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Aromatherapy & Pure Essential oils

by Al and Penny Keay

Aromatherapy (therapeutic) is the practice of using the essential oil of a plant as an alternative medicine for your health and well being.

Aromatherapy affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Essential oils have anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. And will affect your emotions and senses of being in a most enjoyable way through your sense of smell.

Al will gladly answer your questions about aromatherapy - just E-mail him.

Your Personal Aroma Therapists,
Alan and Penny Keay

Alan and Penny Keay  - 
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC
Penny and Al

Thank you for visiting our Information and Learning site. We have a lot of information to share about Aromatherapy.

We have been studying aromatherapy for many years (since before 1995), using therapeutic essential oils and feel the best way for anyone to learn is by reading and of course, using the essential oils first hand.

Along your journey we hope you will find our website most informative and we suggest you bookmark a few of our pages so you can visit us often. Aromatherapy and using oils is easy for everyone.

To begin, just start to brouse our site. Choose a few oils to try, and learn as you enjoy these nature given treasures.

We are your very own, Personal aromatherapists.

We are not a big company where you cannot talk to someone about a question or concern. As you browse our site, you will see we care about you, our customer, and want you to know we are real people.

Just click on other aromatherapy websites and look for their "About Us" or "Contact information" and you will find a generic description, you won't find the real people operating the business.

When you are ready to explore essential oils and aromatherapy, you can contact us, Al and Penny, and we will get back to you by a personal e-mail.

We are constantly updating our website(s) with as much information as possible.

Of course, if you can't find the information you can always send us an e-mail.

To help you as you learn more about essential oils and their use in aromatherapy you will find it helpful to review each of the main sections of our Website.

Our Main Information & Learning Sections include the following:

  • Health & Beauty Index
  • Past Newsletters
  • Aromatherapy Tips
  • Aromatherapy Recipes
  • Our Shopping Site

Just click on any of the links Provided below next to the more detailed explanations, to go to the main page of that section as you continue to learn. OR You can use our Search box found here and through out our website.

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When you are ready to make your First Purchases of Therapeutic Quality 100% Pure Essential oils and all the Aromatherapy supplies you need . . .

CLICK HERE to go to the

It will open up a new Web Window so you can still use this information site easily.

We have a very Large Selection of 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential oils, Synergy blends (including YLO comparables), Carrier oils, Diffusers, bottles.

We carry a large selection of the HIGHEST QUALITY Essential Oils for use Therapeutic and Medicinal applications.

We have essential oils available from a small usable sampler vial of 2ml, and then the following sizes 5ml 10ml, 30 ml and 50 ml.

For those that need larger quantities we can sell in larger amounts too.

They are all pesticide and herbicide free. (This is the new terminology being used in place of the word 'organic'.)

A large selection of Carrier or Fixed oils are also available.

We have a full line of diffusers and other aromatherapy supplies including bottles and blending supplies.

Unscented personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotions and more for you to use to make your own personal scented products.

Aromathrapy Decoders (information wheels) and Wall Charts are also available.

We have so much more too!

We are

+ Our Health and Beauty index +

CLICK HERE for the Health & Beauty Index.

The Health & Beauty Index has pages leading to many health concerns we are asked about often.

Each page has information about using essential oils and makes suggestions for using essential oils for each condition.

Recipes are often included.

Acne, Sore muscles, Stress, Anxiety, Skin care, Scents for the bathroom, Insect repellants and much more!

+ Our ARCHIVED Newsletters +

CLICK HERE for Newsletters

Our past newsletters are filled with many wonderful helpful hints and information about using oils.

Also reading the past newsletters you will get to know more about us and our company.

Archive issues from the most recent to back to the beginning of our Business!

+ Our Recipes Files+

CLICK HERE for Aromatherapy Recipes

Who doesn't love aromatherapy recipes. Our Recipes index is filled with several recipes to help you find just the right blend of essential oils for many health concerns or emotional situation.

If you cannot find a recipe, don't hesitate to e-mail us with your recipe request and we will see what we can find in our reference books.

Easy to use recipes to diffuse, add to the bath, massage and many other uses.

+ Aromatherapy Tips +

CLICK HERE for the Aromatherapy Tip Index

Aromatherapy tips are several articles with helpful tidbits of information all related to questions you may have about using essential oils everyday.

+ Basically - What is Aromatherapy? +


These couple of pages will answer your most basic questions you may have on aromatherapy.

They will tweak your interest and hopefully you'll want to learn more - much more!

What would you like to Smell today?

We look forward to helping you along your Aromatherapy Journey

Al and Penny Keay,
Your Personal Aroma Therapists

Alan and Penny Keay  - 
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

Helpful Informational Links to get you Started

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