Helping Memory loss with essential oils

by Penny Keay

Dealing with Memory loss can be difficult for everyone. We all suffer from memory loss sometime in our life time.

Of course the older we get the more likely it is for us to have combined short term and long term memory loss.

The best essential oil to help with memory is Rosemary.

This oil is used with Alzheimer's and dementia patients in several nursing care facilities.

In the past, it was recommended to use Rosemary with caution in people with high blood pressure. In actuality, Rosemary, is a regulator or balancer. In other words, if you have high blood pressure it will help to normalize it and if you have low pressure it will bring it up. If your blood pressure is normal it will not change it one way or the other.

As with all essential oils, they should be used in small amounts and with caution in anyone in poor health.

Oils used with the elderly and children should always be used 1/2 strength of the amounts that would be used in a normally healthy person.

Essential oils to help enhance memory, especially for clarity, are Rosemary and Basil.

If the person is agitated or depressed try adding one of these essential oils- Jasmine, Rose or Neroli as they could also help.

Yet there are other essential oils that may help to trigger your memory and thought processes. These include: Ginger, Lemon, Grapefruit, Thyme, Black Pepper, and Coriander.

Several of the oils in this group help with the confusion often times associated with memory loss.

To help with CONFUSION BLEND of
Black Pepper - 5 drops
Ginger - 4 drops
Grapefruit - 8 drops
Helichrysum - 5 drops and
Basil - 7 drops may be used.
Mix these in a amber bottle and apply a drop Aromatherapy Lapel Dot TM attached to the lapel or collar of the patient. Apply once or twice daily. This blend can be used in a diffuser also.

A great blend to help with concentration and focus is
Lemon - 20 drops
Basil - 6 drops
Rosemary - 2 drops
Mix oils then diffuse into the air.

Please see our page on Ahlzheimer's as there may be helpful information there as well. Click here for our Ahlzheimer's page

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