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DRIVE SAFELY – Stay Alert, Stay Calm

by Penny Keay

You have heard this a million times before – Drive Safe.

Holiday travel, vacation travel and traveling to and from work or school can become routine or mundane too quickly.

Getting behind the wheel of a 1-2 ton killing machine is often times taken for granted. It is a privilege to drive not a right. So again, stay alert, stay calm and drive safely.

Recently Al and I took the AARP’s Drive Safe Program. It is a wonderful program that provided us with a refresher on the rules of the road and of course updates since the time we first began driving over 40 years ago.

One of the points they reminded us of was the importance and amount of concentration and being alert it takes the older we get. And for all, including younger drivers they need to not be distracted by cell phones, radios – music and talking.

Not concentrating and focusing can easily allow us to miss any of the other road distractions we need to watch for causing an increase risk of an accident.

And then there is being tired and irritable. It may have been a long day on the road while traveling or you had a busy day at work or school. Any number of things can make you easily agitated.

Road rage can happen to anyone at anytime. But how you handle it depends on you. And remember you may feel you are the best driver in the world and we all know it is not your own driving you need to watch for – but it is the “Other guy”!

What can you do to help you Stay Alert, Focused and Calm? Using essential oils prior to driving and also in the car or vehicle is a very pleasant way to help. Carry a personal nasal inhaler with your ‘driving’ blend.

Essential oils that help you to be alert are the mints and citrus oils. Basil, Lemon and Rosemary blended together as is found in our Concentration blend is useful for any time you need to concentrate and focus.

Are you anxious or feel panicky when you drive? Try an inhalerwith Neroli and take a few whiffs about 15 minutes prior to your entering the auto.

Are you Irritable or easily upset? Again Neroli may help. But you may be better served by using our Calming blend or Peaceful blends. These help you to find inner peace. They do not make you ‘sleepy’ per se. They help you to calm down inside. If you get easily annoyed by other driver’s bad habits, diffusing these in the car or inhaling them while driving may help make your trip more pleasant.

Diffusing essential oils in an automobile cabin is not like diffusing in a home. The cubic footage of the inside of almost all vehicles is a tiny fraction of just about any room in the home.

When diffusing essential oils in a car use only 2-3 drops and diffuse for no more than twenty minutes. Unplug your car diffuser if it is a CarScenter or Aeron. Because these use a low heat they have the ability to increase the amount of essential oils diffused in any car. Remember to unplug these when you leave the car too.

Another option is using Scented Aroma beads in an Organza bags . Slow diffusion and it makes the car smell nice all the time.

Or we use Terra Cotta Discs placed in the bottom of our cup holders. We put just a few drops now and again on these. Easy to use and inexpensive, and you don’t have to remember to unplug them when you leave the car.

We also have Terra Cotta Car diffusers that can be hung from one of the vents. Remember it is unlawful in almost all states to hang items from your rear view mirror so don’t hang anything on that!

We have many other essential oil blends that you may enjoy. Diffuse those or use them in an inhaler prior to driving.

In any case, Drive Safely not only today but every day.

© 2011, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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