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Essential Oil of
Lemon -Citrus limonum

by Penny Keay

Lemon - Citrus limonum

Country of Origin - North & South America, Australia
Processed - Cold pressed
Part used - Rind, smaller fruit
Smell - light, fresh clean aroma
Grown - cultivated
Note - top note



antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, carminative digestive, disinfectant expectorant, sedative, styptic vermifuge.


Internal - Acidity, arthritis, asthma, slow circulation, colds, indigestion, mouth ulcers, sinusitis.

External: Acne, candida, conjunctivitis, herpes, insect bites, greasy skin, sore throat, tonsillitis, varicose veins, warts.

Industry & Household uses:

Soaps, perfumery, cleaning products, soft drinks

BLENDS with:

Other citrus oils, Cedarwood, cinnamon, geranium, eucalyptus, fennel, juniper, lavender, neroli, pine, sandalwood, ylang ylang,


Can be phototoxic (avoid applying to skin if exposed to sun). Use in moderation.

*Any essential oils - ingested in large amounts can be fatal.*

*Keep out of reach of children.*


Want more juice? Soak the fruit in warm water for 5 minutes before squeezing. As a silver jewelry cleaner, rub with a slice of lemon, rinse in warm water and dry.


FOR YOUR SPRAYER - an Light Wonderful Air Freshener

15 drops Lavender
10 drops Orange
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Grapefruit
6 drops Lime
3 drops Nutmeg
2 ounces distilled water
2 ounces Alcohol (Vodka or Grain 150 proof) OR omit the water and Alcohol and use 4 oz of Room Spray Base

Blend all the essential oils in a spray bottle, add the alcohol and then the distilled water - OR use the Room Spray base. Shake well and spray.

This is an excellent air freshener for pet odors.

We personally use this blend in our home. It really is great when mildew develops from high humidity days.

FOR Your BATH - Refreshing bath oil

4 drops Spruce
4 drops Geranium
4 drops Spearmint
2 drops Juniper
2 drops Lemon
1 teaspoon carrier oil

Mix well and add to a tub of very warm water and RELAX!!

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Please do not use my information without my permission.

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