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When should I replace the Scent Pads or Tart Wax in my diffusers?

by Penny Keay

You love using your diffusers. Many of us use ours every day. But the question is often asked ďWhen or how often should I change the pads, cartridges or if a tart warmers, the wax?

Well it depends on several factors and how you are using them.

If you are using a scent pad with only the same blend on it every night to help you fall asleep then you can use the same pad for several weeks to maybe even months. If you donít mind blending different essential oils you can just add more to the pads.

However, they should be changed when they become discolored and hard. They will not diffuse very well once the cotton is filled with oil residues and dust.

What about soy/beeswax tarts? Since we use only soy wax mixed with a tiny bit of beeswax, our tarts will last for several months.

You will only need to change the wax if you should want to diffuse a different scent and not share the scent of the essential oil(s) previously in the wax.

Yucky tart As you can see from the photo, Yucky tart I have used this wax in this tart warmer for several months.

It looks a little crusty but since I mainly use it to diffuse the same two oils (Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend ), I donít change the wax except maybe once every six months. Now with cold and flu season around the corner it is time for me to change this particular tart wax with a new tart.

Yucky tart Yucky tart In the second photo you can see how essential oil residue and dust settle to the bottom of the bowl.

I usually just keep adding oils to my existing bowl of wax. Mainly I diffuse those two listed above but sometimes for a change Iíll just add another blend or single oil to the existing wax. The added essential oil will be the strongest diffused since it was just added. And I donít mind if we smell a hint of the others.

So, it is really up to you how often you change the pads, cartridges or wax. Iím frugal and a spendthrift so Iíll use the same pads or wax for several weeks before I change them.

If you donít like to mix your scents, then by all means change your wax and your pads. BUT donít throw them away.

For the pads: write on a zippy bag what essential oils or blends are on that pad. Wrap the pad in a tissue and store in the closed baggy. Reuse it the next time you want to diffuse that particular oil or scent.

For the wax tart: Let it cool completely and with the handle of a wooden or plastic spoon, pop the harden wax out of the bowl. You might want to set the bowl in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to help the wax release from the bowl. Again place the waxed tart in a labeled zippy bag for use at a later date.

I do suggest that you do change the pads and wax periodically. But you donít have to do it each time you diffuse your oils.

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