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Where did the Scent go? It was here a Minute ago

by Penny Keay

One minute you smell it and just like that it is gone. What has happened?

There are several factors as to why you can smell something one minute and then it just seemed to have vanished into thin air. (Pun intended!)

1) First, there just wasn’t much essential oil diffused into the air and it wasn’t a very strong essential oil.

We hear it a lot from the folks who just cannot smell anything after a few minutes. It is possible that the essential oil(s) they are diffusing are just to light and volatile and dissipate too quickly.

It is probable they just didn’t use enough essential oils.

The lighter oils like Lemon, Lime, Orange don’t last very long and if you start with only a few drops their smell will be gone within a few minutes. But change that to Peppermint or another strong scent like Geranium and you will most likely wish you had only used a drop!

2) The next reason you might not smell them is that the room is too large for the size or type of diffuser.

You cannot expect a cotton ball that has half a dozen drops of Lavender to permeate a living room, (unless of course your living room is the size of a bath room.)

But put those same 6-8 drops on a Scentball type diffuser and the small amount of heat the Scentball produces will excite the molecules of the essential oil and can leave a wonderful scent in the room, all within just a few minutes.

Now simply, if you place a small amount of essential oil in a large room it will not last. Or you may not smell anything within an hour, including using a strong scented essential oil.

You will need to find the appropriate size and type of diffusing method to help you smell those essential oils for the length of time your ‘nose’ will let you (see the third reason why you might not smell an oil).

There are many variables and factors you need to consider. Please visit our page about helping you to decide on the right size and type of diffuser by visiting:

3) Thirdly – your nose has blocked the scent This is very common and is often the most likely cause of why you can no longer smell an essential oil especially if you have just recently added drops to your diffuser.

This situation actually has a name called “Olfactory Fatigue” and is a very good thing to have (especially) if we were still living out in the ‘wilds’.

The body uses this process to help ‘protect’ you from danger. Like creatures that might eat you (like a bear) or fire (forest fires, house fires or back in caveman times that of your enemy). But now that we have other mechanisms to protect us (fire alarms or watch dogs) we are usually more annoyed by the body blocking our sense of smell. Especially when we want to smell those scents we love and enjoy.

Your sense of smell is simply blocking a ‘scent’ it no longer feels is a ‘threat’. Yep that is true, essential oils aren’t threatening you at all. Please remember our nose is still on alert for scents that could be a danger to you.

Realize that even though you might not smell an essential oil, it doesn’t mean you won’t be getting any benefits. Those wonderful oils are still in the air making you feel good emotionally and physically.

Think about how when you are so ‘stuffed up’ from a cold you can’t smell that Eucalyptus, Pure Cleansing blend or Four Robbers blend but you know they are their working for you, to make you feel better soon.

And there are lots of folks that have no or a poor sense of smell, yet are benefited by essential oils in the air!

For more information about Olfactory Fatigue visit this page

This page will give you more in depth information about this phenomenon.

All the products listed in the article are available at our Shopping Site.

© 2010, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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