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Diffusers for use in Aromatherapy What types, what Factors and more .... to find the one(s) that are Right for you!

by Penny Keay

To get the most from your Essential Oils a Diffuser is used to help disperse the molecules into the air.

This enables the body to use them as you breathe in the wonderful aromas.


Several styles are available. Some use electricity and a small fan, others a heating element or small lit candle under a bowl of water or soy wax tart.

Electric Lighting Oil and Tart warmers are great to provide ambience lighting and to provide an effective way for long term subtle diffusing of essential oils.

Or you can always use a cotton ball in a small bowl!! And don't forget your Automobile. There are a couple "plug in" styles and a cute little Terra Cotta pendants or Discs made just for your cars too!

Another type is called an Atomizers or Nebulizer. Atomizers use a small pump and specialized glass to disperse the molecules into the air in a fine mist.

Other diffusers are made to place a few drops of oil on the surface (typically are made from Terra cotta) and slowly disperse the essential oils into the air. The type we carry is made from Terra Cotta.

Atomizers put a fine molecular mist of essential oils into the air. Atomizers should only be used for a few minutes at a time. This mist of essential oils permeates the air rather quickly. These units are not meant to be used for continuous diffusion but rather for only 7 -10 minutes at a time or with a measured amount of essential oils.

Longer periods of time could put a higher than needed concentration of essential oils into the air.

In large rooms, an atomizer is an ideal method of diffusing essential oils. Atomizers are very powerful tools. They diffuse a large amount of essential oil into the air quickly. We do recommend that you use a timer with all atomizers.

Atomizers are also great for treating ailments where the air must be very concentrated with essential oils.

It is rare that you would have to use large quantities of essential oils for this type of treatment, but if you need too, an atomizer is the quickest and most safe method to be used.

Many people just like to diffuse essential oils by using atomizers.

Be careful handling the nebulizing glass as it can be costly to replace. Be sure to place your atomizer/nebulizer in an area where it won't get bumped or accidentally dropped.

Diffusers using Tea light candles can get very hot and so before adding more water to the bowls you should cool them completely.


When you use a diffuser for extended periods of time, remember your sense of smell will become accustomed to the essential oils and you may not 'smell' them.

This is called "Olfactory Fatigue" - Please do a search for Olfactory Fatique to find several articles to explain this phenomenon.

You might feel as though you not getting any benefits from the oils without the 'smell'. But the molecules are still in the air and they are still working.

To smell the oils again, step out doors or into another room for several minutes - when you return you will again smell your favorite oils.

Remember a little oil can go along way and so you need to be careful not to over do it. If at any time while using an essential oil should you develop nausea, vomiting, headache or other ill feeling - you might have over done it. Just get some fresh air for a while and remember not to use so much the next time.

Typically diffusion of essential oils will produce the best results if the diffusion is for a few minutes every few hours. (Here is where a timer comes in handy.) No matter what method used you should not be using essential oils unattended or use for several hours at a time.

For safety reasons we recommend that you do not using a heat source diffuser around pets, children, or the elderly.

The Fan Fuser, Tru Melange Fan Diffusers and the SpaScenter are excellent for these applications. These units can also be used when you might not be able to be in attendance. The oils will disperse into the air using cool fan air and are less likely to cause problems.



We are asked this many times each month. This section will describe the different types of diffusers and give you suggestions for use of each kind. The applications and proper ways to use them in different situations.

PLEASE VISIT the following page if you haven't already done so. It has some very important information about all the Factors you need to consider. I call them the "Variables" and they are very important to save you time and money especially with the cost of essential oils.




This type of diffusing is excellent for the individual and can be used easily, effectively and of course very personally. You simply add drops of essential oil to the cotton swab or rod. Put it together, (assemble), then simply place near your nose and inhale.

You can use it for emotional needs, energizing, calming, uplifting. Or if you have nasal troubles you can use them to inhale the appropriate essential oils that help you for the specific problem you have. You can easily use different nasal inhalers filled with different oils.

There are several styles available.


This is the most personal type of diffusing available. There are different styles of Jewely.

Some use lockets and other terra cotta. And there are bracelets with wooden beads.

Simply apply a drop or two and your body heat will diffuse under your nose!


The Tealight candle Diffusers are usually the type of diffuser used many beginners. Especially when we experience aromatherapy for the first time. They can be made out of many materials. Ceramic, Soapstone to mention the most common. They all use a small tealight candle as their source of heat. They are simple to use. The risk of burns and fire do exist.

Add water to the bowl, then several drops of essential oil is added to the water. Light the candle and you will soon have diffusion into the air.

This type of diffuser is great to use for a romantic or quiet evening of entertaining at home. There is nothing more relaxing then the flicker of a candle flame in a dimly lit room to add to the ambience.

The tealight candle will usually last about 2-3 hours before totally disappearing. The biggest caution is there is an open flame so use common sense as to where you have your diffuser sitting.

Also you need to monitor the level of water in the diffusers bowl. If the bowl should go dry, DO NOT put more water or oils in until your diffuser has completely cooled. The metal tealight diffusers we carry have a very deep well and if you need several hours of diffusing, you might want to consider one of these units.

Also water and oils can be added while they are still warm without the risk of breaking the glassware since they are totally made of copper and metal.

Keep all these types of diffusers out of the reach of children!

ELECTRIC OIL WARMERS Including Ambience Lighting

The Electric Oil Warmers are a low temperature aromatherapy diffusers.

It is simple to use - again like the ceramic tealights The Aroma Shell you add essential oils to the metal bowl and turn on the diffuser.

The Electric Oil and tart Warmers have a ceramic bowl. Here you can add water to the bowl and your essential oils.

Another option with the oil warmers is to melt an unscented Beeswax/Soywax tart, then add your essential oils to this. The scent can then last for hours with out risking letting the bowl burn dry.

The Ambience Electric lighting Oil and tart Warmers have a glass bowl. These types of diffusers usually have a light with a dimmer and you will use a soy wax tart with your essential oils.

The scent can last for hours to days depending on if you use a 'night-light' style or turn the lighting down low on the other decorative styles.


The Scent Ball is probably the most versatile of our small diffusers.

They are very easy to use and are very portable.

They can be easily moved from room to room. Easily have the scent pads changed so a different essential oil or blend can be used in the new room.

They are easy to pack when traveling. They can be used when you are not present. The Scent Ball uses a low temperature heat source to quickly diffuse your favorite oils into the air. Since their cost is low, many people buy several for different rooms in their home.

Since you are only applying a few drops on the pad at a time, they are ideal to use in a room prior to going to bed. Just a drop or two is often all you will need.

If you have a strong cooking odor in the kitchen, a few drops placed on the Scent Ball again will take care of the offending odor rather quickly. Uses for this most versatile diffuser is endless.


These are best used in small or personal areas.

They work great near your computer or desk. Then of course there is always, closets, dresser drawers, chests etc. Several of our customers use them by their bedside tables or on their head boards. They diffuse what they like and it won't bother their partners.

Guest bedrooms, or bathrooms. They will put a slight scent into the area in which they are placed. Typically they are not very over powering unless you use very strong essential oils in them.

Depending on what oils are used the scent will be present from 1 day to a week or more.

These make wonderful gifts for showers, holidays, housewarming or any other special occasion you feel like giving a little something. .


Currently we sell different style's of fan diffusers

Each one of these units can be used safely around the elderly, children and pets.

Each unit though is more easily adapted for certain applications.

The Tru Melange are easily packed and can be used for travel.

Everyone that stays in hotels and motels know that even though these rooms are kept clean and tidy, they still don't smell like home.

When you take along the Tru Melange with you, can run them in the room. It uses batteries so you won't need to find an outlet in the room to use it.

Of course you can use these diffusers at home, in bedrooms or even in other small rooms. Not everyone has a 500 sq foot living room, many folks have living rooms that are much smaller. Both these units may be all that you want in the living room or kitchen. If someone is ill, these can be placed and used by the bedside. Although no motor is absolutely quiet these units are fairly quiet.

A low sound that helps us sleep easier. Again, the motors on both these units are quiet but not silent.

We sell many of the Fan Fusers to Offices and Nursing Homes and of course homeowners. The larger cartridges hold more oil and therefore will not need to be reapplied as often. And are more suited to larger rooms.

Both these units can easily be used in rooms of up to 1500 sq ft. Although rooms this large may benefit from 2 diffusers instead of just one.

ATOMIZERS A Special Note about Atomizers

Although we no longer carry atomizing diffusers, if you would like to use an Atomizing-nebulizer diffuser we recommend you purchase one of these at "Diffuser World".

They are very beautiful. And they have dozens of atomizers to choose, in a wide range of styles and colors. "Diffuser World" is a very reliable company and has outstanding customer service too.

As you know we would not recommend them to you unless we knew they would take good care of you.

Diffuser Worlds essential oil diffusers See below for a link to see beautiful Aromatherapy Diffusers and Nebulizers by Diffuser World (Timers are also available through Diffuser World.)

Hopefully this will help you decide on which Diffuser will work best for you.

As always if you aren't sure, just E-mail us at and we will gladly help you choose the right diffuser for your situation.

©2008, 2013, 1015, 2016, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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