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Do YOU know -
"the Correct way to smell essential oils and blends? "

by Penny Keay

Everyone wants to smell the wonderful (and not so wonderful) scents of essential oils but most people smell them wrong or just haven’t been instructed on the best and proper way to smell them.

They want to smell them directly out of the bottle. This is a big “No-No”. This is not the correct way to smell essential oils at all. So please don’t smell out of the bottle or the cap.

The proper way is to place 1-2 drops on a perfumers Scent Testing Strips or blotter. Of course, if you don’t have any then you can use an unscented tissue or paper towel. Write down on each Strip or paper the name of the oils you will be dropping on that particular strip.

To avoid sensory overload we suggest you smell no more than 5-6 oils at one sitting. More than this and your sense of smell may block all the scents and you won’t be able to continue.

Also you risk making yourself ill. Even though essential oils are natural and most of the time very pleasant, trying to smell too many at one time can upset your system.

You will want to smell the various essential oils in intervals. Turn your head away from the strip or tissue, take a breath in and exhale.

Then place the strip under you nose about 3-5 inches away and take in a short light whiff. Do not inhale deeply. Make a note of what it smells like. Fruity, herb like, wood like, spicy, earthy, etc. You can use any description you like as long as you make a note for future reference.

The next sniff or whiff you can smell a little more deeply. Again write down your notes.

Then before you are done this time around you will want to puff a little warm air from your nose onto the pad (just a small puff) and then inhale again. The warming will often bring about other scents you may not have known existed. This is especially true when you are comparing synergy blends.

If you are smelling blends, and as you continue to ‘sniff your whiffs’ you may be able to pick out the individual oils in each blend! And if you are inhaling single essential oils they may change over time and have a different slightly different odor.

Now wait five minutes and take another smell. You can do the short whiff or the longer slow smell. Again, write down your notes.

You can continue to sniff after 15, 30 minutes and 1 hour. You can decide how long you want to continue to smell the oils.

To really get to know them, you should smell again 24 hours later. Most oils will be totally gone after that long. Some though will not. Some may linger for a week or longer. Write this down. As this information is very helpful if you decide to become interested in making your own perfumes or body scenting.

Remember the 'Lock and Key' of your brain will help you to remember the scents for future identification. The next time you smell one of your blends and you have locked into memory the various smell of a wide variety of essential oils one or more of the oils in that blend will quickly be identified.

Experiment One: you will need – Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Eucalyptus globulus, Rosemary and Scent Testing Strips. You can choose any 5-6 essential oils but these are common and useful. Remember we sell sample sizes perfect for experiments.

Take a Scent Testing Strip for each oil and mark them with the Essential oil (write only on one side of the strips). Then add one to two drops on each strip from each of the six oils. Take your time and smell each one.

Walk away and have someone turn the Strip upside down so you can’t read the ‘labeling’. Then come back into the room and without reading the label, just smell the oil on the strip. Can you tell which oil is which? It won’t take long and you will easily identify them.

Experiment Two: you will need a few Simple Synergy blends – Citrus Blend, Conifer Blend, Concentration blend and Relaxing blend and Scent Testing Strips.

Each of these blends have just 3 essential oils in their recipes. Make sure you have smelled each of the essential oils in these blend individually so your nose has an ideal of what the ingredients smell like before they have been blended.

Again write the Names of the blends on a Scent Testing Strip and add a couple drops. One strip at a time, pick it up and see if you can ‘pick’ out the individual essential oils. If not, go back and relearn the individual oils before you attempt to pick out the blended scents.

It won’t take long and before you know it you will pick out the individual oils in any blend!

Sounds like Fun! Have fun Sniffing and Whiffing!!

© 2011, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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