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Here is a picture of our Captain Andrew - "Cappy"   for short.
He passed away at 14 1/2 years old, Yorkshire Terrier,
neutered male, that weighed in at 6.5 pounds and is blue and tan. 
He had two adopted sisters that are also Yorkshire Terriers.
(He was 8 years old in the photo). We lost this little love on Oct 2, 2004.

Pearl and Ruby

Ruby and Pearl are their names.
They are spayed females and each weighed about 4 pounds. 

Wouldn't it be great to have a couple of real gems that weighed that much? 

They were 2 years old when came to live with us second hand when the
previous owner could not keep them any longer.  They all got along great.

Pearl is now 14 years old (on the left). We lost our little "Ruby" on Sept 6, 2008.(on the right)

I always say, shes up in Heaven with my folks, as my Mom always
wanted to have a little lap dog and Dad never let her.
So now she's taking care of my little dogs.

Just a little glimpse of our pets, past and present.
Eventually - there will be more little feet - Pitter and Pattering around our house!

So stop back again some time!

Get your Pets, Spayed and Neutered!

In the Spring and Fall of the year new puppies and kittens are being born.
Puppies and kittens are wonderful,
but to have puppies and kittens to
"give your children the experience of birth" is
the WRONG reason to breed your dog or cat!
Please use your head before you breed your cat or dog.
There are just too many pets without good homes,
or in abusive homes and simple not wanted
after the "cuteness of being so small and helpless" wears off.

How many times have you seen the ads?

"FREE to a Good Home - Cute Puppies"

Please be informed -
FREE Puppy or Kitten!

With Pet ownership comes LOTS of RESPONSIBILITY!
Owning a pet is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT!
The first year - actually the first 6 months of owning a pet
can easily cost several hundred dollars!
Are you financially ready for these expenses?

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