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Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC Newsletter Vol 133

June 23, 2010

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Tips & Suggestions
Aromatherapy for the Beginner

Tips and Suggestions

Tips & Suggestions from our Readers and Customers

by Penny Keay

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Aromatherapy Tip for the Beginner – MAN or Woman

Aromatherapy – it’s not just for women.
A tidbit from Al. As he says “My 2 Cents worth”

By Alan Keay

From a guy’s point of view it seems that Aromatherapy is more for women than men.

But yes, there are a few of us men that are Aromatherapists. I have been asked if I am one by several women in a surprised voice, mainly because there are more women involved in Aromatherapy than men.

Is it because men don’t want to get involved? I don’t think so.

I think that women try to figure the cause or cure of health concerns more than men (maybe it’s in the genes or what has been taught to us – back in the day, women are/were the ‘nurses’, cooks etc, while men are the ‘bread makers’. But times and things have changed.

We see more men – both young and old that are interested in the use of essential oils.

We men have the same situations going on – stress, can’t sleep, sore muscles, headaches, etc. and there are some smells (aromas) we like that are different from what women like. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

We (men) wear ‘smells’ women like and they wear smells we like – opposites attract??

For instance, I love the smell of Jasmine but Penny doesn’t.

And where does it say that men don’t like ‘flowery’ smells? To be honest we see more men enjoying floral smells and women enjoy more earthy smells.

Coincidence? Think about the perfume & men’s cologne industry, who are they creating these scents for – to attract the opposite sex?

But I digress, Aromatherapy is for men AND women.

I got into it because we (Penny and I) believe that essential oils have been around for years and it’s a natural way to help the body get back into balance (and because Penny told me I had to do exercise my mind since I wasn’t a Scoutmaster anymore:-) - fishing and golfing didn’t count!!).

So since everyone’s body is out of balance, we, by using Therapeutic Aromatherapy, are trying to put the body back into balance. T he molecules of the essential oils go to the cellular level of the body.

For instance if you have a headache and you inhale or diffuse Peppermint, the molecules go into the nose and the olfactory senses and then are absorbed into the blood stream.

Then the chemical constituent of the Peppermint is/are ‘dropped off’ where needed and if the body doesn’t need any other constituent of the Peppermint, it is eliminated.

Another thing about essential oils, is they can help build up your immune system. Depending on how out of balance your body is, would depend on how long it would take to build it back up.

Pen and I noticed things after about a year from the time we started working with essential oils. That we didn’t seem to be affected by the flu, colds etc that our co-workers had (we were both working for someone else at the time).

We may still get a sniffle or two but we know when we have a ‘bug’ and we do things to help ‘kick them out’…

But since we started learning about Aromatherapy, in the mid 1990's, we have learned so much about the body and what the oils can do to the body systems.

What we strive for is to have the purest oils for our customers and to give them advice on the proper and safe ways to use them.

And that’s my two cents worth :-) Al

Yep I'm an Aromatherapist too!

Again I would like to thank ALL of our readers and customers and if you have any questions please email me at and I will answer as quickly as I can. AL

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Recipes to try


Lavender - 8 drops
Vanilla or V'nilla's - 3 drops
Ylang-Ylang - 3 drops
Orange -10 drops
Cedarwood - 8 drops
Coconut Emulsifier - 1/2 teaspoon
Distilled Water or Room spray base - 2 ounces

Add oils to Emulsifier, shake well then add the distilled water or room spray base . Shake well and spray in room.

OR as an alternative you can omit the water or room spray base and use the blended essential oils in your favorite diffuser, fan diffuser or tart warmer!


We have used this blend several times for people, especially those folks in assisted living or care centers that seem to have problems keeping their legs comfortable. This blend can be used in a diffuser, or if someone is available, mix into a carrier oil and massage the legs.

Lavender - 24 drops
Roman Chamomile - 20 drops
Vetiver- 16 drops

Blend well in an glass bottle. If inhaling, put a few drops in a personal inhaler and take several deep breaths when legs are feeling restless.

Or mix 15 drops in 1 ounce of Sunflower oil, shake well and use for leg massage.

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Please do not use my information without my permission.

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