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Physical Ailment


by Penny Keay

This can be a very painful condition brought on by a variety of causes from allergies to colds and the flu. Whenever the protective mucous membranes in your sinus cavities become compromised by either germs or other irritants, inflammation and infection can result.

One of the best treatments to help relieve the pain, pressure and help with infection is steam inhalation.

Inhalation from the bottle of essential oil or drops of oils placed on a tissue or cotton ball can help in between steam treatments.

Anyone of the following essential oils can give relief:

Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Pine, Thyme , Tea tree and Rosemary.

You can try them one at a time or combine a couple of them. Below in the Recipes to Try Section is a steam inhalation blend.

Diffusing either Pure Cleansing Blend or Four Robbers Blend in a fan type diffuser while you sleep will also help .

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Emotional Concern


by Penny Keay

This may appear to be a kind of strange heading, but we want it to be differentiated from the severe medical condition of "shock".

What we are talking about here are things that can give your body a type of 'emotional' shock. Things like hearing bad news, extreme weather changes (impending storms, or extreme heat and cold, etc.) or seeing something bad happen to another person - such as an injury or accident.

Even seeing a 'close call' can be shocking to ones emotional being. You know, things that can evoke a 'shocking' attitude within yourself or others around you.

Oils that can produce a calming affect will often help you and those around you through the next few hours until things settle down and can get back to normal.

Of course - Lavender is a must to try. (Don't you carry a little vial in your pocket or purse? If not, it might be a good idea to always have Lavender on hand!) Other oils that can be used include: Neroli, Rose, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon, Geranium and Roman Chamomile.

Simply place a few drops on a cotton ball ,tissue or in a nasal inhaler.

If you feel better with a back or foot rub, mix any of these oils with a little bit of a carrier oil and enjoy giving or getting a massage.

If you have oils you have used in this type of situation please let us know. We'd love to pass along the suggestions.

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Health and Beauty


by Penny Keay

Oooo- Owwww! Nothing is more annoying and painful than tooth or gum pain. Everyone at one time or another can either have a tooth that is painful or painful gums around a tooth.

Don't you just hate it when the tooth brush slips and you jab your gums? Next thing you know you have a very painful spot in your mouth.

Rinsing your mouth with warm water with a drop or two of an essential oil will help to speed the healing and to relieve the pain.

The following oils can be used in a mouth rinse:

Myrrh, Chamomile, Peppermint and Tea Tree.

Simply add 1-2 drops to about 2 ounces warm water and swish around your mouth. This can be repeated several times a day if needed.

Clove oil is often times used for toothaches. Myrrh is most commonly use oil for mouth sores.

To use Clove oil add a drop to 1 teaspoonful of Sweet Almond oil then add to a cotton ball and apply to the affected tooth, or press against the gum around the affected tooth.

To use Myrrh for mouth sores, mix 1-2 drops in a small amount of warm water and rinse the mouth several times a day.

In the Recipes to Try section is a toothache oil recipe

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Around the House and Garden

Wardrobe - Dresser linings

by Penny Keay

Wouldn't it smell so wonderful to open your dresser or wardrobe and smell something fresh, especially if your clothing has been stored away for the different seasons.

Essential oils can also be used to repel moths and other insects.

Commonly used essential oils for use in your dresser or wardrobe (closet) are: Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram and Chamomile.

If you are storing woolens and don't have access to a cedar chest, you can use Cedarwood essential oil to repel those nasty moths too.

Of course you may have your favorite essential oils you prefer to place in these confining spaces.

Simply place several drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball or tissue and place in the dresser or wardrobe.

In a closet, you may want to hang one of the Terra Cotta Disc diffusers placed inside a muslin or organza bag.

These items can hold more essential oils on them, so will be able to diffuse oils for several days or weeks at a time.

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Recipes to try

Sinus Steam Inhalation

1 quart steaming water
Eucalyptus - 2 drops
Tea tree - 2 drops
Ginger - 1 drop
Thyme - 1 drop

Pour hot water into a 2 quart glass bowl, add the essential oils. Hold head over the bowl, drape a towel over head and bowl.

Breathe for 5-10 minutes. You may repeat this up to 6 times a day.

You may not be able to breathe continually for the 5 - 10 minutes - Breathe for a little while then remove your head from the 'steam room' and them when ready after a minute or two return to your little 'steam room'!

Toothache Oil

Carrier oil - 1 tablespoon (such as Sweet Almond or Sunflower)
Tea tree - 6 drops
Chamomile - 4 drops
Myrrh - 2 drops
Peppermint - 2 drops

Place all oils in clean container, shake to blend. Apply 1 drop on aching tooth and surrounding gum.

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© 2004, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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