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IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL – for the Students and Parents!

by Penny Keay

Here are some helpful ways to use essential oils by EVERYONE as we all head back to school!

Although you may feel this tip is for children in grade school, please think again. We know many people head back to the class room in August and September. It may be a College student or any adult who is furthering their education after years of raising their children or maybe they have decided on making a career change.

No matter who is going back to school, everyone can have feelings of doubt and anxiety. You might even feel panic. We have all been there and know these feelings. Hopefully we can make it easier with the pleasant smells of nature.

As we prepare our children for those first few days of school, we will want to try to keep their fears of the unknown to a minimum but we have to remember this is a very exciting time for children too. They will make new friends and have new experiences.

Getting them back into a bedtime routine can be one of the hardest for kids and parents alike. Especially since your summer nights were filled with wonderful late evenings. (Didn’t you go outdoors and catch a few fire flies or star gaze this summer? Or just sitting outside when it is often times cooler once the sun has gone down!)

So it’s back to the bedtime routine. Start simply by using a little Lavender – just a drop on the underside of the pillows or a drop or two in the bath. This should help everyone to calm down and get ready for bed.

Remember to talk to your children about things they are uncertain of. And although you might not know the answers right now, you can assure your child that as the days proceed, many of their questions and concerns will be answered. Try not to talk about these issues at bedtime though as something so trivial to us can keep them from falling asleep too.

Now you have the bedtime routine set in motion, you may have teenagers or even younger who seem to have no energy in the mornings. What to do to get them motivated? Diffusing energizing essential oils in the bathroom in the mornings or kitchen or the room that your student spends a few minutes before heading out to school will help to get them going.

Again citrus oils scents first thing in the morning, like crisp orange and lemon, will help them to feel energized. Some folks like a bit of mints in the mornings too. Any of our energizing blends such as Elation blend, Enlighten blend, Inspiration blend, Invigorating and Mint Energizing blend. Concentration blend may be all that is needed to get them alert and focused.

Next is the matter of all the wonderful things that can be brought home: lice, colds, ‘flu’, and any other number of illnesses. Remember kids have been around a few dozen folks most of the summer, but once back in an enclosed building there could be hundreds of people.

Every one may have traveled around the country and been exposed to a lot of viruses. Now the ‘breeding’ pool for these viruses has only begun! And if you don’t act now within a month (or less) you and your family will come down with some form of viral malady.

Simply diffuse Four Robbers blend and Pure Cleansing blend or your favorite anti-viral blends a few hours each day. Diffusing around supper time is a great time as this often is a ‘gathering’ time for many families. (Well, at least it was for ours). And you can use our All Purpose Cleaner with either of those blends added to help clean surfaces to slow down the spread of any viruses that may have entered the home and are being spread by hands etc.


this is always a tough one. Most school districts do ‘lice’ checks within the first few days of school starting. If you should like to help prevent infestations or to treat using natural methods please see our previous Tip of the Week “What can you do about Lice?” at

This anti-lice regimen has been used by several of our readers and customers and they have had great results (especially after 3 ‘go rounds’ of over the counter remedies were not working.) Just follow the information on the ‘tip’ sheet and lice should be a thing of the past!

Most of your floral scents can help to ease most types of anxiety. Neroli is best for panic.

For last years Back to School Newsletter article “Back to School Jitters & More” visit and here is one on Anxiety as kids start school and includes a recipe too.

Of course a special note to Parents:

going back to school for your students can be hard for them, but it can also be very hard on you. Remember to ease your own troubles and “nip them in the bud” before you inadvertently transfer some of your anxiousness and more onto your kids!

Prepare yourself now for the coming weeks and months ahead. Replenish and refresh your supplies of essential oils. Try a few new ones, get a new diffuser or two. Have fun and create a new blend or two.

Last but not least – sit down, relax and reflect on all the fun summer things you did together. And did you remember to ‘lock’ them in with some special essential oil smells? Hope so. That is what may trigger things we’ll all remember later!

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© 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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