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Dealing with a Mold & Mildew Problem.

by Penny Keay

Mold and Mildews – can make for a very Sick House (or Office)

Having a lot of wet weather and flooding can cause a lot of mold and mildews to get foothold in your home or office.

When this happens many homes or offices can be affected and before long could be unlivable.

Or if a business, you might see a lot of 'colds' or absenteeism that just is not normal.

High humidity levels make several germs thrive when combined with warmer temperatures. They really love this when it occurs in any environment. And the primary germs that thrive are molds and other fungi.

Other causes could be a water leak or sweating pipes that cause excess moisture. You will need to be a 'detective' to find the source of the extra humidity or water.

I have a couple stories (actual cases) to relate from personal experience and one from a relative and friend.

We have all had incidences with mold that have been eliminated or controlled very quickly and effectively with the diffusion of essential oils – namely two of our synergy blends namely Pure Cleansing blend and Four Robbers blend.

Personal Case

Attached to our home is a ‘three season’ room. In other words, when it is really cold we don’t use this room. It is used in the spring, summer and fall months.

Because it is just a seasonal room and although it has windows and screens that should be kept closed during rain storms, occasionally, we will forget and well, the rain can come in and soak everything.

Well, few years ago just such a thing happened and then the weather turned cool. So much so, that we did not use the ‘sun’ room for several weeks.

Unfortunately, although the weather was too cool for use to use the room, the mold and mildew found the room quite inviting! Needless to say, when we did try to use the room we were unable to use it due to the awful smell of mold!

Since I'm extremely sensitive to molds, we had to do something and do it quickly as I did not want to be unable to use the room or worse yet have to tear it down.

The Plan

The first thing we did was try to get everything dried out and cleaned. We reopened the windows, turned on several fans and let the smelly humid air out. Once we felt the carpeting was fairly dry (we have indoor outdoor carpet over a concrete board base) we set up our diffuser.

We used one of our Electric tart warmers. We placed 2 ounces of unscented wax in the bowl and then added 10ml of Four Robbers blend. Also we used about 5 ml of Pure Cleansing blend.

The room was completely closed up and we let the diffuser run without anyone entering the room for 3-4 days.

Then I entered and added 10 ml more of the Four Robbers blend. After 3 more days, we shut off the tart warmers and just let the room ‘settle’. We did not use it much for about 2 weeks.

By the way the room is 12’ by 12’ and the amount of essential oils used in such high concentration made it prohibitive for us to even enter the room except for brief moments.

When I did enter the room, I held my breath and hurried and poured the essential oils into the bowl of the tart warmer.

After the intense diffusing, we opened the room and aired it out. It no longer smelled of mold and mildew but had the cinnamon-y scent of the Four Robbers blend.

Since that ‘treatment’ – nearly 5 years ago now, we have not noticed any more ‘mold’ smell. The room is just as we had enjoyed prior.

We do periodically diffuse the Four Robbers and Pure Cleansing blend in this room. Not only as a precaution but to inhibit any chance of the mold trying to get a foothold again.

So, Once again we have a nice room to sit and enjoy our morning or evening meals.

And yes we have learned our lesson to keep the windows closed when rain storms approach!!

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Another Case

This is a case that has brought about a wonderful solution for my sister and her boyfriend.

After my sister retired, she moved a used and older mobile home onto her property within a ¼ mile of where we live. Her and her boyfriend have enjoyed moving up here in northeastern Minnesota and making a home.

They first came to us when her boyfriend said he was having problems with his sense of smell. He was smelling something very odd.

We had noticed prior, that their ‘home’ smelled a bit moldy but since the mobile home had been unused for quite sometime, we weren’t sure if it was mold or dirt or what exactly that we were smelling.

At about the same time, my sister who has had a cough most of her life, that she attributed to allergies, started to get worse, way worse.

So, we suggested they test their home for mold and bacteria. They did do this. They were shocked when they got their first set of test results.

The test revealed there was such an over load of mold and bacteria that the testing lab was unable to even begin to try to identify any individual ‘germ’s’.

They seriously thought they may have to move out of their home.

We talked it over with them and came up with a plan to help get this mold and bacteria problem under control.

And yes, they both, did go see their physicians who could not find any obvious reason for their health concerns.

As many of you know, medical professionals often do not look at environmental causes of health ailments. Congrats to those that do.


This was the plan. Because it was winter and they are on limited funding we had to devise a plan where they could stay in their home and not become too over powered by the strong essential oils we were going to use.

Initially, they were able to go to a hotel for a couple nights and we started our plan.

We did as above, set several tart warmers and fan diffusers thoughout the mobile home. Since it is long building with many small rooms we had to use several units.

Again we used Four Robbers and Pure Cleansing blends in all the diffusing devices.

We diffused heavily for 2 days. Then opened up a couple windows to bring the saturated air levels to a more comfortable, breathable level.

Then when they returned we had them follow the next phase of the plan.

Since they have a forced air furnace we had them completely change all the filters.

Her boyfriend had cleaned the heating ducts and any vents before we started the intense diffusing. He did a very good job to eliminate dust and accumulated dirt from this older home.

We created a Four Robbers blend Room Spray (Recipe below) to apply to their filter. They sprayed this on the filter every 4-5 hours during the day.

In their bedroom we had them run a Fan Fuser and use 5-10 drops several times a day of each the Pure Cleansing blend and Four Robbers blend.

They both felt that there could be more of a problem in this room (which was discovered when they moved a chest of drawers that had mildew growing on the back side!! - Oh Dear! )

Lastly we had them diffuse an Electric Tart Warmer using our Unscented Soy & Bees Wax Tarts, our Pure Cleansing blend and Four Robbers blend.

We had them put 10-15 drops of each blend in the warmer every 3-4 hours during the day time. And before bedtime we had them double this amount, so they didn’t have to get up in the night.

This diffuser was placed in the living room – dining room area and was kept in use 24 hours a day. They just kept adding essential oils as we suggested.

As noted above they vacuumed out as much of the ductwork as possible to help remove any excess dirt and to help the essential oils penetrate better.

We had them spray their carpeting AFTER they had given it a good shampooing too. This was not the same formulation as the furnace filter spray, but was diluted to about 25% by just adding more room spray base.

After following the daily spraying, diffusing in their bedroom and the use of the tart warmer in the main rooms for about a month, they again ran a set of mold and bacteria tests (by First Alert™ for those wondering which test was used).

They tested several areas of the house.

FYI: at the time they sent the second tests into the lab, they were only diffusing once or twice a day, they were not doing the more concentrated plan as we had them do initially.

This time they were once again shocked at their results!

What! The three test dishes came back with ‘no growth’ except for 1 that had a ‘trace’ but that was the dish that was in the bathroom.

And we all know that bathrooms can be a source of molds and bacteria.

This room had been terribly contaminated as was shown on the first set of tests but now only a trace amount that showed and the lab said it was not a ‘bad’ kind of mold.

They are firm believers of the power of essential oils and how it can be used to control unwanted and nasty germs and in particular molds.

By the way, both of them have had other positive results.

My sister’s cough disappeared and her boyfriend sense of smell went back to normal. Their home is a much more pleasant place to visit.

It no longer smells like a ‘sick’ house. And both of them sailed through the winter without even a sniffle!

They know that they will have to continue to use the essential oil blends since it is known that once there is mold in a building there is always mold.

They also realize that with routine diffusing of the Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend and continued spraying of their furnace and air conditioning filters they can keep the mold and spores from getting a foot hold again.

And as a follow up note: 5 years later - they still are both in great health and have sailed through the past several winters with no more colds or flu!

There has been no recurrence of that 'moldy' smell.

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This is just two of the cases we have had personally.

We have had other customers of ours use the Four Robbers blend along with a variety of other essential oils to help get mold and bacteria under control in their homes too.

And we have several mold remediation businesses that also use Four Robbers blend to help rid homes and businesses of active mold.

So, when it is very humid or if you have had flooding or a water leak, you might want to consider diffusing essential oils and in particular Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend in your home year round.

Realize that essential oils may not be effective for your particular case but it certainly is a starting place.

And in my sisters case being on a limited income she was able to take care of her ‘mold and bacteria’ problem for a couple hundred dollars instead of several hundred dollars. They were able to stay in their home and in the long run are now much healthier!

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What Should You do if you suspect you have a Mold problem?

First Check with your Home-owners insurance. Your insurance may cover help with this.

Get some Test kits. You want to know what kind of mold or bacteria you are dealing with.

Some types of mold are serious health threats so you need to know if your home is inhabitable or not.

Once you know that, then proceed by working up a plan.

Most of the time you are going to have to leave the home or office for several days.

Pets, Fish, Birds will also need to be removed. Plants can stay.

Make a Plan. Once you have your plan, you have to be consistent. You have to stick to it!

Mold can easily come back if you don't keep it subdued.

Plan that you will be diffusing essential oils for months to years to come to keep your home or office healthy.

You may also find that you, your family or coworkers are all healthier too.

Please see a couple of our previous articles on Mold and Mildews.

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Recipes to try

FILTER Spray for Air Conditioners and Furnaces with Mold problems throughout the House.

Four Robbers blend 1 ounce (30 ml) (you can also use the all Organic version)
Polysorbate 20 - 1 1/2 oz (45 mL)
Room Spray Base - 6 oz

This is a VERY CONCENTRATED Spray. This is a very special spray blend JUST for use on Filters. Please before you proceed you will need to make sure the blend will not ruin your filters, furnace or air conditioners.

Many of these have plastic or rubber parts and you need to avoid putting essential oils onto these surfaces. So make sure you have easy access to your filters and do not just spray into the furnace or air conditioning unit.

This spray needs to be sprayed ONTO the filter fibers and only the filter fibers.

First blend the Four Robbers blend with the Polysorbate 20 stir well. Then add to the Room Spray base and shake well.

We suggest you purchase a HDPE plastic spray bottle to mix and store your Blended spray. Always shake the bottle well before spraying your filters. The ingredients above are available in larger refill sizes.

Remember once you have mold in your home you will always have mold so you will be treating your home on an ongoing basis.

At first it will be more frequently and after a few weeks you will be able to reduce the frequency.

Remember Do not saturate the filter but do apply several sprays to the filter fibers.

You need to repeat this every 4-6 hours during the treatment phase of your mold remediation.

Once you have things under control you should still spray the filters two to three times a week during the most heavy usage months and at least weekly when not being used.

Mold Blend Spray for any Room

Thyme– 40 drops
Cinnamon leaf - 40 drops
Lavender– 40 drops
Lemon – 40 drops
Pine needle – 20 drops
Polysorbate 20 or Emulsifier - 15 mL
Room Spray Base – 4 ounces

Blend the essential oils together then add the emulisifer. Blend well. Then add to the Room Spray Base in an HDPE plastic spray bottle Shake well and use as needed.

All the products listed in the article are available at our Shopping Site - see link below.

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© 2015 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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