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June 9, 2011

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Physical Ailment

What to use in a Scrapes and Scratches Emergency - Do you have your Aromatherapy First Aid Kit ready?

by Penny Keay

Last week we got a call and e-mail from one of our good customers (& friends). Her daughter’s bikes brakes failed (or weren’t working) as she careened down a hill and ran into a chain linked fence!

Although the injuries were not serious they did include many scrapes, scratches and bruising. We gave her the following advice. And we are happy to report her daughter – (who had warts disappear using essential oils) was more than eager to follow our suggestions for her bicycling mishap.

We have kept in contact and Mom reports that she is healing well. Our advice follows for these types of injuries.

Make sure you get your Aromatherapy First Aid Kit supplied if you haven’t already so you will be ready if such an accident happens to you or your child. Because as we all know summer activities bring new chances of getting injured.

Gardening, sporting activities and other activities can make you more susceptible to getting bumped, bruised, scratched and other minor abrasion type injuries.

Simply using essential oils can help you heal quickly with speedy recovery times.

For bumps and bruises the first thing you should do is to put on an ice or cold pack. Also applying cold compresses using a few drops of Helichrysum and Lavender can give some pain relief.

Other essential oils that may be helpful with bumps and bruises are Fennel, Geranium, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

And should the bump or bruise include any scratches or minor abrasions of the skin you may want to use Lavender and Tea Tree for sure in your cold compress.

Don’t forget to clean any dirt and debris out of our scrapes and scratches. You want the essential oils to work without having to compete with all the ‘dirt’. You want it to work without interference to get rid of all the germs just introduced to the area!

Keep the damaged area cool for at least 20-30 minutes. Be careful if using ice as you do not want to freeze the skin or underlying tissues.

This would not be good at all and could cause further damage to the skin and surrounding tissues, delaying the healing process of the original injury.

Elevating the area or limb (arm or leg) may make it feel better too. So do that too, if you can.

In case of head injuries you may want to consult a medical professional.

After the ice or cold compresses, gently apply more Helichrysum, Lavender and Tea Tree blended with either a carrier oil or blend such as Sweet almond, Sunflower oil or other carrier oil of your choice.

You can also blend in a lotion or cream to make a kind of ‘first aid’ cream. Making a Spray-on essential oil blend using Aloe Vera liquid or our Body Spray Base may offer the best relief without disturbing the injured tissues.

These Sprays are best if it is kept in the refrigerator and spray on as needed.

How much essential oils are in your ‘first aid’ solutions will vary. Suggested amounts could be as much as 10% essential oils to the carrier oils, lotion or creams, although most blends should be at 5% or less. .

A simple recipe would be to 2 ounces of oil, cream or lotion add upto 6 ml total of the essential oils you have chosen. Ideally try to add only about 3 mL to your ‘first aid’ product.

Remember this will then be a First Aid Oil, lotion or Cream and should be labeled as such. You will only be using it in small amounts directly on the injured areas. It will not and should not be used for large areas of the body and never ever for a total body massage.

You can make a simple compress and rinse for the affected area by putting a few drops of our Scratches and Boo Boo’s blend in a basin of cool water and using on the injury too.

For our friend we suggested she mix Scratches and Boo Boo’s blend with our Coconut Emulsifier then add this to the Body Spray Base. They sprayed this on the knees, elbows, hands and other scratches and bruises several times a day.

One of the concerns was the scratch and bruising near her eye on the side of her face. They were concerned there might be scarring and so …

For this we suggested she clean the area well and apply a thin layer of our Scar Lightening Blend several times a day until well healed.

We suggested for her to apply it often so it stayed well covered/coated with the oil blend.

Again, she reports her daughter is healing very well. Although it is too early to tell if there will be a noticeable scar, we anticipate there should be little to none. (We’ll keep you posted).

So the next time you are bumped, bruised, and scratched up don’t forge t to have your essential oils handy.

Remember we have wooden storage boxes so they will be quick to find when needed.

And here are a couple of previous articles that gives a good list and ideas to start with for your Aromatherapy First Aid Kit. and

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Around the House and Garden

Comforts of Home as you Travel

by Penny Keay

Each year as we are getting ready to head off to a Cabin and Resort for our annual Week long vacation I make a list of all the ‘stuff’ we want to take along.

Of course – we always take along several essential oils and accompanying supplies in which to use them.

Here is our list and some of the reasons why we take them along.

Lavender , Relaxing blend , Peaceful and Calming blend

– “Home Sweet Home” – Away from home. Most cabins or hotel rooms smell like – well cabins and hotel rooms. Okay, but it’s just not home.

Sometimes Cabins smell like they have been closed up for months and well most of them have.

So we always take along several of our favorite blends to diffuse right away.

Depending on where we go, we usually use a Scentball diffuser. And Plug it in as soon as we arrive – yes I mean right as soon as we get there!

All Purpose spray cleaner with Four Robbers or Pure Cleansing

– I always like to spray down the bathroom shower, toilet and sink with a light mist.

I know they have cleaned very well, but I just feel better knowing it is my own essential oil blend working on any possible germs. I also do the floor outside the shower too.

Lavender Spray for our pillows and bedding

– It is a strange bed and this helps to make me feel more like home and help us to drift off to sleep. A small bottle of Linen spray with Lavender added is easy to spritz on the pillows about ½ hour before bedtime.

Peppermint and Rosemary

– These two are great for those kinks and the headache you might get from sleeping in a strange bed.

Mix a little with some lotion or massage oil and apply to the tight neck and upper back muscles. Peppermint is great for that nasal stuffiness too you might get.

Allergy Tamer blend

– Since I’m allergic to a variety of plant pollens and molds I usually will take along a Personal inhaler that I have prefilled with Allergy Tamer blend . This year I’m so glad I had taken it along.

Two nights I woke up with an “allergy tickle” in my throat which kept me awake coughing.

I got up, first smelled some Peppermint then a little Eucalyptus as I had become quite congested in my nasal passages.

Then I inhaled the Allergy Tamer that I had placed on a Terra Cotta Disc.

This I then placed on the TV tray night stand near my side of the bed. I was able to go back to sleep with no more coughing. Allergy Tamer blend also is great to help you fall asleep.

Moisturizing lotion or Penny’s Cream de La Creme.

– this is an absolute must for use after being in the sun too long.

Also helps as most cabins and hotels don’t have very soft water and after bathing your skin feels oh so tight! A little special lotion is welcoming. Simply add some Lavender if you have been sunburned it will help it feel and heal faster.

Bug Off Spray

– This is our all time favorite to take along so we can enjoy the beautiful sunsets or hikes in the woods without being carried off by those biting and flying insects.

Our own Bug Off Spray has been used in various countries around the world (countries in Africa and in Central America) and the folks said they were never bothered – compared to their other traveling companions!

And since it is made with all natural essential oils and carrier oil – it was safe to use as often as they needed. And being natural it was environmentally safe too!

Heaven forbid we would even think about getting sick while on vacation but as a preventative we do take along Four Robbers blend Four Robbers blend , Pure Cleansing blend , Oregano and Thyme. If we happen to be out shopping and come across folks that are coughing and sneezing we will usually diffuse Four Robbers blend Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend , in our cabin (or room).

And should we feel a sore throat or worse – we will gargle with warm salt water and then with water where we have added a drop of each Oregano and Thyme.

We will ‘nip it in the bud’ before it even gets a chance to ruin our one week of vacation! We did not have to use these at all this vacation trip!

An Essential Oil First Aid kit including an assortment of essential oils. Although most of the essential oils listed above are in our travel kit we do add a few extras when we are going away from home for more than an ‘overnighter’.

We also include Helichrysum (any kind of injury)and and Scratches and Boo Boo’s blend (for abrasions and other skin injuries).

Ideal to use for a Essential oil First Aid Kit are any of our BASIC OIL Kits - they come in 4mL & 10mL sizes to fit any budget or family size. Then add more essential oils or synergy blends as you feel the need.

We may take along any number of other essential oils and blends.

This year I pretty much took the wooden storage box filled with our favorites. We didn’t use but a few of them, but we were prepared for just about any situation that could have risen.

We also take along Jojoba, Fractionated coconut oil and Aloe Vera liquid. We may not always use these but they are along in case we do.

This list is pretty much of what we take along for our Cabin and Hotels stay. When we go camping the list of essential oils and other supplies changes a little but not too much.

Again it depends on where we are going and how long we are staying.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and great vacations. We had a great time. Al caught dozens of Northern Pike and I enjoyed reading and putting a Jig-saw Puzzle together.

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Recipes to try

Calming and Anxiety Blend

Mandarin – 50 drops
Neroli – 20 drops
Petitgrain – 15 drops
Vanilla absolute – 10 drops
Vetiver– 3 drops

Blend these together in a glass bottle. Then diffuse in any diffuser.

This blend is particularly good for folks that suffer from Panic attacks. The Mandarin and especially Neroli are known to help you calm down inside and relieve the stress and anxious feeling you may have.

Inhale this blend before any situation that upsets you and makes you feel anxious.

We used this blend for my sister prior to her having Cataract surgery. She used it several days prior and upto the day and time of her surgery.

She said it helped her with all those feelings of the ‘unknown’ and afterwards said that she definitely felt these helped her.


Baking Soda – ½ cup Orange – 50 drops
Lemongrass– 50 drops
Grapefruit– 30 drops
Clove bud – 20 drops

Blend the essential oils together in a glass jar. In another glass jar place the Baking Soda.

Add the Essential oils to the baking soda and stir well. Use a wire whisk will help if you have a small one.

Or cap the jar and shake vigorously to make sure all lumps are removed and the baking soda and essential oils are well blended.

Shake onto carpet and let sit for 30 minutes. Vacuum your carpeting as usual.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage blend for use after a long day.

Dill Seed – 5 drops
Tangerine – 4 drops
Lavender– 4 drops
Vetiver– 2 drops
Jojoba or MCT Massage Oil – 1 tablespoon.

Blend the essential oils well into the carrier oil and massage into your neck and shoulder areas. Apply a little to your temples and massage gently here too.

This blend is best to use just prior to retiring for the night.

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All the products listed in the article are available at our Shopping Site - see link below.

© 2011, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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