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Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC Newsletter Vol 114

June 11, 2008

In this issue:

Physical Ailment

Bumps, Bruises, Scrapes and Scratches and that Summertime Cold!!

by Penny Keay

Summer activities bring new chances of getting injured. Worse yet is that dreaded summer cold!

Gardening, sporting activities and other gatherings can make you more susceptible to getting bumped, bruised, scratched and other minor abrasion type injuries.

Simply using essential oils can help you heal quickly and without prolonged recovery times.

For bumps and bruises the first thing you should do is to put on an ice pack. Also applying cold compresses using a few drops of Helichrysum and Lavender can also give some pain relief. Other essential oils helpful with bumps and bruises are Fennel, Geranium, Rosemary and Tea tree.

And should the bump or bruise include any scratches or minor abrasions of the skin you will want to use Lavender and Tea Tree for sure in your cold compress.

Don’t forget to clean any dirt and debris out of our scrapes and scratches. You want the essential oils to not have to work quite so hard at getting rid of all the germs just introduced to the area!

Keep the damaged area cool for at least 20-30 minutes. Be careful if using ice as you do not want to freeze the tissues, as this would not be good at all and could cause further damage to the skin and surrounding tissues.

Elevating the area or limb (arm or leg) may make it feel better too. So do that too if you can.

After the ice or cold compresses, gently apply more Helichrysum, Lavender and Tea Tree blended with either a carrier oil or blend such as Almond oil, Sunflower oil or other oil of your choice. You can also blend in a lotion or cream .

Suggested amounts would as much as 10% essential oils to the carrier oils, lotion or creams. A simple recipe would be to 2 ounces of oil, cream or lotion add upto 6 ml total of the essential oils you have chosen.

Remember this will then be a First Aid Oil, lotion or Cream and should be labeled as such. You will only be using it in small amounts directly on the injured areas. It will not and should not be used for large areas of the body and never for a total body massage.

You can make a simple compress and rinse for the affected area by putting a few drops of our Scratches and Boo Boo’s blend in a basin of cool water and using on the injury too.

Now on to that summer cold.

Don’t you just hate them? They seem to linger on and on. Often times the problem is not just a virus, but an allergy may have been triggered at the same time as the virus and now you are battling not only the cold but also an allergy. Both of these can make you feel miserable and wear you out.

So, if you aren’t sure if you have just a cold or just an allergy or if you have a combination of both you will want to use essential oils and blends that can give you results for both.

Essential oils such as Peppermint, Eucalyptus globulus and Rosemary are good at decongestion and helping with any painful sinuses. Using an Personal inhaler several times a day or as needed with any of these singly or a blend of them will be helpful in most cases.

A word of caution

– you should not use Peppermint or Eucalyptus globulus around or near young children (2 and under) and infants. The intensity of these oils can easily cause a reflex reaction to occur in their trachea and cause the body to shut the air passages.

So do not use these oils in an Personal inhaler or even on a tissue and use it near your infants’ nose. This also pertains to using these for a chest rub on infants. The smell is just too intense for those tiny bodies.

A small amount diffused in the room should be safe. Using Eucalyptus radiata or Rosemary or Spearmint are more commonly used around children and infants and appear to be more safe to use.

As for the allergy portion of your summer cold, you should incorporate Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile as they both have natural anti-histamine properties and can help tame those allergic reactions you might be having due to all the pollen floating around in the air. Other oils that are helpful include Lavender, Helichrysum and Naiouli.

Rosemary, Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus lemon, Eucalyptus radiata and Peppermint will help with congestion when due to allergies. If by chance you have had a bacteria or fungal infection set foot in your nasal passages adding a little Tea Tree or Naiouli to your Personal inhaler would be beneficial too.

Our suggestions for something quick to use would be a Personal inhaler with our Allergy Tamer blend. You can add other essential oils to the Personal inhaler along with the Allergy Tamer blend.

You might want to add Peppermint or Eucalyptus globulus to the Personal inhaler. Simply inhale as often as feel is necessary. Most people find they only need to use it about every 3-4 hours.

Also diffusing Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend will help too clean the air of any of those nasty germs that others may be spreading to you too.

So the next time your are bumped, bruised, scratched up or are attacked by a summer cold or allergy, don’t forget to have your essential oils handy. Remember we have wooden storage boxes and fabric cases to help keep your oils organized and quick to find when needed.

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Emotional Concern

Rainy Day Blues - Let’s get creative!!

by Penny Keay

Okay, it’s raining and the weather is hot and humid. And you are stuck inside – again for another few days. What can you do? The kids are driving you nuts and others things have you worried.

Essential oils to the rescue!! It’s time to get creative with all those essential oils you have purchased and keep meaning to ‘experiment’ with.

Don’t let your time stuck inside be wasted just sitting there watching the boob tube or worse yet, feeling sorry for yourself. It’s time to have a little fun. Depending on the ages of your children, let them help you. They can have fun stirring the lotions and creams or salt or sugar scrubs.

And with Father’s day just around the corner – maybe you can have them hand make a Special Card and have them dab a few drops of essential oils on them too. Not only will it be a visual delight for Dad, but a smell (Bay rum? Sandalwood? Patchouli ?) to help trigger memories of those Special Fathers days down the road!!

SO!! Get out your beakers, stir rods, and glass or stainless steel mixing cups and bowls. Gather up your empty bottles and jars for storing your new creations.

Let’s see, where do we begin? Here are some suggestions for things you might want to make. Body cooling spray or Scented After shower body spray, Scented Shampoo and hair Conditoner, Shower Gels and lotions, or even Scent some Linen spray to use on Towels and Bedding. How about making a bath salt blend or sugar scrub?

Now you don’t have to make just things mixed with base products you can also become creative and make a few diffuser blends. Experiment a little. Write your recipes down on recipe cards or in a note book. You never know you might create something that you’ll want to make over and over again or make to give as a gift to someone.

Of course you’ll want some recipes to use so be sure to visit our Recipes Files Index. You are sure to find recipes for just about anything you want to use essential oils in.

While you are creating be sure to smell a few of the oils and incorporate the ones that you enjoy and that make you happy. Before you know it your Rainy Day Blues will have made way for a much brighter day!!

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Health and Beauty

Your Skin wants a little Lovin’ during the Summer too!

by Penny Keay

During the winter months, people know how dry their skin gets. In the summer your skin can get dry too. As it gets exposed to sun, wind and if you go to the pool – drying chemicals. All of these can turn you soft supple skin in to damaged, red and sore skin.

Before and after any of these activities whether indoors or outside, you will want to be sure to use lotions or oils to protect and help heal your skin.

One of the best oils to use during the summer and all year round is Jojoba. Other oils you might want to consider in your blends is Avocado oil. It is considered to be one of the best fixed oils that has natural sunscreen capability compared to other natural products.

When mixed with other carrier oils you can have a very beneficial product against sun and wind damage, which we all know can lead to wrinkles and other dry skin concerns. Add a drop or two of essential oils used to help with dry and maturing skin to a blend of Jojoba and Avocado oil. already mixed together and you will have lovely skin throughout the summer.

The following essential oils are great for summer skin care:

Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Neroli, Frankincense, Rose Otto, Carrotseed, Roman Chamomile.

Remember too, to remove any and all makeup before bedtime and use a good toner to remove any residue. Then put a light moisturizer on to help your skin while you sleep.

Keep your skin happy and healthy throughout the summer. You’ll love yourself for taking the extra time to care for your skin!

For more information on skin care you make want to reference several of our past issues of newsletters for essential oils and recipes specific for your skin type. See any of the past Newsletters Volumes 6.12; Vol. 73; Vol 75; Vol 79; Vol 85; Vol 89 and there may be others. Also check through our Recipes Index too for more skin care recipes.

Have fun!!

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Around the House and Garden

Suggestions for Your Summer Time Vacation

by Penny Keay

Summer is here and vacation time is anxiously awaited by all of us. Many of us won’t be traveling far from home due to the price of gasoline. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation.

You might even just pitch a tent in your own backyard. Some of our family members that live in the large metropolitan areas come and pitch a tent in our backyard!! In any case, you might want to pack some essential oils for use while you enjoy the outdoors.

A simple first aid kit with Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint for those bumps and bruises. And insect bites can be soothed with a little Lavender and Jojoba blend placed directly on the bite. (See the above article for more suggestions on bumps and bruises).

To deter those flying pests be sure to use a little Bug Off Spray. All these products are safe around children. If used near small children (under 2) or infants, apply first to your hands then apply to their clothing. (Only apply to their skin if you dilute it down further with more carrier oils.)

After a busy day of spending time in the sun and in the water, you might need to apply a little soothing Spray to all those areas that would love a little attention. Simply make a mixer of Body Spray Base and Lavender in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray on as often as needed to those sunburns and bug bites.

So you have to eat S’mores and other camping goodies and now your tummies are all a little queasy. A few whiffs of Peppermint will help ease the upset, as will a little Ginger.

Who was telling Ghost Stories so close to bedtime? Great, now the kids are having a hard time falling asleep. The outdoor noises have their minds racing and they are upset, not in their own beds and someone had to tell them those scary stories.

Now, what to do? A little Lavender and Roman Chamomile placed on their pillows or inside their sleeping bags prior to ‘lights’ out, ought to help them drift off to sleep more quickly.

Now, if you are camping in the Holiday Express and all those noises are keeping you from drifting off to sleep try a little Lavender and Roman Chamomile on your pillow there too!!

Have a wonderful vacation!!

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Recipes to try

Scratches and Boo Boo’s Cream

Sorbolene Cream – 2 ounces
Scratches and Boo Boo’s blend – 6 ml

Blend well and store in Refrigerator until needed. Apply a small amount to any scratch or other “boo boo”, after cleaning the area thoroughly.

Apply a bandage only if necessary.

“Give Dad a Massage” Lotion

Lavender – 10 drops
Peppermint – 5 drops
Eucalyptus globulus – 5 drops
Lotion unscented base – 2 ounces

Blend the above essential oils in an amber glass bottle. Then add to 2 ounces of unscented lotion. Blend well, then give your Dad a massage. This blend will be safe enough for all the kids to give Dad a very special Back rub!!

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Bedtime sprays for Children (and adults too) Often times children and adults have a difficult time drifting off to sleep or darkness can make the night a 'scary' place.

Make a Bedtime Spray of a mix of the following essential oils in a 8 ounce bottle of distilled water.

12 drops Roman Chamomile
12 drops Lavender and
8 drops Orange
30 drops of Emulsifier

Mix and spritz on the pillow and in the air in the room. This mixture is good where "monsters' hide too! :?)

Mix the Essential oils with the emulsifier, blend well then add to the distilled water, shake well before spraying!

For the Patios Patio Diffuser Oil #1 to repel insects

Lemongrass– 5 ml
Citronella – 3 ml
Geranium – 2 ml

Patio Diffuser Oil #2 to repel insects.

Lemongrass – 5 ml
Thyme – 2 ml
Lavender - 2 ml
Peppermint – 2 ml

Blend either of the above recipes in an amber bottle. Then place several drops in several tealight diffusers placed around your Patio or Porch. Be sure to keep them full of water so the diffuser bowl won’t burn dry and break.

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© 2008, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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