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Are you Sensitive to Scents?

We do hope you have read our page explaining the terms for What is meant by Unscented,
Fragrance Free, Scent Free and more? IF NOT THEN - Click here

Be sure to return here for more IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding your Extreme Sensitivities to SCENTS.
And whether or not you should try some of our products.

First we want to say is we feel for you. You are bombarded with scents where ever you go. Eating and drinking by itself can be a sensory overload for those extremely sensitive to scents.

Trying to find personal care products can be even more of a nightmare, which I'm sure you have already discovered.

As much as I want to tell you, that we are very happy, that you have found us, it still may not be the case.

We have many customers that are sensitive to scents and smells and of course chemicals too. But on this page I'm explaining about those of you sensitive to smells and and scents.

I try to explain to people that when you think of pure water, which should have no scent, it does, even is so slightly.
So even water has a smell. Every substance on earth has a smell. Even our unscented products have a slight smell.

What we can tell you is that we add no fragrance, no scents or
anything to these products, nor does the manufacturer.

Did you know that when a product is labeled fragrance free it can have chemicals added to removed other odors?
But it can be labeled fragrance free!

Many of our unscented products are Additive Free.
Which means neither the manufacturer or us
have added anything to the base product.

They are made from the naturally based ingredients listed on the labels.

Do they have an odor?

Yes, they can. Although minimum.
Remember again everything can have an odor, be it ever so slight.

Some folks tell us they can smell something but can't describe it.

You must realize that the INGREDIENTS to make products DO have an odor. But it is the ingredient that has the odor. Nothing else.

We wonder, are they smelling the plastic bottle?
As plastic does have an odor.
Are they smelling their own body, mouth or nasal odors?
We certainly don't know.

We do know, we keep all our unscented products separated, in a different room altogether, than our essential oils.
We also are very strict when it comes to handling these products.

We are constantly washing our hands to remove any signs of odor from us too.

We use our own unscented Liquid hand soap to make sure we don't contaminate anyone's order with any type of scent.

No one knows for sure what their nose may be able to differentiate or detect.

Rest assured our unscented base products have no scents added,
no chemicals added to hide any detectable scents.

They are made of all natural products that have no odor, or extremely low odor.

Might you smell something? It depends on how sensitive your nose is.

We have a handful of customers that can smell the scents that can become impregnated into the packing and shipping boxes.

You must remember we are an AROMATHERAPY Company. And we sell essential oils.

OUR essential oils are very pure and made ONLY BY NATURE. It is the rare person that cannot tolerate the natural scents of PURE essential oils ....

BUT WE DO NOT SCENT the base products AND we do not have the UNSCENTED BASE PRODUCTS near nor stored or bottled near the essential oils. They are kept in a room ALL by thereselves. BUT

Essential oils are potent and volatile and they can and do permeate throughout the building in minute amounts.

They do and can scent the packing boxes and packing peanuts and any papers we use.

SO if you are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE to ANY KIND OF SCENT - then don't purchase our products as the PACKAGING MATERIALS and BOXES will most likely have a scent.

THE PRODUCTS themselves are UNSCENTED. They are just how they come from the manufacturer. - UNSCENTED.

Remember we have added nothing to them nor has the manufacturer.

Some people have such a sensitive sense of smell so they can detect even the slightest differences in the ingredients or even smell scents that are not perceptible by most folks.

YOU MAY be one of such people!

Scent Sensitive folks have reported to us:

that they are able to use these unscented products. Especially those who have extreme
sensitivities to artificial fragrances that irritate the skin, and especially their respiratory systems.

They have been wonderful for them.

So if you have been having a hard time finding something to use because of your sensitivities

- YOU MIGHT want to give these products a try.

SO again we note: The products themselves are unscented.
And we do keep all of our essential oils away from our shipping materials but they are volatile and can permeate the boxes.

SO, if you are extremely sensitive - Please know that you could have a reaction to the box and packing peanuts inside.

Essential oils can sometimes be absorbed by the packaging materials, even though we are very careful about this and only have boxes in our facility for a few days prior to being used for shipping. We have an outdoor storage building where the bulk of our shipping boxes are kept.

REMEMBER All packing peanuts and boxes have their own smell too.

NOW If you do find you are sensitive to the packaging, Remove the product bottles from the
packaging material and let the product air out for a couple days.

If there still seems to be a problem we are sorry. That is why we ask for you to purchase only small amounts to begin with, as if you are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE to smells or the ingredients then you won't be out too much money.

We can't take back any base products as we cannot guarentee purity to resell to another customer.

In Conclusion

Hope our page has helped you to understand that our products have been manufactured (not by us)
using natural, no fragrance added (additive free), and are unscented (we don't add anything to them either).

Although they may have a slight odor, nothing has been added to these products to disguise or hide odors.

What you might smell is the natural ingredients used to make these products. Again, they are virtually scent free.

We have had reports from many, many sensitive people that have not been able to use any other product but who can use our products.

That if you are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO SMELLS you can and probably will smell remenants of essential oils that may have permeated the packaging and shipping materials.

After all - our main business is Aromatherapy and the sale of Essential oils.

SO Please ORDER SMALL quantities (2 oz) if you think you could be sensitive.

All Unscented base products are not returnable and are not refundable.

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