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December 10, 2009

In this issue:

Physical Ailment

After the Flu or a Cold – What to do with that lingering cough?

by Penny Keay

As this flu and cold season is in full swing many of us that have already had the flu or a cold may have a cough that just seems to linger on and on.

What can you do to help speed this sometimes annoying symptom left over from being sick?

Coughing is a normal and natural reaction of the body to get rid of foreign debris, namely dead cells and mucous, from the lungs and bronchial tubes. Coughing is not necessarily a bad thing, but can certainly interrupt our lives as we recuperate.

Sleeping and rest are needed and are so necessary to our health and well being can become very disturbed due to coughing. Not to mention bothering those around us.

Although essential oils aren’t capable of suppressing coughs, it can help you to have a more productive cough. If mucous is thick or the cough is a dry tickle using essential oils in a diffuser, steam room or in a hot bath can often ease these conditions and allow you to get on the road to feeling better.

Some of the best known essential oils to help with coughs and congestion are any of the camphorous ones, Eucalyptus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus being the two most widely known.

But if you don’t like their strong smells you can always use Cajeput or Rosemary. Niaouli is also very helpful when it comes to relief.

Other essential oils that are helpful include:

Sweet Marjoram, Ravensara, Niaouli, Pine needle, Tea Tree, Cypress, Hyssop, Thyme, Peppermint Frankincense, Lavender and Sandalwood.

Myrtle has also been used by a couple of our customers and they have had great results with their chronic and lingering coughs.

We have several synergy blends that are very helpful to help your breathing and congestion. They also help as expectorants.

They include Pure Cleansing blend, Respiratory Blend and Easy Breathe Blend.

Using any of these in a bath or in a bowl of warm water and inhaled will help make breathing easier and help relieve your coughing for a little while.

If you find an essential oil that works for you, be sure to carry it in a nasal inhaler and use it whenever your cough gets out of hand. (Drinking a little warm water with fresh squeezed lemon and honey helps too!)

Breathe a Little Easier Blend

Myrtle - 15 drops
Thyme linalool – 5 drops
Eucalyptus radiata - 5 drops
Niaouli - 5 drops
Lavender – 5 drops

Blend well and use one of these ways - Put in about 10 drops in a bowl of steaming hot water and let the steam fill the air Place several drops on a tissue or use in a Personal inhaler.

Put 3-5 drops in a carrier oil and massage over the chest and back.

This blend is great for children.

Be sure to use our Search Box on this page to do searches for other concerns related to coughing such as bronchitis, colds and influenza, croup, sinusitis and asthma.

You may find any number of other suggestions and recipes that will be helpful to your speedy recovery.

God Speed and get well as the Holidays are upon us and you don’t want to miss out on all the festivities!!

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Emotional Concern

Holiday Stress – When will it ever be better?

by Penny Keay

Everyone loves and maybe even ‘hates’ this time of the year. Not that they really hate it, but it can be very stressful for some folks.

Often times the stress can be self induced because of the expectations we place on ourselves to make everything perfect. Of course with the economic conditions throughout the world, financial concerns can make things worse.

Some things to help include: following a budget. Making homemade gifts can be very special when made with the love.

Simple items that don’t cost much to make can be given to those you have always given to before when you have limited funds. Most folks will appreciate anything homemade.

Making bath salts or a soft scented lotion or hand cream is also easy to do.

Make sure you are eating right. You don’t have to make elaborate meals or spend hours baking in the kitchen. Have fun during the holidays, involve the kids or your spouse or even invite the neighbors or an elderly relative to help decorate. They would love the companionship. And invite them for your simple meal.

To spend more time with our family, especially when our kids were growing up, we always made Christmas day a Sandwich day.

I never cooked on Christmas day as it was family time. Playing games and enjoying time together.

So we made large trays with a variety of cheeses and meats. We had lots of fresh finger veggies and fruits too.

And we had whole grain breads – mainly these wonderful Kaiser rolls from our local bakery.

We ate good, healthy foods with little fuss.

No one ever went hungry and we ate and enjoyed our time together. Of course I had baked all the other goodies weeks before that were also our favorites!

The last thing that is so important this time of year is taking time for you and getting enough rest. With so much activities going on and everything having a deadline you might be pushing yourself way too hard.

Here is where you can use more of these wonderful essential oils. Sit back and diffuse a few of your favorite essential oils while you are writing your holiday cards and letters.

And after a day of house cleaning (did you remember to add some essential oils to your cleaning bucket?) enjoy a hot bath with some relaxing essential oils like a simple blend of Lavender and Neroli.

Neroli is very good to help you distress but of course there are others.

More oils great at helping with stress include:

Ylang-Ylang, Eucalyptus (specifically Eucalyptus citriodora ), Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Petitgrain and Mandarin.

Other oils such as:

Bergamot, Melissa, Rose, Vetiver, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lemon, Sweet Marjoram, Bay laurel, Yarrow and Litsea Cubeba, can give varying degrees of stress relief also.

Try this blend to help with Mild Holiday Stress

Sweet Marjoram - 15 drops
Ylang-Ylang - 15 drops
Mandarin - 15 drops
Neroli – 10 drops

Mix in an glass bottle. Diffuse as needed. This blend can be used in a Personal Diffuser such as Terra Cotta Disc or Terra Cotta Pendants or a fan diffuser or tart warmers.

This is a very uplifting blend.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to stress over the Holidays. They come each year and you know what you need to do.

Make your lists, check them twice and soon you’ll be all ready to sit back and enjoy the end of the year with less stress.

Take a deep breath and inhale your favorite essential oils and relax.

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Health and Beauty

Dry Chapped Skin

by Penny Keay

Winter has entered the picture and so has the problem of chapped skin. For most folks the two areas that are most commonly affected are their hands and their lips.

Protection from the cold is very important but even if you take precautions you could still experience chapping.

Al and I recently got two darling little puppies. Agate (Aggie) and Tanzanite (Tanzi) are Papillion’s and are 4 months old.

Now, I don’t normally have any problems with chapped hands even though while working our Aromatherapy business I was my hands many times a day.

But now with two new puppies that require me to wash my hands even more frequently I have noticed that my hands are more susceptible to chapping.

Winter has arrived this past week and with the cold temps the humidity in our home has also dropped considerably.

One of the most important solutions to dry skin problems is to make sure you are drinking enough water.

When it’s cold, many folks lose their desire to drink cold drinks and water is best when served cold. So, it only holds true (and it is with me too) their water consumption drops.

I knew a very wonderful and healthy ‘Finnish’ (Scandinavian) Lady that would drink plain hot water this time of the year. I always thought it was a little odd, but she knew she needed to keep herself hydrated.

Just like most of us she didn’t like cold water in the winter and didn’t drink coffee or tea.

So she drank hot water (she actually heated it on the stove in a tea kettle). She usually drank it plain but once in a while she added a little fresh squeezed lemon juice and a little honey. She had the most beautiful skin.

The next thing is to try to keep the ‘moisture’ locked in your skin. The best way to do this is to apply moisturizing lotions and creams.

You can always add a little of your favorite essential oils such as Lavender or Rose. Both of these are great at helping your skin stay healthy as both have great skin healing properties.

If you have specific problems with your skin there are many other essential oils that may be more beneficial.

To help heal and encourage the growth of new skin cells you should apply a cream or oil that has one of two of the following oils added. Lavender, Carrotseed, Geranium, Neroli, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, and Rosewood.

A little Peppermint added to your lotion will help stimulate the skins own oil glands to produce more oil.

So the 3 most important things to do for Chapped Skin are:

1) Protect it as much as possible from extreme temperature changes. Exposure even for a few minutes to subnormal temperatures can cause damage.

2) Help prevent moisture loss by applying a good lotion or body oil. You don't necessarily need a lot, but you should try to apply something to help "lock" in the moisture.

3) Also, remember to drink plenty of liquids. Many folks forget to drink plenty of fluids in the cooler winter months. Did you know that in the winter, you can become dehydrated very fast? The best thing to drink? Plain water. Yeah I know you've been told it before, but Water really is the best!

Once the skin is dry and chapped, you will really need to protect it from further damage.

My favorite choice is using my Penny’s Cream de La Creme.

It is made with a blend of Jojoba, Rosehip seed oil and Sorbolene cream and other lotion components along with Lavender and Rose oils added to help heal.

I use this blend at bedtime and by the morning my hands are healed and ready for another day of hand washing!

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Around the House and Garden

A Quick Fix for the Carpet when you don’t have time to Shampoo it!

by Penny Keay

The holidays are just around the corner and time is running short. What can you do quickly to freshen that carpeting?

A quick and easy fix is to sprinkle some baking soda or borax crystals mixed with a few essential oils. Let it sit for a little while, then with a clean bag in your vacuum cleaner vacuum the rug thoroughly.

Here is a recipe to use. But you can always pick one of your other favorite recipes you use to clean around the house or pick one from the many found in our Aromatherapy Recipes Using Pure Essential oils Volume 1 Book

Please keep pets and children off the carpet after you have applied the powder mixture and until you vacuum it up.

Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizer

6 Tablespoon Borax or Baking Soda
3 drops Lemon
1 drop Clary Sage
5 drops Lavender
1 drop Grapefruit

Mix all ingredients and sprinkle on carpet. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then vacuum thoroughly.

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Recipes to try

Steam Bath for Coughs

Pine needle – 1 drop
Eucalyptus globulus - 1 drop
Peppermint -1 drop

Place all in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam for several minutes.

You don’t need to cover your head with a towel unless you want to. Just inhaling will help to clear air passages and make it easier to cough up mucous.

Calming and Stress Relieving Bath

V’nilla Blend – 5 drops
S’Woods Blend - 5 drops
Geranium and Rose blend – 3 drops
Neroli – 3 drops

Blend these together in a glass bottle. Then add 8 drops to your bath. Makes enough for 2 baths. Enjoy!

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Dry Skin Blend for Chapped Hands

Palmarosa – 6 drops
Frankincense – 4 drops
Myrrh – 4 drops
Patchouli – 2 drops
Jojoba - 1 ounce
Camellia oil- 1 ounce

Blend essential oils in a PET plastic bottle then add the Jojoba and Camellia oils.

Blend well for 24 hours then apply a few drops morning and night to your chapped skin. This blend can be used as often as desired.

Carpet Freshener for Quick Cleanup

Peppermint – 40 drops
Spruce needle – 25 drops
Douglas Fir – 15 drops
Siberian Fir needles– 15 drops
Baking Soda ½-1 cup

Blend the essential oils together then add to baking soda. Sift and shake together, then sprinkle on carpeting. Let sit for 15-30 minutes then vacuum as usual.

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Please do not use my information without my permission.

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