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Physical Ailment


by Penny Keay

For those who suffer from arthritis pain, all you can think of is what can I do to get some relief?

Arthritis can be caused from many things and in translation means "Inflammation of the Joints".

There are several types of arthritis with the most common form being osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis and gout are also very common.

The pain can involve one joint or many.

The pain is often times accompanied by swelling, redness, tenderness and stiffness of the joints. For most folks you need to keep moving the joints to keep them moving freely. The pain is what causes most people to refrain from physical activities.

There are many essential oils and blends that will help relieve the pain and inflammation of the joints. Again, it may be a trial and error to find a combination that will work best for you.

As always, consult your doctor if you are on special medications and to get approval to try aromatherapy.

There are several oils you may want to try:

Eucalyptus, Peppermint (or a combination of the two), Cedarwood, Lavender, Nutmeg, Yarrow, Clove bud and Sage.

These should not be applied directly to the skin but should be mixed with your favorite carrier oil.

Start with a 1% dilution increasing to as high as a 3% if needed.

Massage into the affected areas 2 or more times daily.

To make a 1% dilution mix 6 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of carrier oil or lotion such as our Massage Lotion.

Currently we have a customer that says Clove bud mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into her knee, gives her relief.

If you want to try this, mix 12 drops of Clove bud in 2 ounces of your favorite carrier oil. Don't mix it any stronger as Clove Bud can be a skin irritant.

Below we have a recipe for a wonderful bath for arthritic joints. The oils in the bath are also a wonderful combination for relaxation. Enjoy!

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Emotional Concern


by Penny Keay

These are two emotions that go hand in hand. To us, we feel the happiest when we have a sense of contentment inside.

When the outside pressures can be left aside and you can have a certain "snuggly and warm" feeling inside.

Happiness to us doesn't have to be all jolly and laughing - you know 'let the good times roll' feeling.

In fact, for many, they need to think about what true happiness is for themselves. Happiness is a very personal state.

Truly happy people have a special aura around them that often times will attract others to them.

Being content again, is a personal thing. Being satisfied with the way life has been for you and what it is to become will play a part of what makes you happy.

Again, people who are content with themselves will again attract others.

Essential oils can not bring happiness or contentment.


But what they can do is help you to clear your thought processes and sort out the things that really do matter in life.

Using essential oils will definitely bring your spirits up and be uplifting emotionally. Using them around others will produce the same affects.

Good oils to help with happiness and contentment include:

Orange, Rose, Coriander, Clove, Jasmine, Ginger, Cinnamon, Geranium, Rose geranium, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Ylang ylang, Cypress, Neroli, Patchouli and Roman Chamomile.

Try this Happiness blend:

Orange 19 drops
Rose geranium 5 drops
Clove 1 drop
Cinnamon 1 drop.

Blend all and diffuse.

You can also add 5 drops to a bath.

Try this Contentment blend:

Bergamot 10 drops
Clove 5 drops
Sandalwood 10 drops
Ylang ylang 5 drops.

Mix together and diffuse.

This blend can be used to settle restlessness too.

Let us know how these blends work for you or if you have others you use. For a premixed blends you can try our Elation or Inspiration blends.

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Health and Beauty


by Penny Keay

The skin condition, Acne, can be troubling not only for teens but for anyone including adults to senior citizens. These sometimes painful and infected skin blemishes have been an affliction of concern for many.

Often times, it seems, like nothing will work. Again, you may want to try a new skin regime to see if you can eliminate the eruptions and heal your skin.

Recommendations beyond essential oils include: eating a diet in which you eliminate sugar and refined processed foods. (Sugar causes a reaction in many peoples bodies that can cause acne eruptions to appear overnight.)

Eating plenty of Vegetables preferably raw, whole grains and lean meats can also help. Fruit should be limited due to the sugar content.

Number one is to drink plenty of water.

Many people never drink plain water. As you've been told before drink 6 to 8, 8 oz glasses a day of water, not just fluids.

Your body needs real water for internal cleansing and to provide the needed moisture from within for your skin.

Now onto your new skin care program.


You'll want to clean your skin thoroughly. Using soap on you face can be very drying.

You may want to try using a specially formulated cleanser for your skin type. Acne skin doesn't necessarily mean oily skin.

Cleansing your skin should be at least a twice daily routine.

What is acne? Clogged pores that have become infected.

They can appear as full blown eruptions, pimples and at the beginning, black and white heads.

Acne can be caused from oily skin, dead skin cells that are not removed and even medications such as certain types of birth control and the use of cosmetics.


Some may need to do a exfoliating scrub once a week. Others only need to do this occasionally.

Again, there are recipes to make simple scrubs using a variety of ingredients. Use your favorite.


After cleansing/scrubbing you will want to use a toner. This is where you will first be using essential oils.

A simple toner is to use a floral water, any will work, use your favorite smell.

Simply apply to cotton balls or pads and gently wipe on face until all signs of dirt and cleaning residue are removed.

Do not use toners that contain alcohol as they are drying to the skin.

An easy to make toner for acne is:

8 oz distilled water or a floral water
2 drops Lavender
1 drop Palmarosa
1 drop Rosewood

Place water in clean bottle, add essential oils and shake. Apply to the skin with a cotton ball, cleaning off all dirt and residue.

Be sure to shake your toner before each use as essential oils will separate out (float on the top) of the water.

If you have oily skin you can use this for your toner:

8 oz distilled water or a floral water
2 drops Geranium
2 drops Ylang ylang
1 drop Lemon

Follow the directions as above.


Next you will want to moisturize. Moisturizing protects your skin from all the elements of nature. Even oily skin needs protection.

You will want to moisturize with the appropriate formula for your skin type.

For those suffering from eruptions you may want to try applying some spot treatments. These can be applied several times a day if needed.

Spot Treatment**

To 4 ml Jojoba oil add Lavender - 20 drops and Tea Tree 20 drops.

Mix well. Place a small amount on the blemish. Can be applied several times a day. Y

ou do not need to add very much. Just a small amount on the tip of your finger.

Another Blend to try for Blemish treatment**

4 ml of Jojoba

Lavender 8 drops
Rosewood 8 drops
Tea tree 8 drops
Chamomile 4 drops
Geranium 4 drops
Helichrysum 4 drops
Lemon 4 drops.

Blend well and apply a finger tip of this oil to the blemishes you wish to treat.

Can be applied several times a day.

A couple other things -

Don't squeeze any pimple, blemish, or 'heads'.

Doing this spreads infection and damages delicate tissues that might cause scarring.

Also after you are done cleaning, etc. Try to keep your hands off your face.

Touching your skin can introduce germs and dirt that might also trigger blemishes.

Please note, when you first begin a new facial cleaning routine you may experience new breakouts. Give it a few days, if not improving, discontinue and seek medical advice.

Hopefully these formulas will help to improve your skin and get the acne under control.

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Around the House and Garden

Smelly Shoes

by Penny Keay

No one likes to take off their shoes and get knocked back a few feet. What can you do to help with the odors coming from your shoes?

Odors are caused from bacteria and dirt. Warm moist conditions inside your shoes are a perfect breeding ground for odor producing bacteria.

If possible try to rotate the wearing of your shoes and let them have a 24 hours period between wearing to thoroughly dry.

Also avoiding shoes that trap moisture will help. Lightweight leather, or fabric such as cotton and nylon will help the moisture to evaporate and dry quickly.

Avoid plastic or manmade materials if at all possible.

Place several drops (6-8) of once of the following oils or oils to a cotton ball and place in the shoes, leave overnight.

Remember to remove cotton balls before putting on your shoes!

Essential oils to use for smelly shoes include:

Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Cypress, Pine Needle and Lavender.

Of course you may have others you want to try. All essential oils have antibacterial properties to varying degrees.

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Recipes to try

Oily Skin Bath

Lemon - 10 drops Cypress or Clary sage - 8 drops Ylang ylang - 5 drops Neroli, Orange or Bergamot - 5 drops

Blend together then put 6-8 drops of blend in warm bath water.

Arthritic joint Soaking Bath

Juniperberry - 4 drops
Lavender - 2 drops
Cypress - 2 drops
Rosemary - 2 drops

Add this blend to a bath while filling or just after filling tub and soak for 20-30 minutes.

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© 2004, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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