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Keep the Bugs Off" Oil or Spritz

Cajuput - 25 drops
Lemon - 19 drops
Geranium - 19 drops
Cedarwood - 13 drops
If mixing to use as a spritz add the above essential oils to 5 ml of Emusifier and add to 2 ounces of distilled water.
If mixing to use as a light oil - mix the essential oils with 2 ounces of Almond oil (no emulsifier or water to this mixure). 
Spritz on skin and smooth over with palms, do not spray in face, or near eyes, mouth or lips.
Apply a few drops of the oil to your palms and apply to arms, legs, neck and other exposed areas of skin.

Soothe Insect Bites

Juniper - 2 drops
Basil - 2 drops
Lime - 1 drops
Sesame oil- 5 ml
Blend essential oils in carrier oil. Shake well and apply a small amount to the bites every few hours.

(500 Formulas for Aromatherapy by Schiller and Schiller)

Keep Bugs Away

Vinegar − 4 oz
Eucalyptus − 50 drops
Spearmint − 25 drops
Lemon − 25 drops

Blend all ingredients in a spray bottle, shake well to mix. Spray around baseboards etc, to keep bugs away.

(Recipe from Aromatherapy for Dummies by Kathy Keville )


Roman Chamomile − 2 drops
Eucalyptus 3 drops
Lavender − 3 drops
Peppermint − 1 drop

Blend well, then add to 1 ounce cider vinegar. Apply or dab on with a cotton ball to the insect bite area.
Can be used several times a day as needed.


Eucalyptus s - 4 drops
Lavender - 4 drops
Rosemary - 4 drops
Tea Tree - 4 drops
1 ounce Fractionated Coconut oil

Blend well and apply as needed, around the face, neck, wrists and ankles, anywhere those biting pests want to get you.

Because this mixture is fairly strong and has many strong oils, It should not be used on children under 5 years or on babies.


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