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Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC Newsletter Vol 132

May 11, 2010

In this issue:
Aromatherapy – Tips and Useful Information!
Around the CABIN
Essential oils for VACATION!

Aromatherapy – Tips and Useful Information!

SUMMER TIME IS HERE! And so are Vacations and Family Outings!

by Penny Keay

Soon schools will be out and thoughts of summer vacations and all the fun things families do together will also begin.

As I sat down for this Newsletter I thought about all the things we need to take with us when we go on our vacation in a couple weeks (more on this below).

Wow – what a great idea for this newsletter. So I put on my thinking cap and started to write down all the ways that Essential oils can come in handy for ALL DIFFERENT kinds of Vacations.

Vacations and outings come in a large variety of ways. There are simple day outings like fishing and hiking, going to the beach, or touring a museum or just going to the park and watching people!

There are longer vacations where you might be traveling by plane, car or boats. You might be staying in hotels, cabins, camping or at the Relatives! These are true vacations that last several days to maybe even weeks.

In all of these scenarios you may find that essential oils will come in handy for any number of reasons.

So below are my list of suggestions and some additional links to articles that are more in depth to make your vacation and summer outings a wonderfully scented experience.

Remember scents and your sense of smell will trigger great memories of the summer (or winter) fun as your revisit these smells in the future!

Gone Fishing - Don’t you hate the smell of worms and fish on your hands? It certainly isn’t my favorite smell. You can easily make a hand soap that is environmentally and ecologically safe by adding a few drops of essential oils to our Liquid hand soap. You can add Lemon or your favorite essential oils (how about just plain Lavender? ) Add just a few drops, and blend well. Then use a little on your hands to help rid your hands of those ‘catch of the day’ odors.

Hey fishermen – add a few drops of Anise essential oil to the soap – it helps the fish bite better so fish don’t smell your ‘human’ scent on the bait. (Or so we have been told.)

Walk, Walk, Drive, Drive, Fly, Fly - oh my – traveling in any mode can make a person tired and weary. But it is your vacation and you have just spent hours walking, your feet hurt, your back hurts and if you were driving your shoulders and neck may hurt. A nice hot shower will help to pick you up (Because of course you are going to see all the nightlife too!)

A refreshing shower works wonders especially if you put a few drops of essential oils on a Terra Cotta Disc diffuser and sit it in the shower where the water can hit it. Essential oils in the shower will make a wonderfully refreshing and invigorating ‘wake–me-up.

Of course if you are heading off to bed after your shower, you don’t want any energizing essential oils so then you might want to use some Lavender or other Calming and Relaxing oils or blends.

Soaking your feet will help to make them feel better but often times in a hotel you this might not be so easy. Simply enjoy your shower and then rub some massage lotion or oil into your feet.

Not only will this help your feet feel better but the essential oils in the lotion or Foot Rub oil may help to keep you from picking up unwanted germs and viruses that lurk in hotel rooms.

Upset tummies – while on vacation your eating habits are usually – messed up. You eat different foods prepared in unusual ways. Not cooked by you. Next thing you know you or one of the kids is complaining of an upset tummy.

Simply inhale a few whiffs of Ginger or Peppermint . Wait a bit and take a sip of water. Take a few more whiffs. These two oils are usually the best for tummy and nausea problems. Again, they might help with indigestion but since we don’t recommend ingestion of these you are best to use other over the counter remedies or antacids if you feel you need to ingest something.

Fun in the Sun – Oh yes a wonderful day at the beach or hiking or bicycling. Next thing you know you have some sunburned skin. You skin might be hot and painful to the touch. Make a soothing after sun spray by using Aloe Vera liquid and Lavender. Spritz on as often as desired and of course – stay out of the sun for a few days. Remember to use plenty of moisturizing lotion too.

BUGS – nothing can be more irritating when you are outdoors than to have pesky flying bugs swarming your head. Do you wish they would just go away? There are a few things you can try.

Use an insect repellent on yourself. Apply a little to your hair and neck. Avoid the face and especially around the eyes. Don’t forget your ankles, legs, hands and arms too. Insects love to find open skin and sink their little blood sucking parts for their mealtime!

You can also use an area deterrent by using a few oil and tart warmers. If you have access to electricity use any of the tart warmers and melt the soy-bees wax tart.

Then add any number of effective essential oils to this. Being you are using it out doors, you may need to add extra essential oils to your tart bowl.

And if possible place 4 or more warmers around your visiting area. Remember even a slight breeze will gently blow your diffused essential oils away. Remember to add more essential oils as needed.

We have MANY MANY Insect and Bug Repellent recipes for you to blend on your own. Please simply use the "Search Box" and type in Insect and Bug Repellent and you will get many recipes to choose from. Most have essential oils you already have available.

Don’t have a Tart Warmer but have a Trigger Spray bottle? Blend your Insect repelling oils with some Emulsifier and distilled water.

Spray the ground and surrounding area every so often during the evening. It may help, provided there are not too many air currents or wind in the vicinity.

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Here is Our List of Essential oils we take with us when we go to the Cabin or Camping.

by Penny Keay

We are getting ready to head off to a Cabin and Resort for our annual Week long vacation (okay it really is 10 days).

Before we go we need to make a list of all the ‘stuff’ we want to take along. Of course – we always take along several essential oils and accompanying supplies in which to use them.

Here is our list and some of the reasons why we take them along.

  • 1. Lavender and Calming blend – “Home Sweet Home” – Away from home.

    Most cabins or hotel rooms smell like – well cabins and hotel rooms. Okay, but it’s just not home.

    Sometimes Cabins smell like they have been closed up for months and well most of them have. So we always take along one or two of our favorite blends to diffuse right away.

    Depending on where we go, we usually use a Scentball diffuser. And Plug it in right away.

  • 2. All Purpose spray cleaner with Four Robbers or Pure Cleansing

    I always like to spray down the bathroom shower, toilet and sink with a light mist. I also do the floor outside the shower too.

    No, I’m not paranoid it’s just that I feel better knowing it is my own essential oil blend working on any possible germs.

  • 3. Lavender Spray for our pillows and bedding –

    It is a strange bed and this helps to make if feel more like home and help us to drift off to sleep.

    A small bottle of Linen spray with Lavender added is easy to spritz on the pillows about ½ hour before bedtime.

  • 4. Peppermint and Rosemary

    These two are great for those kinks and the headache you might get from sleeping in a strange bed.

    Mix a little with some lotion or massage oil and apply to the tight neck and upper back muscles.

    Peppermint is great for that nasal stuffiness too you might get.

  • 5. Allergy Tamer blend

    – Since I’m allergic to a variety of plant pollens and molds I usually will take along a personal inhaler that I have prefilled with Allergy Tamer blend .

    Sometimes though I just take the bottle along, it depends on the time of the year and how much I might need to diffuse. Allergy Tamer blend also is great to help you fall asleep.

  • 6. Moisturizing lotion or Penny’s Cream de La Creme.

    – a must for use after being in the sun too long.

    Also helps as most cabins and hotels don’t have very soft water and after bathing your skin feels oh so tight! A little special lotion is welcoming.

  • 7. Bug Off Spray

    – This is our all time favorite to take along so we can enjoy the beautiful sunsets or hikes in the woods without being carried off by those biting and flying insects.

    Our own Bug Off Spray has been used in various countries around the world (countries in Africa and in Central America) and the folks said they were never bothered – compared to their other traveling companions!

    And since it is made with all natural essential oils and carrier oil – it was safe to use as often as they needed. And being natural it was environmentally safe too!

  • 8. Getting Sick

    Heaven forbid we would even think about getting sick while on vacation but as a preventative we do take along Four Robbers blend, Pure Cleansing blend Oregano and Thyme.

    If we happen to be out shopping and come across folks that are coughing and sneezing we will usually diffuse Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend in our cabin (or room).

    And should we feel a sore throat or worse – we will gargle with warm salt water and then with water where we have added a drop of each Oregano and Thyme. We will ‘nip it in the bud’ before it even gets a chance to ruin our one week of vacation!

  • 9. An Essential Oil First Aid kit

    including an assortment of essential oils. Although most of the essential oils listed above are in our travel kit we do add a few extras when we are going away from home for more than an ‘overnighter’.

    We also include Helichrysum (any kind of injury)and Scratches and Boo Boo’s blend (for abrasions and other skin injuries).

    Ideal to use for a Essential oil First Aid Kit are any of our BASIC OIL Kits - they come in 2ml, 4mL & 10mL sizes to fit any budget or family size.

  • 10. Miscellaneous

    We may take along Peaceful, Relaxing blend, Aphrodesia blend, Mint Energizing blend and others.

    We also take along Jojoba and Fractionated coconut oil and Body Spray base.

    We may not always use these but they are along in case we do.

This is a list – pretty much of what we take for our Cabin Stay. When we go camping the list of essential oils and other supplies changes a little but not too much. Again it depends on where we are going and how long we are staying.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and great vacations.

We hope to have a Great one too! (If the weather co-operates and the temps warm up a bit – if not it’ll still be a great vacation!

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Around the House and Garden

Helpful Articles for more Tips on Essential oils to Use for a SUCCESSFUL VACATION!

by Penny Keay

INSECT & BUG Repellents


Insect Bites and Stings etc

Bruises, Scratches, Scrapes and Sprains

SUNBURN RELIEF & Other Skin Care




For more tips and hints – just use our “Search box” (up above) and type in any keyword for the subject you would like help with. We have articles on just about everything throughout our website.

Have a Great Vacation!

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Please do not use my information without my permission.

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