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Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC Newsletter Vol 119

November 13, 2008

In this issue:

Physical Ailment

Using Essential oils for Alzheimer's

by Penny Keay

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Emotional Concern

Caregivers - Using essential oils for your Well Being

by Penny Keay

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Health and Beauty

Getting Enough Sleep or what is causing the dark rinks under my eyes?

by Penny Keay

Are you getting enough sleep? This is so important to your beauty and over all health.

Do you have those dark rings under your eyes from not getting enough rest? That should be an indication to you to slow down and take some time for yourself.

Although there can be other causes of those dark rings – namely allergies.

Other causes include: Thyroid and Adrenal problems, aging, hereditary, injuries, and being dehydrated.

The congestion and pooling of blood around the eyes is what causes the dark circles. Get plenty of rest and get allergies under control and drink plenty of water and you will soon look and feel better.

You can begin with a gentle under and around the eye massage with just a plain carrier oil – do not use any essential oils in this.

Excellent carrier oils include Jojoba with a little Rosehip seed oil added. This combination can be wonderful for your facial skin too.

Unfortunately not much can be done if the dark rings are caused by your heredity or as you age (but then again, are you getting enough sleep, have allergies and are you drinking enough water??)

First thing, simply drink plenty of fresh water each day. Next to help you sleep, there are several essential oils that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Always start with a drop or two of Lavender on the pillow at night.

Please see our article on Insomnia if you are a victim of that sleep disorder as that article has many more suggestions to help you get a good nights rest.

Or maybe you are a Night owl and morning work interferes with your sleep patterns. You may have to reset your i nternal clock.

In areas around the world where daylight saving time a factor it can take several weeks to get your circadian rhythm reset so you won’t feel so worn and tired.

Now if you are resting just fine, maybe you are dealing with allergies. These cause swelling in the tissues in the nasal passages that may be impairing the blood flow in and around your eyes.

If you know you are plagued by allergies there are several essential oils that can help with congestion, swelling and inflammation and will also aid in getting better rest.

German and Roman Chamomiles are both known for their antihistaminic properties and they help you to sleep better too.

Niaouli is also good for congestion due to allergies.

Our Allergy Tamer blend has those oils in it and others to help with seasonal rhinitis type allergies. So you may want to give it a try. Add a few drops in a Personal inhaler and use 3-4 times a day.

One word of caution:

Do NOT put any essential oils in or close to your eyes.

They can burn, sting and possibly cause damage to your precious eyes even if accidentally placed in the eye.

If you do get some in your eyes, rinse with water for several minutes and seek medical care if necessary.

As a last resort you can cover the circles with makeup, but that really isn’t addressing the health issues.

You need to get plenty of sleep, eat fresh nourishing foods like fresh veggies, drink lots of fresh water, get your allergies under control and possibly get your sleep patterns adjusted. Then you won’t need the cover up!

Nightie-night and good bye to those dark rings!

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Around the House and Garden

The Holiday’s are just around the Corner!! Closet Hanger Sachets – an easy to make gift.

by Penny Keay

It is hard to believe it is already November, where in the world did the summer and fall go!!

Oh my, now it is time to get our thinking caps on and start our holiday gifts projects.

Again as in the past we love to hear from our Readers what they have made and given as gifts using and incorporating essential oils.

So please send us an e-mail and we’ll include it in the next issue of the newsletter that comes out in December.

Closet Sachets to hang from your closet rods or hangers are an easy to make item and if you are creative can certainly come up with some cute and unique designs.

If you have a sewing machine you can easily make a little drawstring bags out of scrap material, inexpensive ribbons and then fill it with your own homemade potpourri.

This is simple and you can easily include a small bottle of essential oils to freshen it when giving it as a gift.

For the Closet Sachets you can use regular potpourri mix if you want a floral one or make your own out of inexpensive items found in your local grocery and discount stores.

Pine Chips (can be found in a pet store) or Pine needles (if you have your own trees) Cedar Chips (can be found in a pet store)

Orange and lemon rind – Make some Orange or lemon Zest strips – let them dry thoughly.

Cinnamon Sticks Clove buds

Using any quantities of the above items mix and stir them together and place in a glass jar.

Then add several drops of essential oils to complement your blend – Pine needle, Cedarwood, Orange, Lemon or any citrus, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove bud or any others you want to add.

Let them blend for several days. Then when you are ready, stuff your little draw string bags and ‘ta da!’ you have some very easy to make Closet Hanger sachets.

Have fun and be creative. Please share your ideas and if you make some creative sachets and have a camera – please send us the photos to also share!

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© 2008, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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