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Mixing and Matching Synergy Blends for any variety of Health situations

by Penny Keay

Everyone seems to have very busy schedules these days and finding the time to create or blend essential oils, for a specific problem, when they arise, is or can be very time consuming.

Often times you may not have the essential oils needed for the recipe you want to blend or you have several synergy blends already purchased but don’t even realize they can perform multiple tasks.

And names of synergy blends don’t tell the whole story. I’m going to use Conifer Blend as an example for this article.

Just from the name you know that it probably is a blend made from ‘needle’ trees. You know the trees that don’t lose their ‘leaves’ but stay ‘green’ all year.

We promote this blend as a nice scent for use during the holidays but this blend actually has many scenarios for its use beyond just a pretty holiday scent. You will see as we continue this article.

Recently we were asked to see if we could create a blend to help with adrenal support. Upon doing a bit of research I soon discovered that we actually have two blends that when combined will provide the support one needs to help your body rest and give the adrenal organ a break. Since Spruce needle and Pine needle oils are helpful for the adrenal glands I started there.

Our Conifer Blend is a blend of three different ‘conifer’ needles and will work nicely as the first part of the new adrenal support blend. Next is to provide essential oils that help to ‘calm’ your inner you. Since we don’t really need you to fall asleep we just want you calm inside.

Our Relaxing blend has Orange, Cedarwood and Ylang-Ylang. These also help give your adrenal glands support by helping you deal with and slowing down the ‘flight and fight’ response. Remaining calm helps give your adrenal glands a much needed rest.

So for adrenal support you can simply mix Conifer Blend with Relaxing blend OR you can diffuse both at the same time. Two very nice blends that combined will complement each other and will work for adrenal support.

Here is another example of “Mix and Match” to a health condition again using Conifer Blend. Although not listed as such (as of yet that is) is the fact that the Pine needle and Spruce needle oils are good for upper respiratory ailments, notably for chest congestion. Add a bit of Peppermint to the blend and now you can decongest and open the airways even further.

Okay and here is one more Mix and Match using Conifer Blend. Many of you know of a product called Pine Sol.

The original solution was made using a fairly high percentage of Pine oil. Of course that was back in the day when it was originally created.

Now they have changed the formula adding variety of scents and although these new scents help to clean they do not have the bactericidal, antiviral and fungicidal properties that the original formula had.

For those of you that want to use a good pine cleaning solution you can make your own. Simply use either Pine needle essential oil or you can use Conifer Blend – a blend of 3 needle oils.

Mix the Conifer Blend with an emulsifier then add to your bucket with some soap. And scrub away. The essential oils in conifer blend just as the Pine oilwas and still is a great germ fighter.

And of course the pure essential oils will leave a wonderful clean air scent where ever you just scrubbed!

Just remember mixing and matching synergy blends or adding additional essential oils to a synergy blend is permitted. Do not be deterred by what they might smell like or that you are doing something wrong.

Actually a couple of our synergy blends were discovered or created accidentally when I just experimented. Off the top of my head one creation was Forest Rain Blend.

I added some extra essential oils to – oh yeah – that Conifer Blend again and came up with this scent that smelled like a Forest after a rain. Oh and Forest Rain Blend can help with adrenal support too!

There you have it once again. Another "Mix and Match" that this time we sell as a new product!

So next time you need a ‘blend’ that may not exist for a condition you have, simply do a bit of research find out what essential oils hold the properties you need or that have been suggested for that particular ailment.

Then simply go to your bottles of synergy blends and see which ones have those oils. Add any extra oils you need and see how it works for you. (Don’t forget to write your new recipe down!)

Remember just because a blend had a ‘NAME’ or main use that has been suggested, we find time and time again that the same blend with a simple addition of another essential oil or even adding another synergy blend can help with many other ailments and concerns.

The fun and wonderful thing about essential oils and the art of aromatherapy is the fact that essential oils have many properties and blending them as Mix and Matching can create new blends.

Be creative, have fun and write your recipes down!

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© 2012, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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