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The Evergreens’ and more Essential oils for the Season’s

by Penny Keay

Starting in the fall, everyone wants to have those autumn and seasonal scents.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year just around the corner we are asked often what essential oils will make their home or office smell warm and cheery, you know ‘tis the season’.

Of course, we don’t think of essential oils are just for making the rooms smell just for the holidays as they also have many health related applications.

When I think of how early civilizations used many of natures’ goods to ward off illness, insects and more, it is no wonder it is our seeking of the warm and welcoming tradition for these scents of essential oils everyone enjoys this time of the year. They used them to stay healthy and comfortable.

Let’s start with the Evergreens. These are a family of plants, namely trees and shrubs, where their foliage stays with them year round. They will stay green all year – hence the term ‘evergreen'.

They are also referred to as Conifers as they usually produce ‘cones’ to protect the seeds until they are mature and ready to begin new life.

These include all of the following:

Pine needle, Spruce needle, Douglas Fir, Siberian Fir needles Balsam Fir Needle, Cedarwood, Cypress and Juniper berry. There are many species of each of these most common ‘evergreens’.

Almost all evergreen essential oils will help provide some of the best anti-germ properties since they are anti-septic and bactericidal. They are often used in cleaning products for their disinfecting properties.

Pine-Sol TM originally was made with Pine oil in a cleaning solution base. (It still uses a portion of pine in their product but also a lot of other chemicals too.)

You can use any of the Evergreen essential oils in your cleaning bucket too. It makes everything thing smell clean and fresh.

But these oils are also known to help with upper respiratory ailments, aches and pains!

You can diffuse these oils in the air or make ointments and chest rubs to help with chest and nasal congestion. They can often help calm sporadic coughing – especially good for that is Cypress.

They also possess the wonderful property of being an analgesic. They offer heating and penetrating warmth to ease the pain and soreness often present in overworked or tired muscles.

Spruce needle essential oil is one noted for exceptional analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a wonderful essential oil for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and other joint and muscle discomforts.

Often times inhaling these will help you feel revitalized and energized yet it can calm and relax you too. I call it the peace inside that is so vital for many of us each day.

I personally think it is because it smells so fresh and reminds you of the outdoors. When I think of the outdoors, I of course feel energized, walking through the woods, you relax and find peace.

Spiritually these oils are helpful for you to connect. Connect to your higher power, yourself and to others. They are very grounding and help you to relax as you inhale the fresh, sweet, almost fruity aromas.

Breathe in, Breathe out – Phew, now that I’m relaxed and yet, invigorated, I better get back to work!

All evergreens are also found in many cosmetic products, soaps, shampoos, deodorants. They are easy to add to unscented base products.

Although you may think of these scents as more masculine they are also enjoyed by many women too. When blended with a sweet floral they will give it a more grounded aroma.

Most of the “needle’ oils will blend well with any of the Citrus oils or Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Lavender, Sage, Rosemary and of course with each other.

Our Conifer Blend is a blend of Pine needle, Spruce needle and Fir needle oils and is one of the most popular blends not only this time of year but year around.

The ‘needles’ oil are very helpful for a variety of skin problems too, such as psoriasis, itching and scabies (a type of skin mite).

Speaking of skin mites, the needle oils are also great at deterring insect pests. The Native Americans, early settlers and others in bygone eras stuffed their mattresses with a portion of needles from these ‘evergreen’ trees.

The odor and oils kept fleas, lice, bed bugs and other creepy crawlies out of their sleeping areas. The gentle aroma had to help prevent illness as they inhaled the essential oils given off while they slept.

This large family of ‘evergreen’ oils has the following properties and uses: They are beneficial for acute and chronic bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, arthritis, muscular aches and pain, rheumatism, colds and flu.

They are helpful with any variety of skin health conditions, although you do need to use fresh oils. Pine needle and other needle oils quickly oxidize and once this happens they can cause skin irritations and sensitization rather than healing. For use on the skin only, use oils less than a year old. Inhalation is fine for 2-3 year old oils.

These needle essential oils are grounding, immune stimulating, anti-septic, analgesic, anti-catarrhal and anti-arthritic. They will also benefit the nervous system during times of tension, stress while it uses its mildly calming affect while still refreshing your mind and lifting your spirit.

Now for other essential oils that are also our favorites this time of year. Remember to blend them with a few of those ‘evergreen’ oils to continue to build a strong immune system to fight off all those new germs you get exposed to when family and friends gather from around the world.

Cinnamon, Clove bud and Orange, the combination of these three always makes you think of the season. They all are great at supporting your immune system as they are all good anti-viral, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal.

They also uplift your spirits as you celebrate. Our Celebration blend, Winter's Warmth blend and Holiday Spice blend use these and other essential oils.

Other favorites include Ginger, Allspice, Anise (licorice smell), Cardamom and yet others. Again blending these with the evergreen oils will bring even more warmth and joy during the holidays. And any citrus oils - lemon, lime, tangerine and others all make wonderful additions to your holiday scenting.

There is no right or wrong ways to blend essential oils. Start with one or two oils and add a third or more.

Do not be afraid to experiment to have fun mixing and matching blends and scents. Don’t forget to write your recipes down so you can make the same blends over again.

And for those of you that use artificial trees or want to ‘boost’ the scent of your natural trees or wreaths the most popular Tree scent is Douglas Fir.

Other favorites include Pine needle, Spruce needle, Siberian Fir needles, Balsam Fir Needle as mentioned previously. Cypress and Juniper berry do not smell like your typical Christmas tree but they do smell nice and adds special warmth to the air. Use just a little of these as they can overpower the more gentle scenting of the others.

Everyone has their favorite scents this time of the year. Make sure your oils are fresh so you can have the best scenting available with the best properties should you need them for your illnesses and aches and pains.

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© 2012, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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