Swollen Tired Legs

by Penny Keay

Working all day, cleaning the house, taking care of kids, or any number of things and by the end of the day your legs are totally exhausted.

Treat yourself to a 20 minute foot soak and leg massage.

Try the following blend to relax and relieve the tired feeling you have in your legs. This blend will also help if your feet tend to swell also.

Add the following oils to a basin or tub of warm water. Be sure to add some Epson salts or other bath salt to help with the swelling too!

Lemon - 2 drops
Cypress - 1 drop
Juniper berry 1 drop.

After soaking for 15-20 minutes, dry you feet well and elevate your feet and legs, for the next 15 -20 minutes just lay there and relax.

If possible elevate your feet and legs about 6-8 inches higher than your heart.  This helps reduce the swelling and will make you legs feel rejuvenated.

No time for a soak and a resting period??

Try this blend mixed in Lotion or a light carrier oil such as Sunflower.
Lavender - 12 drops
Cypress - 5 drops
Lemongrass - 4 drops
Grapefruit - 4 drops

Mix in 2 tablespoons lotion or oil . Apply a small amount to your legs and massage with strokes going towards your heart.

This will encourage proper blood drainage and will help to decrease swelling.

You can use this daily. Lotions will absorb more readily and make dressing easier after applying.

© Penny Keay 2005, 2013

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