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Take Time to Smell the Roses or your other Favorite scents!

by Penny Keay

In these busy and hectic days people often times donít take time for themselves. They run here, run there and never ever stop, not even for a minute or two. We know, as we are the same way.

What we do though is try to take a few minutes prior to bedtime to just sit with no television, no computer and just reflect on the daysí events and to make a mental list of things to be thankful for just for that day. We are bath takers so, often times, we add essential oils to our bath water.

If we arenít taking a bath, this is when we may diffuse a little Lavender . It helps to calm and relax, and is nice to smell. Now, if you donít like Lavender (yes, there are folks that donít care for the smell) then find another essential oil or blend you like.

Maybe you prefer to take a moment or two before the kids come home from school. Or during your lunch break at work.

Iím sure you are wondering why we suggest you smell essential oils for your ĎTake me awayí moments.

The mind has a type of sensory that will help you to respond to certain stimuli. If you get into the habit that when you smell certain scents you try to respond similarly each time, it eventually will trigger the response more quickly.

This theory was with the Pavlovís Dogs back in the early 1900ís. Although they were dogs and the stimulus was food and a bell to stimulate salivation, the theory is similar. (Look up Pavlovís Dogs to read more if you arenít familiar.)

If you use the same smell to have you feel relaxed and calmed, eventually, just thinking about the particular scent may trigger you to relax. When you do smell the scent you should almost immediately have the calming effect. This is very helpful for young and old.

Of course, there are chemical constituents in essential oils that may also trigger varying responses. So smelling them is helpful to trigger your emotional, physical or spiritual response especially when it comes time to taking a moment for yourself.

Experiment and find the essential oils to help you not only relax, but also to help you feel alive and energized. Everyone is different.

For us, Peppermint . and Minty scents are stimulating and energizing but we have known several folks that Peppermint actually helps them to relax. The same is true with Lavender. Most folks get calm and have a serene feeling, while we have known others to be more alert and ready to take on the day.

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