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Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC Newsletter Vol 123

March 2009

Aromatherapy - Help, Tips and Useful Information! "One Liners" - maybe Two and occasionally Three

Every now and then I like to present a list of Aromatherapy Tidbits that are short and sweet.

Something that is useful to anyone and everyone interested in Aromatherapy. A short quip filled with helpful information on how to use essential oils easily in our lives each and every day.

They are the “One Liners” or like I said maybe two and even occasionally three sentences long.

Again, like in other newsletters I’m going to present them in different Categories to help you reference them easily and quickly.

Something you can use to glance at to see if there is a quick solution to a situation you are addressing. How many will there be?

Don’t know until it’s all written. But hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as I will try to keep it light hearted too! Enjoy!

In this issue:

Physical Ailment

by Penny Keay

  • 1. Add 2 drops Peppermint and 2 drops Eucalyptus to a teaspoon of lotion. Rub on sore arthritic hands.

    This will not only soften the hands, but give you less painful ones too.

  • 2. Paper cuts are painful enough, so put a small drop of Lavender on the paper cut, cover with a bandage and before you know it, its’ a thing of the past!
  • 3. Itchy Skin from any unknown cause can be relieved with a little blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Peppermint. Blend a drop or two of each in a little lotion (1 tablespoon) and smooth on the area. Repeat as needed.
  • 4. Upset stomach?

    Inhale a little Fennel or Ginger or Peppermint . All of these are known to help with nausea.

  • 5. Put a drop of Peppermint and drop of Rosemary in a small amount of massage oil such as Fractionated coconut oil and massage on the back of the neck and temples to help relieve a tension headache.

    A roll-on perfume applicator is great for this and easy to carry in purse or pocket.

  • 6. Allergy season is just around the corner.

    German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile have natural antihistamine properties and may help give you some relief.

  • 7. Sore throats are a pain in the neck! Get a little relief by gargling with salt water that you have added a drop of Myrrh and a drop of Oregano or Thyme.

    Use 2-3 oz of warm tap water add the salt, then stir in the oils. Do not swallow this, just gargle, swish and spit.

    And yes it will feel hot and may have a burning sensation. But then your sore throat does whether you have essential oils added to the water or not.

  • 8. Apply a 10% Helichrysum in Jojoba to a new bruise. Reapply every couple hours to reduce the time for the area to heal.

    Helichrysum is also an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, so it will help to reduce the discomfort from your injury too.

    I have personally seen small bruises heal within 2 days instead of going through all those beautiful colors – red/purple, green and yellow before returning to normal.

    Of course, if you like your skin all those colors don’t use the Helichrysum and – enjoy the rainbow!

  • 9. Diffuse a little Eucalyptus radiata, Niaouli and Pine needle oils when you have a nagging cough.
  • 10. For burns of any kind caused by either heat or cold – includes damaged skin from frost bite.

    Using Lavender and Helichrysum can help give relief and help heal the injury more quickly.

    If there are no open wounds, make a mixture using Rosehipseed oil and Hazelnut oil – they are very nourishing to healing skin.

  • 11. Essential oils with heating properties can warm up muscles before exercising.

    Try a blend of any of the following: Black Pepper, Juniper berry, Peppermint, Sweet Marjoram, and Ginger.

    Mix and match.

    Just a few drops in your favorite carrier oil and applied and soon you’ll be off and running!!

  • 12. If you are concerned with ‘strangers’ germs while traveling,

    Be sure to take along some essential oils you have premixed in our Linen spray or All Purpose Cleaner to spray on door knobs, around the sink or toilet. Great ones to use – Four Robbers blend or Pure Cleansing blend.

    Lightly spray on the surfaces and let dry. (Don’t spray on any painted or varnished surfaces though unless you wipe it off right away as even small amounts of essential oils can ruin those finishes.)

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Emotional Concern

by Penny Keay

  • 1. Did you know that the flowering tops of the plants can correlate to your head and things emotional?

    When you have emotional concerns choose an essential oil where the source is the flowers themselves!

    Good choices are: Rose, Neroli, Lavender, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Jasmine, Melissa, Rosemary

  • 2. Bring a vase of Scented Silk Flowers to someone recuperating.

    They won’t have to worry about the flowers wilting and more essential oils can be applied to brighten their spirits. Citrus and Floral scents are best (but not Rose - better for grieving then recovering from other illnesses).

  • 3. Fretful babies (and Moms and Dads) can benefit from a little Roman Chamomile and Lavender mixed with water and spritzed in the room.
  • 4. Women are often attracted to more earthy scents such as Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood.

    Add a little Lime or Allspice and the man in her life – well – you get the picture!!

  • 5. Men are often attracted to sweet floral smells like Rose, Neroli and Jasmine.

    Add a little citrus or spicy oil like Cinnamon and well – he’ll be following you around!

  • 6. Feeling the Blues?

    Diffuse your favorite essential oils. No favorites? Then use bright uplifting oils like Lemon, Grapefruit, Spearmint, and Lavender.

    Yes, Lavender too – Remember her nickname is “the Mother” and Mom’s always make you feel better when you need a hug!

  • 7. Inhale a little Roman Chamomile, Mandarin, Neroli, Rose or Ylang-ylang before you have to give a speech or presentation.

    These will help you relax and calm those jittery nerves!

  • 8. If you are a Caregiver (or know someone that is) for a loved one that is chronically or terminally ill remember that you need to take care of yourself too. So indulge yourself – enjoy essential oils whenever possible. How about a long soak in Bath salt with essential oils added to the water?
  • 9. PMS???

    Choose essential oils that deal with your individual emotions. You don’t have to be miserable nor make the folks around you that way either! Lighten up! Brighten up!! Essential oils can help!

  • 10. For mental alertness and concentration

    Use a blend of Basil, Lemon and Rosemary (our Concentration blend ). Place a drop or two in your aromatherapy jewelry or in your nasal inhaler. Use while studying and while taking an exam!

  • 11. Suffering from Jet Lag?

    Place Basil and Grapefruit in an inhaler or on a personal diffuser such as a necklace or Terra Cotta Disc diffuser. Both of these oils will help to ‘perk’ you up!

  • 12. Had a bad dream and now can’t fall back to sleep?

    Diffuse or inhale some Frankincense and Roman Chamomile. Add 1 drop of Ylang-ylang too. Soon you’ll be off to sleep again! And hopefully the bad dream won’t return!

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Health and Beauty

by Penny Keay

  • 1. Unsightly warts on you fingers? Simply soak the hand in a little soapy water for 10-15 minutes.

    Dry thoroughly then put a drop of Tea Tree, or Lemon or even something as strong as Thyme may help.

    Be consistent and do this every day for a week! Take a few days off and repeat if needed.

  • 2. Give your hair a simple hot oil treatment.

    Using Jojoba or Camellia oil massage a tablespoon or two onto your dry hair and scalp. Wrap your head with a hot damp towel and leave on for an hour.

    Shampoo, rinse and shampoo again if needed. Dry and style as usual.

    You can do this ‘hot oil’ treatment every week if needed.

  • 3. Rosemary applied to your hair brush may help to stimulate growth.
  • 4. Facial blemishes may dry up more quickly when you use a few drops of

    Geranium added to a toner or astringent and applied after you have cleaned your face.

  • 5. Tired Feet from a busy day of shopping?

    Soak them in a small basin of hot water with Epsom salts and add Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium and Peppermint (1 drop of each). Relax!

  • 6. Make your own Perfumes.

    Just blend 20-30 drops of essential oils with 1/3 oz Jojoba or Fractionated coconut oil and use in a roll-on style applicator bottle. Let blend for several days before use.

  • 7. Speaking about Soft Lips. Again, use a roll-on applicator bottle. you have filled with Jojoba add one drop of Spearmint or Peppermint if desired. Roll on your lips.

    Jojoba is as close to your natural skin oils as nature makes. It’ll keep your lips soft too.

  • 8. Make a easy to use underarm deodorant – to make a simple body spray – add Lavender to a bottle of water or our unscented Body Spray.

    I have found I enjoy adding our Fresh Face Blend to the Body spray to make a underarm blend that can quickly sooth this area after shaving. Spritz! Spritz!

  • 9. Rosehipseed oil is a great substitute for Evening Primrose oil or Borage oil in recipes for skin care.

    It provides a very high level of GLA (and Vitamin C) and has a more stable shelf life than Evening Primrose oil.

  • 10. A great oil for baby and infant massage- Just plain Jojoba or Grapeseed oil. A SINGLE drop of Lavender and/or Roman Chamomile can be added to 1 ounce of massage oil.
  • 11. For lovely soft feet. Soak your feet in a basin of warm water that you have added 1 cup Epsom Salt, and 1 drop of Peppermint and 1 drop of Lavender.

    Sit back and enjoy then, rinse and dry and apply Jojoba to your feet.

  • 12. Did you know that you can use any carrier oil to remove makeup and daily grime from your face? Simply use a cotton pad apply several drops to the pad of any carrier oil – Sweet almond is great for this provided your not allergic to nuts! Wipe off the makeup and dirt.

    Then follow with several splashes of fresh warm water.

    Pat dry and then use a toner and or astringent to remove any excess residue. Y

    our face will feel soft.

    Add essential oils to your toner or astringent if you have specific issues you need to address.

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Around the Office, House and Garden

by Penny Keay

  • 1. Add a few drops of Anise to your vacuum cleaner bag before using. Especially good before company arrives. Spearmint and Peppermint are great too!
  • 2. Fill the bathroom sink with warm water. Add several drops of Lemongrass, Lemon or Orange.

    Swish around, then use a cleaning cloth to clean the tub and sink fixtures.

    When done, just pull the drain, rinse the sink and the bathroom will be nice and fresh.

  • 3. Been working in the garden and your hands smell like – well – Dirt? Wash them in warm soapy water, add a drop to your hand of Lavender, Orange or Lemon.

    Rub your hands together, then rinse well.

    Don’t forget to put on some lotion too! Repeat if needed.

  • 4. Need the Office Staff to be more productive after lunch? Diffuse a blend of Grapefruit and Spearmint.

    Add a little Rosemary too for mental alertness.

  • 5. Stale and stinky odors can be eliminated with any citrus scented essential oil.

    For a change from the basic Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Orange try Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Citriodora ( Eucalyptus Globulus Lemon), Citronella in any diffuser.

    Add a drop of Rosemary or Nutmeg and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  • 6. Use a Terra Cotta Disc in your car to keep it smelling fresh.

    Use Pine or any of the mints but only use a drop or two, you don’t want to use too much in such a small space.

  • 7. Out of glue remover and need to remove some of those sale tags stuck on too tightly? Use just a little Eucalyptus or Lemon essential oils on a cotton ball to help remove the glue from the glass or metal.

    Rinse well and don’t set the essential oil soaked cotton ball on any finished surface – Eucalyptus is strong and could mar or damage the paint or varnish.

  • 8. To freshen the bed linens of your guest room by spraying with a Linen spray made with a few drops of Lavender.

    Other essential oils you might want to consider – Rose, Mandarin, Neroli or blends such as our Calming, Relaxing, Peaceful or Beautiful.

  • 9. Sick of spiders? One of our readers swears by Pennyroyal to rid the house of these creatures.

    Simply place some scented cotton balls or Terra Cotta Disc in areas where you have seen their webs and see if they won’t vacate the premises!

  • 10. Ants and Bees hate the smell of Peppermint – or so we’ve been told.

    Flies and moths don’t like Lavandin.

    Bugs that attack plants dislike Geranium.

  • 11. Attention Fisherman – Having a hard time getting those waders on? Put a little Talc Powder on your socks or inner shoes – Fireman and other fisherman swear by this.

    The unscented Talc Powder won’t distract the fish should you get a little powder on the outside of the boots. Talc Powder Works great to help any boot slip on!

  • 12. Refinancing or Selling your home? Are you having your house appraised for its current value?

    Diffuse some warm friendly scents. Vanilla with a tiny touch of a Cinnamon, Clove bud or Ginger.

    Don’t use too much, you just want a hint.

    These scents are especially good for use when Men appraisers are present – Cinnamon and Vanilla are enjoyed more by men than some other floral scents.

    For women – Light floral, Vanilla or citrus scents – the house will smell clean and fresh – and more appealing.

  • 13. When making a Carpet Freshening Powder use a cotton ball or cotton pads to apply the essential oils – Then place this in the jar – shake well – let it sit for 24-48 hours before using on the carpet.

    Just putting essential oils directly on the powder will make it clump and the scent won’t be dispersed very effectively.

  • 14. Clean out your Garbage cans with hot soap water that you have added Orange or Lemon oils. Swish around.

    For a change of pace try stronger oils like Sage, Cinnamon and Clove bud.

    Who says your garbage bin has to smell so bad? (I often wonder what our Garbage man thinks when he picks up our trash. It’s probably some of the best smelling garbage he picks up each week!! )

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Aromatherapy General Tips & Hints including Do's & Don'ts

by Penny Keay

  • 1. DO - When blending your essential oils gather your equipment, glass (ideal) or Stainless steel containers, pipettes and oils but be sure to protect your table or counter top with some heavy weight paper.

    Freezer paper works great as it has a plastic side and a paper side. Place the plastic side down, so the paper side can absorb any spilled oils.

  • 2. DO – cut a paper towel into small 2 X 2 inch squares to quickly wipe up little drips while blending.
  • 3. Using soy wax in your tart warmers will help your precious oils last longer. Melt the wax and before it hardens again, stir in several drops of your favorite essential oils.

    Time saver – Just add more essential oils to your melted wax before you turn off your tart warmers – the essential oils will be in the wax next time you turn your warmer on!

  • 4. To dab just a small amount of a diluted essential oil on a small cut or scratch use a cotton swab.

    This will allow the essential oil to be placed on the area and not everywhere.

    Especially great for use on pimples and bug bites.

  • 5. DO - Remember to step outside every 20-30 minutes or so and get some fresh air after you have been blending for while. Stop blending if you get an unexplained headache or become nauseated and get some fresh air. These are both signs of too much of a good thing in a closed area.
  • 6. DO - Unless you have a photographic memory (Sorry there is no essential oil that can do this!), make sure to write all your recipes down.

    Keep them in a recipe card box or in a notebook.

  • 7. Never store your essential oils on a window ledge. It’s not so much the sunlight that will deteriorate them but the heat the sun can produce as it shines on the darker glass used.

    Keep them in the refrigerator or dark cupboard out of the reach of children.

  • 8. DO -Keep your bottles of essential oils tightly capped. Replace caps even while blending. Oxygen is essential oils worst enemy.

    Oxidation is what will ruin your essential oils even faster than heat will.

    But keeping them in the refrigerator when not in use will slow the oxidation process. So keep them cool too!

  • 9. Essential oils can ruin rubber and some plastics. When mixing your blends use glass or stainless steel bowls, cups and stirring equipment.

    Clean up is quick and easy and glass and stainless steel won’t retain the smell of the essential oils. Rinse with alcohol to removed any residue if necessary.

  • 10. DON’T - NEVER EVER USE PURE ESSENTIAL OILS ON or Around Cats – They cannot metabolize them and the essential oils can cause irreversible liver damage.
  • 11. DON’T - Pure essential oils should never be ingested unless prescribed by a medical doctor.

    Essential oils should only be inhaled or mixed with a suitable carrier such as water, massage oil, shampoo, lotion or creams before using.

    Gargling and mouth rinses are not considered ingesting.

    You may ask or say – but what about those used in cooking and baking? They are specially formulated and most often diluted to be used at the proper dilution as required by the USDA for baking and cooking.

    The ones used in the food industry are not the PURE essential oils used in Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

  • 12. Some essential oils can cause a Photo Toxic reaction.

    This means if these essential oils are used in a lotion, cream or massage oil or even used in the shower or bath and you should go outdoors or to a tanning salon your skin could be burned and discolored.

    Avoid Bergamot and other cold pressed citrus oils if you will be out in the sun or going tanning.

    Bergamot FCF and Most Distilled citrus oils are safe to use in the sun. But if you prefer you can always avoid the sun when you use them too.

  • 13. IF you get essential oils in your eyes – flush with lots of water.

    The old rule was to use whole fat milk, but since water and oils don’t mix.

    Using plain cool water will do a much better job.

    The fat in milk can mix with the essential oils and actually keep them in solution and in your eyes. Seek medical attention if needed.

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Recipes to try

For Normal Skin Care

Lavender - 15 drops
Geranium - 8 drops
Rose otto - 4 drops
Coconut Emulsifier – ¼ teaspoon

Blend these together in a Glass Beaker then add the emulsifier still well. Then add to 8 ounces of distilled water, toner or astringent.

Apply to freshly washed face.

For Mature Skin Care

Lavender - 15 drops
Frankincense - 5 drops
Neroli - 5 drops
Carrotseed - 5 drops
Coconut Emulsifier – ¼ teaspoon

Blend these together in a Glass Beaker then add the emulsifier still well. Then add to 8 ounces of distilled water, toner or astringent.

Apply to freshly washed face.

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A Very Happy Spring Time Blend

Orange - 4 drops
Lavender - 3 drops
Rose - 1 drop
Neroli – 1 drop

Add to 2 ounces of our Linen and Room Spray . Spritz in the room you are working in.

Or use a diffuser of your choice or the Personal inhaler.

This is a very wonderful blend. You can easily adjust the amount of any of the oils as some will prefer less it to smell citrus (Orange ) or more floral add more ( Rose or Neroli ).

Blend just the essential oils in an amber bottle then add to the Linen spray or if you want they can be added to a tub of warm water to sit and soak in.

Down and Dirty Spring Cleaner

Lemon – 20 drops
Eucalyptus Globulus – 10 drops
Juniper berry – 10 drops
Pine needle – 10 drops
Rosemary – 5 drop
Emulsifier – 1 teaspoonful
All Purpose Cleaner - 8 ounces
PET bottle with Spray top.

Blend essential oils well in Glass Beaker then add a teaspoon emulsifier.

Mix thoroughly. Then add to the All Purpose Cleaner and shake well.

Spray around the room, let sit for a bit then wipe clean. OR you can add the essential oil/emulsifier blend to a bucket of soapy water and use to do your spring cleaning everywhere!!

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