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In this issue:

Physical Ailment

Overworked and Sore Muscles

by Penny Keay

Spring time is here and everyone is busy getting their house in order. Spring time is such a busy time, that sometimes we overdo it.

After a busy weekend or day of cleaning, scrubbing, sorting, packing, unpacking, etc. You know what I'm talking about.

Spring Cleaning - something everyone dislikes, but after it's done, you have such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Not to mention working in the gardens and yard. Raking, digging, pulling, pushing, lifting, and all the bending and stretching. Getting all that fresh air!

Most of us are using muscles and joints we haven't used in months!! Especially like we are now!

Consequences - you bet - all kinds of sore and tired muscles.

When you use muscles, like you do when you clean and do yard work, you cause them to build up a lot of waste product (lactic acid) that is trapped in the muscle tissue.

In order to relieve this soreness you need to help increase blood flow, drink plenty of water and eat nourishing food and give your muscles a little rest, at lease for a few hours.

Did you ever notice that when you have a sore muscle you are always touching it and rubbing it gently? This is your body doing something very natural to encourage increased blood flow to the affected muscle tissue.

Well, aromatherapy has some even more pleasant ways to encourage and increase the blood flow, to help the body remove the lactic acid.

Draw a tub of warm water, add a few of your favorite oils and enjoy a nice warm soak for 20-30 minutes. Dry off with a brisk towel rub. Then apply your favorite lotion, creams or if you have someone that can give you a light body rub using a Carrier Oil.

Adding essential oils that relieve pain and soreness to your carrier oils will also help.

Go to our "From the Recipes Files" page and check out several of the SORE MUSCLES RECIPES (links are found at the bottom of the page).

Here is another recipe to try.

Rosemary - 10 drops
Peppermint - 10 drops
Basil - 5 drops - 10 drops
1 ounce of Almond Oil

Mix together and add to 1 ounce of Almond Oil, Shake well.

Use this massage blend to work on sore muscles.

This recipe is especially good for sore back muscles.

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Emotional Concern


by Penny Keay

When I decided to write about stress, I didn't realize how much it involved. Upon doing the research for this month's article I discovered three main levels of stress. (Some divide Stress into 4 and 5 levels but for aromatherapy purposes I will divide in to 3 levels.)

So I'll be covering Stress in 3 parts (one each issue for the next 3 issues) with suggestions using aromatherapy you can do for each level.

Please realize that if you are suffering from the most severe form of stress - Adrenal Burnout or Total Exhaustion - please seek and follow the advise of your physician. Also remember, aromatherapy can be used complementary, to help you with all levels of stress.

Stress comes in varying degrees. We all suffer from Stress. It can't be avoided. Most of us are able to cope with life and the stress we are exposed to day in and day out. We do not let things bother us.

Mild Stress (Level 1)

the kind caused from day to day life - you may feel tired, be easily irritated, have a few aches and pains and even have an occasional day of mild depression - a day of the blues.

Stress (Level 2)

This level is more involved and can have underlying physical problems, chronic infections, allergies, constant feelings of anxiety and depression, even underlying viral infections may be causing stress. You feel like you never get enough sleep. And the sleep you do get isn't good quality.

Severe Stress (Level 3)

This is the most dangerous to your health and well being. You are very depressed and are to the point where you may 'give up'. You feel hopeless, fearful and wish to withdraw from society. You are totally exhausted. This level and even in some advanced cases of level 2 you should seek help from your Physician.


Getting plenty of rest, eating right, exercise in moderation, taking time out for yourself all help our body and mental state to cope with day to day stresses.

But what happens when all of sudden you miss a night of sleep - you have a sick child, a bad day at work, a near mishap while coming home, no one liked what you fixed for dinner. Wow, nothing like getting dumped on!

Let this happen a couple days a week and pretty soon, you start to feel the stress. Most of the time we don't have day after day of stressful situations, so we have plenty of time to recuperate.

Stress can also appear from good situation, happy occasions. Buying a new house, having a baby, getting your dream job. On the surface these are all happy or good things. But each one has underlying stress producers.

In it's mildest form - Stress is just the normal for everyone - the things that occur every day that we can cope with.

Here are a few things you can do to stop stress before it can get a hold of you:

+ Remember to take time for yourself each day.
+ Relax and breath deeply for 10 minutes.
+ Make changes in your life to make things easier.
+ Do a personal inventory and see if you can make changes in areas that don't make you happy. Being happy doesn't necessarily mean - laughing, joking or even smiling. It means feeling content and safe inside. Of course Smiling never hurts!!
+ Use essential oils throughout the day to help you feel energized, and have mental clarity. After a long day, diffuse oils to help calm and relax you.

Essential oils often times help to relax you so you can sleep.

Many oils help you with stress. Any oil you use that you enjoy is the best oil to use. Add more oils or use blends of oils.

Not sure where to start.

Here are lists of oils you can use - Pick one or two to start, then add more as you want. Vary them from day to day.

Lavender is at the top of the list. Known as the great balancer. The Mother of essential oils. Just like a real mother. She does just about everything. Every household should have Lavender.

More oils great at helping with stress include:

Ylang Ylang , Eucalyptus (specifically citriodora), Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Petitgrain and Mandarin.

Other oils such as:

Bergamot, Melissa, Rose, Vetiver, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lemon, Marjoram, Neroli, Bay laurel, Yarrow and Litsea Cubeba, can give varying degrees of stress relief also.

Try this blend to help with mild stress

Marjoram - 15 drops
Ylang Ylang - 15 drops
Mandarin - 15 drops

Mix in an amber bottle. Diffuse as needed. Can be used in a Personal diffuser or in a Fan or Tealight diffuser. This is a very uplifting blend.

Stress involves many hormonal responses within our bodies. The adrenal glands produce the hormones that help us deal with stress. As stress becomes more of a problem in our lives it slowly works on our adrenal glands.

Stress level "2", which will be in the next issue, we'll discuss more of what happens and how our adrenal glands being overworked can cause unbalances in all our hormonal systems.

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Health and Beauty

Cracked Skin

by Penny Keay

Cracked skin - sore, painful and sometimes even bleeding. We aren't just talking about dry skin, We are talking EXTREMELY dry skin, to the point where you barely move a finger and you end up with a deep fissure and very rough skin. It is sore and painful.

If possible you need to limit the use of soap and detergents. Try to stay away from drying agents and the skin sanitizers which have allot of alcohol in them.

After washing your hands. Dry them gently and immediately apply a lotion or cream. Apply lotion and creams every few hours and especially at bedtime.

Prior to going to bed at night, some folks will benefit from a moisturizing hand soak, followed by applying a carrier oil or thick cream to their hands and then putting on a pair of cotton gloves.

One of the best oils is pure virgin coconut oil. It has natural healing properties and a nice light scent of coconut. Expeller pressed Coconut oil and Fractionated coconut oils work too and are scent free.

Other good oils include Jojoba with a little Evening Primrose or Rosehipseed oil added.

Simply soak in tepid (not hot, not cold - just barely warm) for 10-15 minutes. You don't want to get "pruney" skin but you want to add moisture to the outer layers of the skin by soaking.

Add a few drops of essential oils - Lavenderis always good. After soaking immediately put lotions, creams or oil on and put on those gloves.

Cracked skin can become infected so you may want to add some Lavender and Rose essential oils to the creams, lotion or oils you are using to help heal more quickly.

Most important is to drink plenty of fresh water each day. Dry skin on the outside is often times a indication of not drinking enough water in the inside!! Notice I said water. Your body needs water. So many beverages are diuretics and will just cause further dehydration of your precious skin.

Try this blend to quickly heal fresh cracks.

1 ounce unscented lotion
5 drops Neroli
5 drops Helichrysum
10 drops Lavender

Apply as often as necessary.

This blend had essential oils known to help regenerate new cells to rapidly heal those cracks.

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Around the House and Garden


by Penny Keay

Has your potpourri from last fall and winter become neglected?? Don't throw it out!! Just revive it!!

Simply add your favorite essential oils to your potpourri, shake or stir it up and you are ready to enjoy it again for several more weeks.

To me this is a time to experiment with new combinations and /or use up old oils that are about to expire.

Of course, you can buy new ingredients too, but why not freshen up what you already have?

For those that don't want to mess with that we do have cute little potpourri dishes. All you have to do with them is add a few cotton balls with your favorite scents dropped on them. Replace the cover and let the essential oils evaporate over time. (You can put potpourri petals, shavings, etc in the dishes too).

Here is a Flowery blend you can add to your Potpourri dish

Rosewood - 4 drops
Geranium - 3 drops
Grapefruit - 2 drops
Petitgrain - 2 drops
Palmarosa - 2 drops
Orange - 2 drops

Blend then drop onto the contents of your Potpourri dish.

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Recipes to try

Woodsy Potpourri Blend

Sandalwood - 4 drops
Patchouli - 3 drops
Vanilla - 2 drops
Nutmeg - 2 drops
Ylang Ylang - 3 drops
Lime - 3 drops

Blend and add to your Potpourri dish. Stir as needed. Refreshed as needed.

Refreshing Stress Blend

Lemon - 10 drops
Lavender - 15 drops
Clary Sage - 5 drops

Blend in an amber bottle and diffuse.

Can be used in a Personal diffuser or any Fan diffuser.

This blend is nice in a bath also.

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Cracked skin Soak

Tea Tree - 4 drops
Myrrh- 2 drops
Lavender - 4 drops

Mix these oils in 2 ounces of Hazelnut oil. Then warm this blend slightly.

Apply this warm mixture to your hand. If you can, place in a small bowl, just large enough to fit your hands.

Continue to smooth on this mixture and soak your hands in this for up to 20 minutes. Wipe off the excess (do not wash your hands - just wipe off) and put on your cotton gloves. Leaving on over night.

Do this for several nights. (You can reuse the oil mixture if you want or make up new each night.)

Bursitis Cream

1 ounce Sorbolene Cream
20 drops -Lavender
5 drops - Peppermint

Mix the oils and cream together. Then apply 2-3 times a day to affected joint.

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© 2005, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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