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The Secret to Soft Skin

by Penny Keay

Do you ever wonder how some people, especially European women, have such beautiful soft looking skin?

Until recently, I only knew of my Mother-in-laws routine. She was from England and raised in Scotland. She had beautiful fair skin. She was a red head and had to be careful in the sun. She routinely used lotions after her bath or showers.

I knew she never used soaps on her face, or rarely did. She did apply creams and lotions to help remove the small amount of makeup she used. Creams and lotions are common use to remove makeup.

One of our Aromatherapy colleagues was speaking about how women around the world have such soft skin and a bell went off in my head –“ding, ding, ding”! Once I heard of the routine many European women use to have such soft skin, the routine my mother-in-law used made a lot of sense.

Have you ever heard of the Acid Mantle of the skin?

Well, yes and no, for me. I knew the skin had a protective layer of oils etc but did not know it actually had a name!

The Acid Mantle is very important to skin health and when it is in balance without being disturbed by excessive washing with alkaline-based soaps your skin will appear healthy and youthful.

Quoting from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia *

“The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of human skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin. It is secreted by sebaceous glands. The pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.2, slightly acidic. Since blood is slightly alkaline (7.4), pathogenic bacteria that become adapted to the pH of the skin and are able to reach internal tissues will encounter an environment to which they are less well adapted. This combination of acidic exterior and alkaline interior is one of the body's non-specific host defenses against bacterial pathogens.”

Washing your skin with plain, clean water will work for most people. If you wear makeup, work in a dusty, dirty, greasy environment; that is another story.

Making a simple oil and water based cleanser is very easy. To make your own face cleanser you will need to blend a carrier oil or combination of a couple and add couple drops of essential oils, if you want but at this cleansing stage you do not need any essential oils.

Or, you can use one of our body creams to make an easy to use facial cleanser. Remember too, all most all lotions make great skin cleansers too!

Oil & Water based Facial Cleanser:

Place in a blender about 3 ounces of carrier oil (your choice) with a little water (1-2 tablespoons) and a just a couple of drops (1-3) of your favorite essential oil. Whip in a blender at high speed.

The blender will make a soft whip type oily paste - cream that you can then use to remove the days grime.

Because this is made fresh and no preservatives are used, you do need to keep it in the refrigerator and use within two weeks. Write on a Label and put it on the Jar with a DATE – I like to put both the Made date and a TOSS out date on my jars.

You do not need to make the above ‘whipped’ facial cleanser to clean you face. You can just use the carrier oil(s) of your choice.

Let’s take this Cleansing Routine One Step Further!

In the presentation given by the aromatherapist collegue, spoke of how many European women use carrier oils both BEFORE and AFTER their bathing routine.

Again, this made a lot of sense as to why they have such soft skin.

Carrier oils used on the skin usually don’t disrupt the pH of the skin as much as an alkaline soap will.

Soaps do dissolve the oils and dirt from the skin to help remove them. Unfortunately, it can also remove the protective Acid Mantle, therefore causing dry skin. Carrier oils can dissolve the dirt and grime from your skin too and do it much more gently.

Although Carrier oils will not ‘balance’ the pH of the skin, they do help it to restore the natural balance more quickly. When you don’t remove a lot of the natural oils from the skin, it can repair itself much faster.

By nature, most all carrier oils are anti-bacterial, have a lot of good nourishing constituents for the skin and of course, help the skin to stay soft and supple!

So, what carrier oils should you use Before and After your bathing routine?

Really, the preference is yours. You might want to use Sweet Almond oil or Sunflower oil or Grapeseed oil or even Olive oil. It really depends on your skin type and how much makeup or dirt you need to remove.

When using the carrier oil PRIOR to your shower or bath, we suggest you stand on a towel and use plenty of oil to cover your whole body- except your feet. You don’t need to have the carrier oil dripping down your arms or legs. Just apply a thin layer over all your body. Start with your face first – of course! Work your way down.

Use caution as carrier oils make the floor, tub and shower very slippery. It is best to avoid your feet for now.

Wait about 3-10 minutes before you enter the tub or shower. The carrier oils need a little time to help dissolve the dead skin, dirt, old sweat and body oils. After the short wait, use a mild soap and soft cloth to clean your skin. Do not rub, just wipe lightly. Remember start with your face first.

What about adding Salt or Sugar to the Carrier oil?

You certaily can, but don’t ever use this on your face. Salt and sugar are crystals and can cause abrasions on your face. Your face skin is just too delicate.

On the rest of your body: If you want to use a Salt or Sugar scrub only do so about once a week. You really don’t need to use them. Just the routine of using the carrier oil and mild soap and soft cloth will be the best for your skin overall.

Once you are finished bathing, rinse and dry yourself. While still damp, apply your scented carrier oil blend to your skin. Just a real thin layer is all you need. The essential oils used in the After Bath blend should be very low – at less than ½ %. Since you are applying to the full body, you don’t want to over-power yourself with too strong of scenting.

What essential oils to use in your After Bath Blend?

Here, again, it depends on your skin. Do you have blemishes? Wrinkles? Dry, normal or oily skin?

You can use several different essential oils depending on your skin type. Geranium is great for skin that gets pimples or other skin eruptions. Our Fresh Face Blend or Smooth and Soft blend are great for all skin types. Adding Carrotseed EO and Rose EO may help with wrinkles.

If you have no real skin issues: You can just scent with your favorite essential oils. Some prefer to use lavender. If you have a romantic evening planned, you may want to use a floral blend. Heading out for a busy day, try a mint or energizing blend. Just want to relax, try a calming blend.

How much to add to your carrier oil?

For a ½% blend use no more than 6 drops total of essential oils to a 2 ounce bottle of a carrier oil. Not much is needed since essential oils are so strong, you don’t need a lot.

A carrier oil blend utilizing Jojoba and/or Camellia oil and adding a bit of Rosehip seed oil will give your skin and especially your face the light more natural type of oils your body makes. Jojoba is the carrier oil – actually a liquid wax – that is most like your own skin. People with dark complexions find that Camellia oil is actually more beneficial for their skin type. Jojoba works best for light or fair-skinned complexions.

Again, you only need a tiny amount. A few drops added to the palm of your hand and rubbed all over your entire body. Except your feet.

What is it with the feet?

Well, because you are applying this routine to your full body, we don’t want you to slip, fall or get hurt.

We suggest you wait until after your bath/shower and then do your feet. They need special care anyway. Who doesn’t want soft beautiful feet?

Here you can use an actual foot soak – like Epsom salts and baking soda. Soak your feet for 10-30 minutes. Add a few drops of essential oils to the foot soak.

If you have foot fungus or other sores, then you can add Tea Tree, Lavender or other essential oils to your soak.

When you are all done, dry your feet well and rub in a bit of our Foot Rub massage blend. Or you can use any of your favorite recipes you have for foot care.

Do use caution to not walk around until the skin of your feet has absorbed the massage oil. Please if you need or have to walk around , put on a pair of clean socks .

What about men?

Yep, they can use the same routine. Men that need to shave can apply the oil prior to shaving. But even before that they should soften the beard with warm water.

Only a few drops of oil is needed to shave. Keep the blade wet while shaving it helps the oil to glide over the skin better.

When all done shaving add a few drops of the carrier oil or carrier oil/essential oil blend to your palm and apply to your face to keep it soft and conditioned too.


–Hey, beards need to be kept clean too and natural oils keep them soft. After shampooing your beard, be sure to add a few drops of a carrier oil – jojoba is a natural for beards since it most resembles our natural skin oils. It will be absorbed by skin and hair.

There you have the scoop on having nice, soft skin, whether you are a woman or man. Everyone can have soft - touchable skin made easy from Mother Nature!

*Wikipedia Quote used by licensure -

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© 2016 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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