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Helpful Tips for this BACK to SCHOOL Season

by Penny Keay

Summer has flown by so quickly and now we are getting ready to start all of our fall activities.

Around much of the USA and Canada schools are gearing up for another busy year of students.

There is much excitement and as the kids get ready. They have new clothes, new shoes, new pencils, papers, school bags and the list continues.

The parents and kids alike just got used to the summer routine now all of this will be changing – again! Many parents can’t wait for the kids to get back to their school time regimen.

Once back at school everyone will be exposed to new germs, new viruses and other nasty bacteria. And to top it off there are all those fall allergies just getting started.

Below is a list of some helpful articles as Parents and Kids head back to school.

Prepare now to keep the ‘bugs’ away – both flu, cold and ‘lice’. And also articles so everyone can concentrate and study, get great nights sleep and more.

  • IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL – for the Students and Parents! CLICK HERE
  • What can you do about Lice? CLICK HERE
  • Seasonal Allergy time is once again here! CLICK HERE
  • Winkin’, Blinkin’ and the Land of Nod CLICK HERE
  • Using Essential oils to Help Stimulate your Concentration CLICK HERE
  • Aromatherapy and ADD, ADHD and Autism CLICK HERE
  • Sniffles, Sneezing and Coughs!! CLICK HERE

We hope these articles will help you get a great start to the new school year!

For more articles that may help you throughout the coming weeks please use our Search Box and type in a ‘keyword’ or two for the situation or ailment you would like help with. If you can’t find it, we are just an e-mail away!

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