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When & Why to use Essential oils and What they can and canít do

by Penny Keay

I feel like a news reporter. Asking the Five ĎWís & ĎHí for writing a news or journalism article like when I was back in High School.

When it comes to using essential oils you need to have a Ďreasoní. You need to have a purpose to use them. Remember they are very potent chemicals. They donít need to be used every day.

First, I think Iíd like to address the topic we are asked about often and that is what can essential oils really do. Maybe it would be better to say what they cannot do.

  1. Essential oils are not cure-alls. They cannot cure diseases. They can support your body to help it work better and more efficiently when they are needed. As many Aroma Therapists will tell you, donít use essential oils every day for a preventative Ė unless you have been exposed to something.

    Just as medical doctors donít prescribe antibiotics or antivirals UNLESS you have been exposed to something.

    In the scheme of things, neither of them will help you to have better health if miss-used.

    Moreover, when you have an injury or other minor ailment, only use essential oils until the situation is resolved.

  2. Essential oils are great at many, many things but should be considered only if true medical intervention isnít warranted.

    You have to remember that Essential oils and Aromatherapy are complementary medicine Ė They can assist you to obtain better health but should never replace licensed medical care for many situations.

    Essential oils work great from many emotional situations and for minor pains and ailments. Just remember if you arenít sure Ė always seek the advice of your family physician.

  3. Essential oils cannot replace a prescribed medication. As natural health minded as you or I want to be, there are times and situations where medically prescribed medications need to be used.

    Now, it is not saying that essential oils canít assist your health concern of why the medication was prescribed but DO Consult your Physician to see if you can try using essential oils to shorten the duration or strength of the prescribed drugs.

    Dealing with chronic illness or injuries: it is here where the use of prescription medications and essential oils come to be complementary.

    This is when you need to speak to the doctor to see if you can reduce your prescription medication by implementing the use of essential oils known to have shown some indication of giving relief with your condition.

  4. Essential oils really donít last forever and do have an expiration date. Or, really, I should say, a ďbest if used by dateĒ is a better way of stating their shelf-life.

    Once a bottle of essential oil has been opened repeatedly the amount of oxidation occurring can change the therapeutic quality and the results you hope to obtain may be greatly diminished. Always buy fresh oils and keep them stored in a cool place, tightly capped.

Next, here are some of the When and Why to use essential oils.
  1. Only when you deem it necessary should you use or diffuse essential oils.

    Do you have an ailment you need to diffuse or use an inhaler for such as: allergies, colds, upper respiratory, or how about an emotional situation, loss in the family, or other reasons to feel down. How about when you want to feel a little more zip or energy? Or if you need help to concentrate and focus?

    There are many hundreds of reasons to use essential oils Ė just make sure you have a goal in mind and donít just start scenting the area Ė just because you ďthinkĒ you need to make it have a scent. No scent is good too.

    As you use essential oils for your health and wellbeing you will find there are times when you really need to use them and other times when just opening the door and taking a walk in the fresh air or opening a window will be the best smells you need.

    When that is not possible, then by all means, enjoy the scenting essential oils provide versus using those nasty petroleum laden man-made fragrance oils.

  2. Scenting your home or office can be troublesome to any number of people in your life. Not everyone enjoys every essential oil so just to diffuse essential oils can cause many folks to become overly sensitive.

    Consider the age of the people in your home or office and their health conditions. Make sure you diffuse the proper amount and types of essential oils for babies, children and the elderly.

    Speaking as someone that has been around essential oils for the past 25 years, it is refreshing to NOT to smell anything.

    Our noses have become very sensitized to fragrance oils that smelling various scents Ė whether or not essential oils or man-made we can easily feel overcome. When we walk down the cleaning aisle of any store we hold our breath and quickly walk through. We rarely have to go down this aisle thank goodness.

    Think of those around you Ė does your spouse enjoy the scent? You donít need negative feedback from your family members.

    Think of the pets in your home. Cats have special needs and canít be in the same room Ė they need their space.

    And Dogs, although they can tolerate essential oils their noses have the perception tens of thousands of time greater than humans Ė think about their sensitivities too.

Now, these are just a few ideas for you to remember and think about. We want you to use essential oils safely and sensibly. We want you to learn all about them and all the great things they can do for you and your family.

Please read, read, read! Our informational site (this site) has over a thousand pages of articles to help you as you continue to learn about essential oils. Use the Search Box - simply enter in any topic or ailment and you will get a list of articles to help you learn.

If you need more help, please donít hesitate to write to us Ė your personal aroma therapists. We are here to help you.

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© 2016 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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