William Ricker) ; Johann Samuel (married Lena Schultz) ; Margaretha (married John Wuethrich); Christian; Caroline; Sophia;

Johann's Father was Ulrich (dob July 8,1787 Langnau, Switzerland), Mother - Maria Anna Lehman (dob May 13, 1789 Langnau)

Ulrich's Father was Benedikt (dob Jan 1, 1753 Langnau ?), Mother - Anna Steb (Speck?) born 1762

Benedikt's Father was Ulrich (dob March 29, 1705 Trub, Switzerland), Mother - Magdalena Fankhauser born 1709, Trub.

Ulrich's Father was Ulrich (dob October 1, 1675 Trub, Switzerland), Mother - Anna Hauetter born 1675, Trub, Switzerland

Ulrich's Father was Christian (dob June 30, 1630, Trub, Switzerland), Mother - Barbara Mesimann born 1646, Trub, Switzerland
In some recent records I just received from Switzerland concerning the Family tree. It appears their is a discrepancy around this time (1600's).   I will need to research this further but for now I will leave these records up.

Christian's Father wasUlrich (dob July 23, 1604, Trub, Switzerland), Mother - Magdalena Blaser born 1608, Trub Switzerland

Ulrich's Father was Georg (dob 1574, Trub, Switzerland), Mother - Christina Jost born 1578 (Bern? Switzerland)

Georg's Father is listed as "Habegger" dob 1540 in Trub, Bern, Switzerland - Mother is listed as Mrs Habegger dob 1544

**Georg had two older brothers Heinrich and Hans and two younger ones Vinzenz and Ulrich -
There are family records for 'Hans' decendants on the internet at theURL **


HABEGGER: Feeding into the Emme is a stream named Ilfis. It is on the hills and valleys that feed into this stream that the Habeggers lived. One kilometer from the village of Barau is a farm complex on a hill named Habegg. It is from this farm that we received our family name. In Switzerland each farm or farm complex has a name. The family or families living on that farm are known by the name of the farm. In the middle ages common people did not have family names. When distinctions needed to be made between persons, family names were added. The name of the farm they were living on frequently became the source of that name. Even today when a farmer goes to town he will frequently be called by the name of the farm rather than by his family name.

The name Habegg is a shortened form of Habichtegg which Hawk Ridge. The Habegg farm is on a hill rising from the valleys to the west and south. It is the shoulder of a higher hill named Riegenen. Hawks can be seen soring on the air currents coming from the valley to the west. The hawk is able to remain motionless by balancing on the upward moving breeze. It was probably from such a common sight that the hill was given its name. It is a place where hawks have been coming for centuries to hunt for rodents.

Habegger definition from the book "The History, Ancestry and Descendants of Peter Habegger and Elisabeth Lehman" by David L. Habegger

         This link may have more information you are looking for about "Habeggers's"

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