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De-Stink, D-Toilet Spray

by Penny Keay

Most of you have heard of the Before- you- go – Toilet spray – Poo-Pourri .

We are asked, quite often, if there is a way to make your own version of this product.

It depends on how ‘picky’ you are, as to how ‘close’ to the original you can get it.

The main use of this product is to help eliminate or control odors that become apparent in the bathroom after one has used the toilet, for as a kid says, going “Number 2”.

Simply, it is a blend of essential oils mixed with a water base. There are some emulsifying agents to help make the essential oils mix with the water. This blend is in a bottle with a sprayer top for dispensing this mixture on top of the toilet water prior to use.

We have been experimenting here with a couple of products. First, you can just use our Linen or Room Spray base, add essential oils to this and use it.

We have used our Lavender Linen Spray as our first ‘Test’ product. It worked good enough for me. But then again, we have bathrooms with venting fans and windows to circulate fresh air. And, our BM’s are not that offensive (see note below.)

In order for me to ‘see’ it on top of the toilet water, I did add some blue food coloring to the bottle. I used about 10 drops of coloring. When I spray it on the water – about 4-5 sprays you can see the light blue tinting spread on top of the toilet water surface.

Indeed, it did give a nice Lavender scent to the toilet water prior to use. So, I guess it works like it supposed to.

Because the product is our basic room spray base scented with essential oils, it can also be ‘sprayed’ into the air before or after the toilet is used.

To me, this would be an advantage over the original Poo-pourri product especially, should you have a lot more ‘gas’ than ‘sinkers’ or ‘floaters’ that accompanies your toilet visit.

The way toilets were designed, if the bowel movement is able to be submerged immediately into the correct quantity of cold water, the odor should be minimal.

It is the ‘gas’ that accompanies the evacuation of your bowels that is the true culprit of the ‘stink’. So, spraying a room spray before and after the use of the toilet would help to eliminate any offensive odors that could occur during the your bathroom visit.

So, save yourself some money and make your own De-Stink d-Toilet Spray using simple ingredients.

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Here are some suggestions:

The Cheapest Toilet Spray for ‘De-Stinking’

Essential oils of your Choice – Most folks find that stronger smelling essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint, added to Citrus scents like Bergamot or Grapefruit make great Toilet spray scents.

In a 2 ounce PET Plastic bottle with a sprayer top, you would add about 20 drops essential oils to 1 teaspoon of alcohol – you can use rubbing alcohol or vodka. Our choice is vodka as it is less irritating to skin and airways.

You can use more essential oils or less depending on your scenting preference. If you use more essential oils than the alcohol can effectively emulsify you will need to add more alcohol OR use Polysorbate 20 to help emulsify your essential oils into the water base.

If you want to see it ‘float’ on the toilet water, you will need to add about 10 drops of dark blue food coloring.

Once this is blended, add the distilled water to fill the 2 ounce bottle. You can use tap water too, but distilled water is less likely to alter the scenting properties of the essential oils.

Shake well to blend. Spray 4-6 sprays on top of the toilet water before each use. And After bathroom use – spray another spritz into the air! Because there is no preservative in this distilled water based product, you should try to use it within 2 weeks.

Alternately, you can use our Room Spray Base and simply add the food coloring and essential oils to the Base. Our Room Spray Base has a preservative in it so you can make larger quantities that will last several months. The room spray base worked great here during our experiment.

Just remember, this spray still contains essential oils and should be used with caution around young children, especially if you use eucalyptus or peppermint in the sprays.


If you have very gassy or smelly bowel movements you need to investigate further. Most doctors will tell you that, although bowel movements are not the most wonderful smelling, if your gut is healthy, you should have a bowel movement that easily sinks/ slips to the bottom under the toilet water and produces very little gas and tolerable odor. Although everyone produces a fair amount of gas each day anyway, for the most part, if your gut is healthy, the odor will be minimal.

My point being, that a toilet spray should not really be necessary if you have a good, healthy gut!

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© 2015 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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