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100% Pure Essential oils & Aromatherapy Supplies for use in Therapeutic Aromatherapy & Massage And many other uses around the Home & Office!

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One of our goals is to provide YOU with High quality oils for use in Therapeutic Aromatherapy at reasonable prices and to provide you with friendly, personal and speedy service. We are always willing to help you and do the best we can to meet your aromatherapy needs.

Our oils are 100% PURE Essential oils!

Natural plant essences - one of nature's gifts to us.

They are the HIGHEST Quality Oils to be used for Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

We have done extensive research to find the suppliers of our oils to make sure we are getting the highest quality products.

Our suppliers buy their oils directly from the distillers and perform all tests (Gas chromatography and Mass Spectrometry plus several more) on them to make sure they are 100% Pure and not adulterated in any way.

All Our oils are tested by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and are guaranteed Pesticide and Herbicide Free.

They are true 100% PURE essential oils.

Many are organic, several are Certified Organic (by ECOCERT). This way, we know you, Our Customer, will be getting the best Therapeutic oils on the market.

Our large selection of Aromatherapy products include all you need to begin to use aromatherapy in your daily life. From beginner to advanced we are there to help you as you learn about aromatherapy and all that true and pure essential oils can provide for your health.

We value you as a customer and will treat you as if we were speaking face to face. We treat you how we would want to be treated. So, if you have a question, Just Contact us and we'll answer you back. (Yes, Alan or Penny actually answer you personally and confidentially).

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    It's Never to Late to
    Start Using Aromatherapy in your Daily Life

    You can use aromatherapy in so many ways and for a large variety of reasons.

    We are often asked about the ways we use essential oils in our lives. Here is a list of some of the ways we use them.

    • In the dishwash water - a few drops of Peppermint or Lemon. Although you can add a few drops to the powder or gel when you put them in to your automatic dishwasher.
    • In the bath tub - Lavender or a synergy blend - Calming Blend is one of our favorites. You can use many of our synergy blends in the bath tub or shower. Experiment with a few!
    • On the bed sheets - again Lavender Try our New Linen spray to make it easier for you to mix a spray made just for Rooms and Bedding
    • In the Automobiles - Conifer Blend, or Citrus Blend , blends - Although we have a Car Scenter and an Aeron Car diffuser , some times we just put some on a tissue and lay on the front seat. Or use one of our over 30 designs of Terra Cotta Disc diffusers .
    • In the vacuum cleaner - Pine or one of the Fir needles, or Peppermint or Mint Energizing blend, or for a change Anise .
    • By our Computers - Grapefruit, Spearmint, or Rosemary on a small passive diffuser like the new little Terra Cottas.
    • When we travel - to hotels - we use our Tru Melange or a Scentball - We usually start by diffusing Lavender and Pure Cleansing blend, sometimes we might add a little Four Robbers blend . Then before bed a drop or two of Lavender on the pillows.
    • We use Lavender on Burns & cuts.
    • Peppermint and Rosemary - on the back of the neck when we have headaches.
    • Helichrysum on bruises, cuts and other scar producing injuries.
    • When we have a back ache or muscle aches - We use Muscle Warm massage blend , or Dar's Massage blend mixed in a little carrier oil and massaged into the affected areas.
    • Kerchew! - Coughing When we have been exposed to people out in the public who are sneezing and coughing. We will use Pure Cleansing blend and Four Robbers Blend blend (mixed with carrier oils ) massaged into the bottom of our feet at bedtime.
    • Sorethroats - at the start of a sorethroat - we gargle with a drop of Thyme or Oregano in 2-3 ounces of water every couple of hours. Usually knocks it out within a few hours.
    • Dry chapped skin - A blend of Lavender and Rose in any of our several lotions or sorbolene cream.
    • Canker sores - ever brush your teeth and have the tooth brush miss your teeth and hit your gums? Next thing you know you have a sore on your gums. A drop of Myrrh in warm water and swish around. Do a couple times a day and soon the sores are healed.
    • If you have dogs and although you keep things as clean as possible - every now and again you smell doggy smells in the house. So try spraying some essential oils in the air. In our new Aromatherapy Recipe Book we have several Room Spray recipes. I like the citrus sprays but you may prefer one of the others.
    • This time of year we seem to have a few mice that like to come in, but Peppermint on the thresholds of the doorways keep them from 'sneaking' in.

    These are just a few of the ways we can think of just off the top of our heads. We use essential oils daily, but not in large quantities. And the oils we do use we try to vary from day to day.

    You can slowly start to use essential oils by just having them on hand. Start with a half a dozen or so of the most popular and common ones - Lavender , Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon or Grapefruit, Thyme, & Ylang Ylang or other floral.

    Keep them handy by having them in a Storage Box kept in the kitchen or bedroom. (Keep out of the reach of children of course)

    Also make sure your First aid kit or Travel kit is ready to go for those last minute get aways.

    With everyone being indoors more (and for many hours at a time) you will want to make sure you have a diffuser or two. IF you already have some make sure they are working properly.

    Check your supply of diffuser pads and of course your favorite essential oils.

    You may want to have a variety of synergistic blends on hand. Some for relaxing, some for energizing, some that might help your students concentrate and be more alert while doing their homework. You might want one or two blends for use while entertaining.

    Are you wanting to help others get interested in Aromatherapy? Why not plan on giving your own 'especially for you' holiday gifts this year. Our New Aromatherapy Recipes Book can give you lots of ideas.

    Anyway, you will want to get them made now so the oils have plenty of time to blend properly. Soaps and candles are best if made several weeks in advance.

    If you have never made specially scented personal care products before, you need to experiment now.

    You want your final product to be perfect for those 'personally yours gifts'. When they are so excited about your gift, it'll be a perfect time to share more about aromatherapy and all the benefits they can get from using essentisl oils.

    Of course, if you have any thing new you would like us to carry or suggestions for new products or information (topics) you think we should write about, please let us know.

    'Til we write again, Your Personal Aroma Therapists, Penny and Alan Keay

    Alan and Penny Keay  - 
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC
    Penny and Al

    Remember we are only an e-mail away should you have any questions

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    Please do not use my information without my permission.

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