Simple Facial Cleanser -Carrier Oils, Lotions and Creams

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Did you know that you don't need to use soap to clean your face?

In many places around the world, many women (and men) use a blend of carrier oils and essential oils to clean their skin. It can be used to clean all types of skin. You just need to choose different carrier oils for the different skin types.

As a young girl growing up with much older sisters, I would watch them clean their faces. They wore makeup and so had to remove it each night. I remember one of them used a face cream called "Ponds". I'm not even sure if they make it any more. My other sister used "Noxzema". The Ponds was soft and creamy, so was the Noxzema, but the Noxzema had a terrible smell at least to a 5 year old!

Anyway, the basis of these ‘creams’ was to loosen and remove any oily residues from the makeup and to help clean the skin and pores of the daily dirt that accumulated.

You can make your own face cleanser the same way by using a blend of carrier oils and essential oils. Or even one of our body creams to make an easy to use facial cleanser. (Sorbolene Cream and Basic Cream can be purchased by clicking here). And remember too, all most all lotions make great skin cleansers too!

Place in a blender about 3 ounces of carrier oil with a little water (1-2 tablespoons) and a few drops (1-3) of your favorite essential oil. Whip in a blender at high speed. The blender will make a soft whip type oily paste- cream that you can then use to remove the days grime. Because this is made fresh and no preservatives are used, you do need to keep it in the refrigerator and use within two weeks.

You do not need to make the above ‘whipped’ facial cleanser to use carrier oils to clean you face. You can just use the carrier oil of your choice.

What carrier oils are best for your skin type? If you have very dry skin you might use Avocado oil. If you have oily skin a light oil such as Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oil has natural astringent properties as a carrier oil and some folks prefer to use this carrier oil for skin care. For more detailed information about the Carrier or Fixed oils visit our article CLICK HERE

What essential oils to use? Of course this may be a personal preference. Some oils you might want to use include Carrotseed, Rose, Lavender or Geranium . There are many essential oils you can choose for your own personal preference and skin or you can just use the carrier oil. Remember though, only use a couple drops of one or two of these oils is all that is needed. Favorite preblended essential oils for face care include Fresh Face Blend ™ (good for acne and blemishes) and Smooth & Soft ™ (to help with wrinkle prevention).

After you have finished removing the oil blend with a soft cloth or makeup removing pads, you should rinse your face with a little water. After this you can pat your face dry or apply a toner followed by your night creams or lotions if you feel they are still necessary. Most likely though your face will feel - oh so soft!

Some women may want to add a little 'scrubbing' ingredient. There are several you can choose from. Some mix a little brown sugar into the oil (omit any water from this scrub). Or you can also use ground almonds, oatmeal or cornmeal. If you choose to add these particular ingredients as scrubs to the mix you will need to use within 3 days of blending. Also, you will need to keep it in the refrigerator to keep them from spoiling. Do not add salt to a face cleaner as the salt crystals are to harsh for facial skin.

No matter what you choose, your skin will feel soft and supple. Remember carrier oils are very nourishing to the skin. We have a very large selection to choose from including the two most commonly used for face and skin care.

Jojoba and Camellia oil are excellent oils but you may want to use them blended with a less expensive oil such as Sweet almond or Sunflower. Only a small amount of Jojoba or Camellia oil would be needed in each blend. Of course you could use them straight or apply just a small amount after your cleaning ritual.

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