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Are you having problems with PMS or Menopause?

by Penny Keay

Premenstrual Syndrome is one of those things many women of child bearing ages can have a problem with, where complaints can be from very mild symptoms to extremely severe.

Basically it is a woman’s hormones making waves or swings. Although the hormones in the body, especially those affiliated with the female reproductive cycle are constantly fluctuating throughout the month sometimes the fluctuation can be more extreme and causes some women to become anything from slightly emotional to extremely irritated.

We can have physical symptoms from weight gain and bloating, swollen and painful breasts, headaches, nausea, cramps and other aches and pains, constipation or diarrhea, acne, fatigue, changes in eating pattern (ever notice how you seem to be starving the week before your menses begin?), and sleeping disturbances. For some there is loss of libido. There can be stress, tension, anxiety, irrational thinking, anger, frustration, depression, lack of concentration and memory loss. Others cry at the turn of a hat!

Only having one or two symptoms it wouldn't be so bad. But for many of us, we get several of these ALL AT ONCE.

If we could isolate ourselves we could easily slide through this, but many women have children, family, careers or other work. All vying for a piece of us! Phew, and now we have to deal with hormones too!

And don't think it ends when you hit Pre-menopause or Menopause or even post menopause. Your body is still making hormones, only a little differently. And so you get a whole new set of ailments!

Yes, there are several essential oils that can help. To start with when you have physical complaints you can treat them symptomatically. Deal with the headache. See our articles on Headaches. Of course, for general headaches a blend of Rosemary and Peppermint mixed with a little carrier oil and massage on the temples and back of the next works miracles for many.

For swelling of the various body parts you can try to reduce your salt intake, but another little known fact is reducing or eliminating wheat, especially during this time of the month.

Sorry, but in some people, wheat in any form can cause edema (swelling) of the whole body. This can explain the added weight gain. Of course, eliminating it, the edema, goes away and the weight comes off, just as quickly as it came.

The essential oils of Rosemary (12 drops) and Geranium (12 drops) blended then added to 2 ounces of a massage oil say either Sunflower oil or Sweet almond oil. Then massage to encourage lymphatic drainage may give you the relief you need. Try to use this massage blend starting a few days before you normally start retaining fluids.

Sleeping can become disrupted or impossible. Fatigue then takes hold during the day. Being sleepy during the day makes many people grumpy and crabby. There are several oils to use either in a diffuser or in a warm/hot bath to help you fall asleep more quickly. Getting yourself into a bedtime routine can help your sleep too.

The following oils may be helpful to you. Choose one or two and give them a try for a couple of months to see if you get any kind of relief or response. It is recommended to start using 2-3 days prior to symptoms and continue until your menses have begun. Remember that any essential oil you crave to smell or you enjoy should be your first choices.

Anise, Basil, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Cypress, Fennel, Geranium, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sweet Marjoram, Melissa,Myrrh, Nutmeg, Petitgrain, Pine needle, Rose Otto, Tarragon and Ylang-Ylang.

For those of you that are not sure what to try, you might want to give our Women's blend a try. This is great to help balance women's emotions and physical symptoms too, any time of the month.

We have had a few women tell us they felt the Women's blend helped them especially those in the peri-menopause and menopausal years. They really enjoy the smell and get relief within a few days from the ‘heat’ during menopausal times.

For those that would like a perfume you could wear the Women's blend mixed with Jojoba to make a wonderful perfume. The perfume can be worn on the skin or rub a little on your hands and smooth into your hair. You can also put a drop or two on a Terra Cotta Pendants or other Aromatherapy Jewelry and wear all day!

All the products listed in the article are available at our Shopping Site.

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