Making Bath Salts for Gifts

by Penny Keay

We are asked fairly often about recipes for Bath Salts and Scrubs.

To make basic bath salt use :
Sea salt - 1 1/2 cup
Magnesium Sulfate salt (Epsom salt) - 1 1/2 cup
Baking Soda - 1 cup
Dendritic Salt - 3 tablespoons
Essential oils of your choice = 15-35 drops depending on the essential oils chosen.

You can use any combination of various salts - there are many different types of sea salt - you can use any type of sea salt!

First in a small bowl mix the Dendritic Salt with about 15-35 drops of essential oil - any single note or any synergy blend depending on what you would like to have it do - calming, relaxing, energizing, etc.

Dendritic Salt is a special type of salt that has multiple crystallized surfaces. This salt helps essentials retain their original scents allowing you to use less essential oils as you might have had to use in the past. The scenting of an essential oil does not appear to get altered in the rest of the blend. And dendritic salt helps the scent to last longer in your salt blends.

Optionally you can add the essential oils to 1 tablespoon of Fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil. Also Sweet almond or Sunflower oil may be used.

For those in a hurry we do have a premade Basic Bath Salt blend that includes all the basic salts but not the Dendritic Salt . You will need to purchase that separately.

The above is a very basic Bath Salt blend. Since scenting is very personal and many folks have fun creating a special or "personally yours" type scent.

You can always use one of our Synergy Blends in your bath salt creations too. Our Calming blend smells awesome when used in a bath salt.

Of course the basic Lavender scent is wonderful!

Add your scented dendritic salt or carrier oil to the salts and mix completely. Place in a glass jar, seal and let "age" or "ripen" for a few days. Stirring, shaking or mixing every day is great but if you are giving for gifts your bath salt will most likely sit a few days before it is used and the scent will be blended well by the time it is used.

To give as gifts: Package in decorative jars or if you can seal in a vacuum sealed bag. Donít forget to put instructions for use.

If the Bath Salt will be given and used within a short period of time (less then a day or two) you can try placing in a zip-lock baggy. Although we have found from past experience the plastic used to make most of these disposable baggies are made from a quickly deteriorating plastic and due to the essential oils in the salt blend may not work very well.

The vacuum sealed 'seal a meal' bags are better as they are usually made with a type of heavy duty nylon or plastic that is resistant to chemicals. They also lock in the essential oils and keep them from evaporating.

Simple instructions for use of the finished bath salt: Add 1/2 to 1 cup to running bath water, mix well to be sure salt has dissolved.

Salt Scrub:

If you wish to make a Salt scrub, use the basic recipe from above. You will need to put the bath scrub mix in a decorative jars .

Then you will add enough carrier oil to completely cover the salt in your jar. (Don't add more essential oils though as you don't need more of those.)

To use the Salt scrub you will scoop a little on your fingers and rub over the body parts you want to exfoliate.

Remember Salt Scrubs are too harsh to be used on the face. So do not use them on your face at all.

Rinse off and wash with a mild cleanser to remove excess oil. Do use caution when using Salt Scrubs because the carrier oils can make the shower floor or tub very slippery.

Hope this helps you make some wonderful Bath salts and scrubs. You will find there are many recipes on the internet and in books to make scrubs, etc. It's always fun to experiment until you find the one that you really like!!

Helpful suggestion: Use disposable gloves to protect your hands while working with the salt blending. Salt is wonderful in a large tub or water but when making bath salt and scrubs if your hands get too salted they could become very dry and irritated.

© 2011,2013 Penny Keay

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