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Ragweed, Seasonal Allergies are Coming! Or have you been invaded with a Summer cold?

by Penny Keay

Summer is such a wonderful and exciting time of the year. But all too often we hear folks are being plagued with a Summer cold. OR is it? For those of us that know about allergies we know whether or not if it is a cold!

Allergies (aka Allergic Rhinitis) abound in the late summer time. All those plants are blooming, and sending millions of pollen particles into the air.

This natural process is needed to produce all those beautiful flowering plants and provide us with food too. This summer has been exceptionally wonderful and the “Ragweed season” is most likely going to be longer than normal.

Although folks do get colds in the summer, more then likely you are having some sort of allergic reaction to some unknown plant pollen. Some folks do know what triggers their reactions as they have either been tested or have seen daily reports for the air borne pollens available on the television or allergy websites.

Now just because you have never had an allergic reaction in the past, doesn’t make you exempt from becoming allergic in the future. Actually, it is quite common for allergies to develop after you are in your mid 30’s to 40’s.

In any case, the body’s immune system is alerted and responds to colds and allergies very similarly. Itchy watery eyes, scratchy throats, sneezing. Both sound alike. Typically you don’t run any type of a fever with allergies, but you can have a slight fever with a cold.

Now, depending on how your body reacts to the allergen and other contributing factors (i.e. weather conditions, amount of time you spend outdoors and more) will help to determine if it is an allergy or a cold.

Colds usually start out with a scratchy throat and you feel tired, you might have the chills. With an Allergy you get the scratchy throat, but it is rare you feel tired or have the chills. With either you can have a headache and develop a nagging tickle in your throat and cough.

Colds run their course in about 7-10 days (unless you develop secondary problems).

Allergies can go on for weeks depending on the allergen(s). So if you have a true cold, know it will be over soon, the first few days you feel the worse, but gradually you feel better.

With allergies you have scratchy throat, watery eyes and sneezing that continues day in and day out. Just ask anyone that knows they have allergies especially Hay Fever. Hay Fever is the most common allergy this time of the year. And most often the culprit is ragweed and grass pollens.

You can have good days and bad. Many seasonal allergy sufferers including myself look forward to a truly ‘rainy’ day. Not a drizzle day but a day with real rain to help wash the pollen out of the air so symptoms improve for a while until things dry out again.

No matter if you have a cold or allergies secondary bacterial infections can develop and cause sinusitis and in the worse cases, bronchitis. Essential oils can make you feel better in both cases. Many essential oils help the immune system to relieve symptoms and help prevent secondary bacterial infections.

As an example, using Eucalyptus globulus or Peppermint for congestion and discomfort might certainly make you feel better. There are many essential oils used to work on any of the symptoms associated with allergies and colds.

(If you have a symptom and not sure what oils are useful for relief, go to our “Search box” type in your concern and it will give you a list of articles written to help you with any your symptoms.)

Any essential oil with Anti-histamine properties may help too. But if you have true allergies, they may help before the allergy season begins.

Essential oils with anti-histaminic anti-inflammatory properties include: German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Hyssop, Rose Otto, and Neroli. Others such as Lavender and Geranium also may help to a lesser degree.

Our Allergy Tamer blend is best used this time of the year. Not only might it lessen the reaction, but may help once the symptoms begin.

I use Allergy Tamer blend and extra Roman Chamomile for a severe allergy to Ragweed. I have been using it for several years. I start the end of July and inhale 2 -3 good ‘whiffs’ 2-3 times a day. It keeps my symptoms at a minimum.

Allergy season lasts from August into October for me, so I inhale these regularly throughout this time. Essential oils are better than using those inhaled steroidal and other drugs for allergies as essential oils don’t produce all those side affects!

For the best results when using essential oils for either colds or allergic rhinitis (hay fever) they should be inhaled or diffused.

Personal inhalers work the best while out in the working world and at home when you are busy during the day. But at night using a fan type diffuser in the bedroom may give the most relief or if you would like the essential oil to be just near your side of the bed and not bother your bed partner use a Terra Cotta Disc diffuser.

There are many diffuser options for your particular needs. How about an Aromatherapy Necklace Jewelry if you don’t like an inhaler?

We have styles for men too. See the Terra Cotta Pendants at our Shopping site (link is below)

© 2011, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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