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Dealing with a Stiff, painful neck and upper back muscles

by Penny Keay

Have you been sleeping wrong; kinked neck; bumping your head; crawling under furniture or automobiles, painting the ceiling?

Any of these activities and more, can give you a lot of tension in your neck and muscles of your upper back. Sometimes to the point, that you can develop a very stiff and painful neck and upper back muscles. Eventually this could even give you a headache.

So what can you do to help give you a little relief from all that neck and muscle tension?

Well, a great massage would help, but many of us donít have the time to run to our massage therapist (oh, wouldnít that be great if we could though?).

A simple blend of Peppermint and Rosemary mixed with any carrier oil and massaged into the back of the neck and down on to the upper back and shoulders will be most welcome.

Both of these essential oils have great penetrating and heating (or cooling) properties and even with a slight back rub by your own two hands will help to relieve the tension you have developed will feel good.

If you can rest for a few minutes after you have applied this simple blend and give it a little while to work, youíll feel the tension release.

This blend can be applied as often as desired, but normally, you wonít need to apply it more than every 3-4 hours and before you know it, the tension will be gone.

Fortunately, there are plenty of essential oils that can be helpful to not only relieve pain, but are helpful to provide heating and relaxation of the muscles involved.

The first suggestions would be using the heating and analgesic oils: Peppermint, Rosemary, Clove bud, Ginger, Black Pepper and Juniper berry.

All you need to do is start to mix several essential oils together and then add the correct percentage Ė usually for acute muscle spasms you can start at 5% and if need; you can go to as much as 10% in your favorite carrier oil.

A 10% concentration of essential oils is very strong and should only be used for massaging smaller areas. An area only about the size of your own palm, no larger. When a massage blend is this strong, do not use it for more than on the affected area for only a time or two.

This protocol is what gives the best relief for me. Actually, at first I just rub a little of the massage blend on, as a deep massage would be too painful.

We offer several synergy blends folks may find easier to use by simply adding a few drops to your own carrier oil. Sports and More blend; Free & Easy blend; Keep it Moviní blend; These can be mixed and used for several days if needed. Or you can use one of the blends that use Sweet Birch or Wintergreen for short term use (just a day or two). These would include: Muscle warm blend; Darís Blend; or Tei fu blend.

You can also add the essential oil/synergy blend and carrier mixture to a Roll-on applicator. These are wonderful for rolling on this type of area, or for use if you should have a lot of tension in your neck that is giving you a headache.

You may want to try some of our premade massage blends we have that may work for you include our Joint Rub, Back Rub, Muscle Relaxing, Muscle Rub, Muscle Warm Massage and Darís Massage oil.

If you can tolerate going to a massage therapists, be sure to request or ask them to use one of the above blends on your painful muscles or if they have a blend that has helped you in the past especially if they are using any of the above mentioned essential oils.

Hope your neck and upper back feels better soon too!

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© 2015 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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